6 Interview Outfits That Are Anything but Typical

First impressions are everything!The real world seems like a scary place, and what’s worse is that at our age, everyone seems equally qualified for every job. So often, two candidates have similar grades and are equally knowledgeable, with similar work experience and brilliant resumes. So, what sets one apart from the other? How could anyone possibly pick between the two? This is where the interview comes in; the chance to meet a member of the company face to face and show them what a wonderful ...
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Weekend LAUSD teacher strike negotiations are on parents’ radar screens

There was a lot going on this weekend. A huge L.A. Rams game and a giant Women’s March were among the diversions. But some San Fernando Valley parents were on pins and needles to see if marathon negotiations would yield a deal to end a strike that entered its seventh day Sunday. “I am grateful that the negotiations are underway,” said EvelynAleman, parent of a sophomore at Grover Cleveland High School inReseda. “I’m hopeful that they will, obviously, reach an agreement assoon as possible. I thin...
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How to Wear Spaghetti Strap Tops

Here's how to wear spaghetti strap tops for every occasion -- even when it's cold out!Spaghetti-strap everything is yet another trend that has come back from the '90s to conquer today's fashion scene. Over the last few years, spaghetti straps were so left out of the fashion spectrum that we would only see them in our mom's closets, hidden in the back and sprinkled with thick layers of dust. Yet, if your mom didn't throw her spaghetti strap items away, you should be more than thankful now! Spaghe...
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Fashion Inspired by Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place

"Holy mother-forking shirtballs!" - You, seeing how cute you look in these outfits Eleanor Shellstrop Note: This article, and many of the links featured in it, contains spoilers!Ever since binge-watching The Good Place over the winter holidays, I've become thoroughly obsessed with the fantasy-comedy show's thought-provoking scenes, major plot twists, extremely clever sense of humor, and the way that the writers weave in lessons about major moral philosophers and their ideas. Of course, I also ...
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As STEM majors soar at UW, interest in humanities shrinks — a potentially costly loss

The number of students studying the humanities at the University of Washington is shrinking, with some majors down as much as 50 percent in a decade. It's having a financial impact, and also affecting the breadth of the university's expertise.
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San Fernando Valley business group urges UTLA leaders to end the teacher strike

The Valley Industry and Commerce Association leaders called on United Teachers Los Angeles to end their teachers walkout. The Valley business advocacy organization said it’s “increasingly concerned about the harm being done to our students as they miss critical instruction,” according to a letter VICA President Stuart Waldman sent Jan. 16 to union’s President Alex Caputo-Pearl. “This time of year is of utmost importance to students whose start in life and their careers depends on succeeding at s...
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