​At LAUSD, behind the smiles, deep rifts​ remain after strike. At some campuses, ‘It’s the elephant in the room’

The United Teachers Los Angeles walkout at the L.A. Unified School District wasn’t an especially long strike, but it was an emotionally tense and high-stakes week in which teachers — who normally are working in their classrooms — found themselves in the national spotlight. For teachers, the six-day walkout involved tough decisions about whether to go out on the line or cross it, days of standing in the rain and callous mud-slinging amongst leaders. It also involved atypical hours to socialize wh...
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Bad Girl Inspiration: Cheryl Blossom (Riverdale)

Let's just admit it...we all want to be Cheryl Blossom. For over two years now, thousands of us have been obsessing over the teen mystery drama Riverdale. It is a show packed full of secrets, romance, and over-the-top-dramatic scenarios, but above all, it has some of the most fashionable characters to grace the small screen since "Gossip Girl." And the most fashionable of all of the Riverdale residents has to be Riverdale's own Queen Bee, Cheryl Blossom. Continuing on with our Bad Girl Inspirat...
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Hautelinks: Rihanna's New Fashion Venture, Getting Ultra-Organized in 2019, & More

Here are the many things we loved on the internet this week. Sephora will now let you use multiple promo codes on your order.Lauren Conrad has some ways to get ultra organized in 2019.And check out these self-care apps to help you meet your goals.The "Fenty effect" is coming to skincare and it's about time!Speaking of Fenty, Rihanna and LVMH are teaming up for a luxury fashion line.And here's how Rihanna became one of the most influential people in fashion.Yummm, totally making these Levain bak...
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School Superintendent Arrested After Using Her Health Insurance to Get Treatment for Sick Student

An Indiana school superintendent who allegedly used her own insurance to get a sick student medical attention has been arrested and charged with insurance fraud. Casey Smitherman, who is superintendent of Elwood Community Schools 45 miles north of Indianapolis, was charged with insurance fraud, identity deception and official misconduct – all felonies – on Tuesday.…
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Visualizing the Bass Playing Style of Motown’s Iconic Bassist James Jamerson: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “For Once in My Life” & More

As part of Motown’s Funk Brothers house band, James Jamerson was the bubbling bass player behind hundreds of hit records from Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas, and plenty more. His licks duck and dive and weave like Ali but never get in the way of the melody or the rest of the band. Paul McCartney was an early fan, but for the general public, Jamerson was not a household name for decades--Motown never listed the Wrecking Crew in its credits--until much l...
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Heroic Styles: The Flash

If you're running late, embrace your inner Flash with these outfits. Sometimes we’re not feeling like our best selves and even the thought of going to class can be depressing. On these days, I like to find inspiration in heroes and heroines, super or not, to make it through the day. In this series I’ll share some outfit inspiration from different heroes and heroines that you can use to boost your confidence on those not-so-good days. Last time on Heroic Styles, we covered Supergirl. This week, ...
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Watch 110 Lectures by Donald Knuth, “the Yoda of Silicon Valley,” on Programming, Mathematical Writing, and More

Many see the realms of literature and computers as not just completely separate, but growing more distant from one another all the time. Donald Knuth, one of the most respected figures of all the most deeply computer-savvy in Silicon Valley, sees it differently. His claims to fame include The Art of Computer Programming, an ongoing multi-volume series of books whose publication began more than fifty years ago, and the digital typesetting system TeX, which, in a recent profile of Knuth, t...
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Startup Survival Skills Through Arts Education

Arts Education Preps Tomorrow’s EntrepreneursZACH Theatre Education — Collaboration, Resilience, and Fanning a Creative Spark ZACH Theatre Education Students. AxelB Photography. (Austin, TX) — The Startup world requires stepping outside of your comfort zone, the ability to take risks, resilience, innovation, and equal measures of planning and improvisation. Many of these traits are listed in The 10 most in-demand skills of 2019, according to LinkedIn. But this list of super-skills isn’t exclus...
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How to Build a Skincare Routine: Combination Skin

Product and routine recommendations for those with combination skin. Pexels This is the third post for the "How to Build a Skincare Routine" series AND is the last post on facial skincare. The previous posts covered dry skin and oily skin and now it's time to take care of combination skin. This article will help you to create a full regimen of skincare products for combination skin. If you want to know more about what each step of a skincare routine is for, check out our Minimalist Guide to Sk...
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Moebius Draws Adventurous Ads for Maxwell House Coffee (1989)

What do you do after you’ve helped create one of the “first anti-heroes in Western comics”; pioneered the underground comics industry and heavy metal album covers; won the enduring admiration of Federico Fellini, Stan Lee, and Hayao Miyazaki; and brought your distinctive creative style to the look of sci-fi classics like Blade Runner, Alien, Tron, and The Abyss? Sit back, have a coffee, and design a series of ads for Maxwell House. Why not? You’re Moebius. You can draw whatever you want. No one...
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Adapting to the needs of learners, educators and schools with Chromebooks

Editor’s note: This week, we’re joining thousands of educators and students at BETT in London. Visit us at booth C230, where you can demo a range of Chromebooks designed for education, including the brand new Chrome OS tablet. Follow along on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and updates.We aim to build products that help educators, school staff and students thrive in and out of the classroom. Ever-evolving education standards and students’ diverse learning needs means teachers need adapt...
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Watch Dziga Vertov’s A Man with a Movie Camera, the 8th Best Film Ever Made

Of all the cinematic trailblazers to emerge during the early years of the Soviet Union – Sergei Eisenstein , Vsevolod Pudovkin , Lev Kuleshov – Dziga Vertov (né Denis Arkadievitch Kaufman, 1896–1954) was the most radical. Whereas Eisenstein – as seen in that film school standard Battleship Potemkin – used montage editing to create new ways of telling a story, Vertov dispensed with story altogether. He loathed fiction films. “The film drama is the Opium of the people,” he wrote. “Down wi...
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Study Reveals Just How Much—And How Little—Canadians Really Know About the Holocaust

A full 22% of Millennial respondents were less that totally sure that they'd ever heard or seen the word "Holocaust"
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