Testimony: County office questioned ex-Centinela Valley superintendent’s contract long before pay scandal

Long before controversy erupted over former Centinela Valley superintendent Jose Fernandez’s lucrative compensation package, the Los Angeles County Office of Education expressed concern about his contract, an attorney said Thursday. Sue Ann Evans, who once advised the Centinela Valley Union High School District on personnel matters, was contacted weeks after the school board approved Fernandez’s December 2009 employment agreement about a peculiar provision, according to emails read aloud in a do...
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Forbes: Managing Costs and Credit of a Reverse Mortgage

For prospective reverse mortgage borrowers, there are strengths and weaknesses to be found either in immediate or delayed leveraging of the line of credit, and the borrower’s decision concerning a package of costs should be a conscious part of the equation. This is according to the latest in a series of pieces at Forbes by Dr. Wade Pfau, professor of retirement income at the American College of Financial Services and a member of the Funding Longevity Task Force. When examining the benefits to...
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Hautelinks: Best of the SAG Awards, Anna Wintour on Meghan Markle's Text Messages, Interview Tips & More

Here's what we recently read and loved. Pexels Harper's Bazaar reports that Kylie Jenner may be dropping a mascara called Kylash in the near future. So excited to check this out!Speaking of mascaras, Pat McGrath is adding one to her line too. There is always room for more mascara on the market.Here are all the best looks from the SAG Awards. Yara Shahidi and Gemma Chan have my votes for best dressed!And here are the best beauty looks from the awards ceremony.Finally, People broke down the top ...
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Women 'terrified' as students allowed to return after rape messages

Men allowed back on campus early after University of Warwick reduces suspensionWomen discussed as rape targets by a group of male students at the University of Warwick say they are terrified of seeing the men return to campus after the university reduced the length of their suspension.Last year five men were barred or suspended by the university over their membership of a long-running group chat that discussed rape and sexual assault of women, including individual students, as well as racism, an...
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Why medical students should develop and increase self-awareness

The most important piece of advice I can give to incoming medical students is to be vigilant about how you are feeling day-to-day and to be aware of your actions. As is often said, our personalities, the distinctive makeup that makes us who we are, are set in stone. If you are a mindful person, […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Want Better Tech Employees? Give Students More Data, Educators Say

San Antonio—Developers, analysts, and data scientists: Every tech company needs them, particularly in hot areas like cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. The U.S. Department of Labor projects that computer and IT jobs would grow 13 percent by 2026 from 2016, which is faster than the average of all occupations.Even though there’s demand for workers, educators say the companies that need them are holding back something that would help universities and coding schools train potential employee...
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3 Ways to Layer Turtlenecks Under Any Outfit for Warmth & Style Points

The perfect way to add turtlenecks to any outfit! View the original article to see embedded media. Growing up, I always hated having to layer clothing when it was cold out. I always felt way too hot and super stiff. Never would I have guessed that as I got older, I would love layered clothing, let alone have it on my wish list. Today, I am all about layering turtlenecks. It's a current trend and I am super supportive of it. One of the main reasons I love layering turtlenecks is that it keeps me ...
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WashU announces donation from Square co-founder to grow engineering school

Washington University in St. Louis (WashU) announced today that its engineering school received its largest single donation in history. The donation was offered by Square co-founder and WashU alumni Jim McKelvey, for whom the school will be renamed, from the School of Engineering & Applied Science to The James McKelvey School of Engineering. WashU did not disclose the donated amount and historically does not disclose financial information. McKelvey has deep ties to his alma mater. McKelvey’...
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The Real Locations of Ukiyo-e, Historic Japanese Woodblock Prints, Plotted on a Google Map

The undisputed last great master of ukiyo-e was Utagawa Hiroshige. He is best known for the many series he created of bucolic landscapes, which offered collectors a chance to see parts of Japan they might never reach. The Japan of his early 19th century work holds a special place in Japanese hearts--a final look at an isolated and beautiful country just before the opening up of the ports to the West and, with it, industrialization. Apart from Mount Fuji, the locations that Hiroshige drew have l...
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2,400 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) Getting Started in February: Enroll Today

FYI. 2,400 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are getting underway in February, giving you the chance to take free courses from top flight universities. With the help of Class Central, we've pulled together a complete list of February MOOCS. And below we've highlighted several courses that caught our eye. The trailer above comes from MoMA's course,  Seeing Through Photographs .   Introduction to Philosophy  - University of Edinburgh on Coursera - February 4 (7 weeks) Modern Ma...
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#3quotes from Freire

One of the most valued books in my personal education library is Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1970) by the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire. If you are a teacher but haven't yet read it, I thoroughly recommend it - this book is a game changer. Here I present some of my annotations to accompany three classic quotes from the book, to get you started:Freire is critical of the transmission method found in schools, in which what he calls the 'banking concept', is consistently applied. This is where tea...
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Racist depiction on Roosevelt High newspaper cover presents ‘an opportunity for us as a district to get it right’

Coincidentally, the image was published just before educators and students were to launch next week's Black Lives Matter at School initiative, a series of events focused on racial justice.
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How to Build a Skincare Routine: Body Care

Tips and product suggestions for giving your body the care it needs.Now that we have taken care of your facial skincare routine, it's time to turn our attention to the rest of your body. There is a lot of skin to cover and it can be difficult to find the time to take care of your body (and the motivation). This is the final post in the "How to Build a Skincare Routine" series. Here I will be breaking down what you should be doing for your body skin and some different ways to take care of the ski...
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The Evolution of the Alphabet: A Colorful Flowchart, Covering 3,800 Years, Takes You From Ancient Egypt to Today

No matter our native language, we all have to learn a writing system. And whichever language we learn, its writing system had to come from somewhere. Take English, the language you're reading right now and one written in Latin script, which it shares with a range of other tongues: the European likes of French, Spanish, and German, of course, but now also Icelandic, Swahili, Tagalog, and a great many more besides. The video above by Matt Baker of UsefulCharts explains just where this incr...
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CBGB’s Heyday: Watch The Ramones, The Dead Boys, Bad Brains, Talking Heads & Blondie Perform Live (1974-1982)

There are, I guess, still many things people can do these days to tap into the legacy of CBGB, but I wouldn’t recommend going near most of them. The merchandising empire (do, however, new parents, get your tot a CBGB bib and onesie); the “thuddingly banal” 2013 film version, which… the less said about it the better; yes, and CBGB, the restaurant, in the Newark Airport Terminal C—proceed at your own risk. We must sadly also mention this past summer’s “Potemkin village from hell,” a pop-up...
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