Nick Cave Answers the Hotly Debated Question: Will Artificial Intelligence Ever Be Able to Write a Great Song?

Photo by Bleddyn Butcher via Wikimedia Commons Spike Jonze’s AI love story Her offered a sort of an answer to one of the critical questions posed about Artificial Intelligence: Can machines feel love? Maybe, and maybe deeply, in a certain sense, but maybe not for just one person and not for very long before they take off to explore limitless others, which makes them sound like very seductive but also very shallow lovers. Maybe it helps to keep that metaphor in mind when we read Nick Cave’s answ...
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Prosecutors probe whether Centinela Valley school board knew of $910,000 home loan to ousted Superintendent Jose Fernandez

Opening their public corruption case Monday against former Centinela Valley school Superintendent Jose Fernandez, prosecutors honed in on the $910,000 home loan he secured from the district and whether the school board was aware of it. On the first day of Fernandez’s preliminary hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court, an attorney for the school district consumed the entire day on the witness stand as the prosecution launched into the specifics that made Fernandez likely the highest paid superinte...
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Adam Savage and the IRL Digital Revolution

Myth Confirmed I recently started re-watching old Mythbusters episodes with my two oldest boys — and we’re having a blast. The original series, which ran on the Discovery Channel from 2006 to 2016, was hosted by special effects engineers Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. Curious about what happened to Jamie and Adam after the series ended, I did a little poking around and discovered that among many other things, Adam became involved in the maker website, which was rebranded as “Ada...
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As Art Institutes and Argosy University enter receivership, what’s next?

Dream Center Education Holdings, which operates Orange County’s first law school as well as several Argosy University and Art Institute campuses in Southern California, has been placed in federal receivership as options are sought to get out of millions of dollars of debt. The move led an accreditation agency to put the college system on notice earlier this month, as students wonder whether they will need to find new campuses to transfer to. Dream Center Education Holdings said in court document...
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Dressing for Dream Destinations: Australia

How to dress when you travel Down Under!"Dressing for Dream Destinations" is a travel series that takes us across the world to daydream about what we'd wear to various locations.Australia is the largest country in Oceania and 6th largest in the world. 90% of the population live in coastal cities since it is the driest continent on earth other than Antarctica. There is no shortage of outdoor activities in Australia, so pack a lot of sunscreen and hats (and every bikini you own).  What to Wear in:...
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Forget Cash. Here are Better Ways to Motivate Employees

In today's tight job market, employers must focus on how to attract and keep top talent. Giving away stacks of money may not always be the best incentive, warns Ashley Whillans. [Author: by Dina Gerdeman]
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Scenes from Bohemian Rhapsody Compared to Real Life: A 21-Minute Compilation

Bohemian Rhapsody, the 2018 bio pic about the British rock band Queen, had its fair share of factual inaccuracies--all well documented by sites like The Wrap and ScreenCrush. But, here and there, the film paid attention to detail. Witness the scenes from Live Aid, and compare them to actual footage from 1985. Or simply start at the 9:20 mark of the lengthy compilation above, which dutifully juxtaposes scenes from the film with the real life events... Follow Open Culture on Facebook an...
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3 UK-Based Websites That Sell the Absolute Best Party Dresses for College

Some British Style inspiration for all your party outfits.The United Kingdom is known for its bold, daring sense of fashion, and justifiedly so. Many trends over the decades originated in England. Punk fashion, Teddy boys and miniskirts all came from the UK, and today, London is still one of the fashion world hotspots.After moving to the UK from France, I really experienced the difference in fashion in both countries. I realized there was much more freedom than in France, in terms of how people ...
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Grow with Google is heading to libraries in all 50 states, starting today

For many people in cities and towns across America, the public library is the central place to access information, search for a job or even learn about running a small business. And librarians aren’t just checking out books to patrons—they’re providing key digital resources for their communities.At the end of last year we announced our plans to bring Grow with Google to more local communities by teaming up with libraries in all 50 states across the country to help ensure that economic opportunit...
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How Michel Legrand (RIP) Gave the French New Wave a Sound: Revisit the Influential Music He Composed for Jean-Luc Godard & Jacques Demy’s Films

When he died this past weekend, the prolific composer Michel Legrand left behind a large and varied body of work, one that won him not just five Grammy awards but, for the films he scored, three Oscars as well. Though he composed the music for more than 200 films and television shows, many cinephiles will remember him — and generations of cinephiles to come will know him — as the man who gave the French New Wave a sound. Having appeared on camera as a pianist in Agnès Varda's Cleo from 5...
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Mark Zuckerberg: “I Wasn’t Trying to Build a Global Company”

You can scratch your head and think, I’m no Facebook founder yet we all have one thing in common when we start a business.  We take a leap of faith to do what we love and shoot obsessively for a successful outcome. In the case of Mr. Zuckerberg’s Facebook, he wasn’t trying to build a global […]
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Representative Population Recruiting in College

  Want to recruit better in college and university environments? Of course. We all do. That’s the next wave of talent for organizations, right? But most of the approaches that we’ve been using in university recruiting for the last 15-20 years are flawed, and social media has probably muddied the water even more there. While […]
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Hijab Fixation: Deciding Our Heaven And Hell

            One day my 18-year-old son, messaged me: Then the next day, he sent me screen shots of a conversation that took place between him and his friends on Twitter. Before I share those tweets, I just want the readers to know that these young men’s ages range between 18-21. They are raised in practicing Muslim families by parents whose second home is the masjid. They are well-mannered, polite and the kind of boys you would want your son to be friends with. A few more c...
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Denim Days: 3 Celeb-Inspired Denim Outfit Ideas

How to wear your jeans like Sienna Miller, Hilary Duff, and Olivia Munn.Every week, I scour the web to find inspiring outfits on your favorite celebs and help you recreate their looks! This week, I was inspired by Sienna Miller, Hilary Duff, and Olivia Munn. Read on to see how you can get their looks for yourself. Celebrity Look #1: Sienna Miller's Cold Weather Chic Actress Sienna Miller was spotted out and about in a trendy wintertime look perfect for chilly days.Sienna wore a green parka jac...
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Hear Neil Gaiman Read a Beautiful, Profound Poem by Ursula K. Le Guin to His Cousin on Her 100th Birthday

It’s quite profound, isn’t it? - Helen Fagin, aged 100 Every time I open my laptop to discover a friend posting a vintage photo of their parent as a beaming bride or saucy sailor boy in lush black and white or gold-tinged Kodachrome, I know the deal. Another elder has left the building. With luck, I’ll have at least two or three decades before my kids start sniffing around in my shoe boxes of old snapshots. In the meantime, I’ll wonder how much of the emotion that’s packed into those memoria...
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People at #BETT2019

Photo by Steve Wheeler I'm just back from another BETT Show, and I intend to write some reflections on what I saw, heard and experienced in future posts. Watch this space. But first, I want to write about the most important element....For me, the highlight of every BETT Show is not the vendors, nor is it the shiny technology - it's the people. The London Excel centre is a vast warehouse of space, and it takes a long time to wend your way across its acres of carpet. But at just about eve...
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Riffing off the traditional piggy-bank, Pigzbe is a virtual wallet for cryptocurrency. Through the tangible toy and the adjacent app, kids can receive, save and spend money that they earn—all while practicing financial responsibility. The device is tech designed for education, and though the concept is old, the execution is new and inventive.
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