These Are the DIY Clothing Hacks Every College Woman Should Know About

Not all DIYs are impossible! Here's how to make the most of your closet.How many times have I stared into my closet wishing for something new and then thought about my bank account and promptly shut the door? Too many. Not only is buying new clothes all of the time unsustainable, it's unnecessarily expensive... especially when you're in college. This is why I'm a fan of DIY.I'm not talking about those awful Instagram DIY videos that end up ruining more things than they create. Nor am I going to ...
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Marketplace Scalability and Strategic Use of Platform Investment

One well-known feature of marketplace platforms like Airbnb and eBay is their scalability. This paper identifies the strategic trade-off and implications for scalability when a platform provides services to existing and potential sellers that help reduce their fixed costs of running the business. Timing this investment is an important consideration for maximizing marketplace scalability. [Author: by Jin Li, Gary P. Pisano, and Feng Zhu]
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6 things learned from being rejected from medical school

I have spent the greater portion of my 20s enduring a premature quarter-life crisis. Patterns of self-doubt and debilitating anxiety became my new normal. I was rejected from medical school — again. After taking time to process the reality that I would have to wait another year to re-apply, I fervently journeyed through a messy […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Looks on Campus: Sonora - West Virginia University

Must-have item of 2019: party pants.Cold winter weather finally arrived at West Virginia University's campus just in time for classes to pick back up for spring. I spotted a fellow classmate and fashionista, Sonora, rocking a show-stopping, colorful look that can't be missed. Between the white walls of the FDM design studio and the winter wonderland outside, it looked like the world had became Sonora's backdrop. Sonora 101  Name: SonoraSchool: West Virginia UniversityYear: SophomoreMajor: Fash...
Tags: College, West Virginia, Street Style, West Virginia University, WVU, Colorful, Sonora, Southeast, Charleston, Streetwear, Campus Style, Looks on Campus, Winter Trends, Pittsburgh Fashion Week, Winter 2019, Pattern Pants

Not Gonna Lie, We Low-Key Want to Dress Like North West

Here's how to look just as chic as the Queen of Instagram's famous daughter.For more than a decade, Kim Kardashian and her fashion-forward sisters have been in the spotlight. Today, we look to them for beauty tips, interior design ideas, and -- of course -- fashion inspiration. Given that the girls are so stylish, it's only natural that their kids would grow up to be just as fashion-forward as their famous moms.Kim has three kids: North, Saint, and Chicago, and has just announced plans for her f...
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What does fallout from LA teachers strike mean for the future of charter schools?

On paper, the six-day strike teachers strike that disrupted learning at 900 public schools across Los Angeles was a fight about orthodox demands like lower class sizes, higher pay and more support staff from nurses to librarians and counselors. But a core issue and perhaps the most divisive barely touched the bargaining table: the future of the city’s 224 charter schools. Education policy experts contend that although United Teachers Los Angeles – the union that represents the teachers in L.A. U...
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How to ask for a raise as a millennial

Millennials objectively have it harder than past generations. Wages are stagnant while housing, healthcare, and education costs soar.Ask for a raise every year. Hobbes frames it like this: "If your company is employing you they are making money off of you, and you are entitled to some percentage of that money."Advice for millennials: Don't plead poverty to get a raise. State your value, or job hop to a company that will pay you more.
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