Lawyer questioned ‘unusual’ home loan in former Centinela Valley superintendent’s contract

Dennis Hernandez acknowledges that when the interim superintendent of the Centinela Valley Union High School District asked him to look over a draft of his permanent contract nearly a decade ago, he didn’t give it a close inspection. But even on a quick read, something “unusual” caught his eye. Jose Fernandez, promoted to replace ousted Superintendent Cheryl White, had included a section allowing him to obtain a low-interest home loan from the cash-strapped district. As an education attorney, He...
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2000s Fashion Icons: Beyoncé

All hail Queen Bey! Beyonce in 2003 via Pacific Coast News Over the past few weeks, we've been breaking down the top 10 2000s fashion icons you need to know about. Last time, we talked about pop icon Britney Spears. Today, we're talking about another household name who is even more famous than Britney these days: the one, the only Beyoncé.These days, we don't call her Queen Bey for nothing. She is a multi-platinum artist with countless awards for her music, videos, and performances. Now, she...
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LittleBits lays off employees as it shifts focus toward education

New York City open-source maker startup LittleBits began to lay off staff last month, TechCrunch has learned. The loss of jobs comes as the company looks to shift more focus toward the K-12 market. Education-specific offerings have been lucrative for the company in its eight-year existence, but recent products have found the company embracing licensed products, courtesy of its involvement with Disney’s hardware accelerator. LittleBits confirmed the layoffs as part of an internal restructu...
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LAUSD parents are feeling betrayed and ‘extremely hurt’ as the push to limit charter growth begins

By Esmeralda Fabián Romero | LA School Report Parents who have children in charter schools said they are feeling betrayed and “ready to fight back” in the wake of a Los Angeles Unified School District vote earlier this week calling for a moratorium on new charters in the giant school system. Families, teachers and students from Los Angeles’s independent charter schools turned out by the thousands Tuesday to urge school board members to reject a resolution calling for a moratorium on new charters...
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Space Access is going to be in the San Francisco Bay Area this year

I've been going to Space Access for 12 years.  It has been a lot of fun.This year's Space Access is going to be in Fremont, California, from April 18th to 21st.If you are at all interested in getting into space, and you live in California, you should check it out.If you are really interested in getting into space, definitely check it. [Author: Henry Cate]
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Edgy Style 101: 3 Best Hairstyles for Edgy Girls

The perfect 'do for your rocker girl look. Everyone knows that creating the perfect outfit doesn’t just stop once you have the clothing and accessories picked out. Hair can seem like the absolute last step when putting together an outfit but it can say so much about who you are and what your personality is like. These days the go-to style for most girls is a "barely tried" beach wave that looks effortless and cool. However, if you're looking to switch it up and want to show off your rocker chic...
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Class to Night Out: Colorblock Jeans

Colorblock jeans are one of the most fun denim styles around right now. Here’s how to rock them anywhere. L-R: Fashion Nova, Macy's, Revice Denim.You've probably seen these types of jeans around before, but you might not have known what to call them. Now you do. Colorblock jeans, as the name suggests, are jeans that are two different shades/colors. They are sometimes known as “two-tone jeans” but a majority of the time, they’re called colorblock jeans. These jeans are so fun to wear because the...
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How the Clavichord & Harpsichord Became the Modern Piano: The Evolution of Keyboard Instruments, Explained

Though different modern pianos may not sound exactly the same as one another, they all sound more or less like pianos to our ears. But the piano didn't appear fully formed in the world of music as the instrument we know today: it has a variety of predecessors, not all of which sound very similar to the modern piano at all, and a few distinctive-sounding examples of which you can hear demonstrated in these videos from BaroqueBand. In the first, musician and educator David Schrader plays t...
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How To Improve Your Teaching Skills

Every year teachers are encouraged to challenge themselves at finding ways to improve their abilities. Whether you teach in a school or you are a homeschooler, you likely think about this idea often and strive to come up with ways for how you can be more successful in your role. Review the following suggestions for how you can improve your teaching skills and run a better classroom. This can be a difficult task because it’s not always easy to self-evaluate and be honest with yourself ab...
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Coupons & Sales: Week of 2/1/19

Get 50% off at Tilly's, 50% off at Forever 21, 20% off at AEO, plus more. American Eagle is offering AEO Connected members double points for every $1 spent on jeans before tax, shipping and handling through 2/3. And receive 20% off one select AEO, Aerie, or Tailgate top through 2/10. Also, get 50% off AEO APT bedding through 2/2.Benefit Cosmetics is offering a free makeup bag when you spend $40+ through 2/18 -- use code BROWBAG at checkout.Charlotte Russe has shoes for $20 and dresses for $25 f...
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Millionaire dilettantes' "education reform" have failed, but teacher-driven, evidence-supported education works miracles

Rich "education philanthropists" (Bill Gates, the Waltons, the DeVoses, the Sacklers) have had a lot of business-world ideas for "fixing education" over the years, centered on a system of carrots (bonuses for high-testing schools and schools whose students get admitted to top universitites) and sticks (funding cuts for "underperforming" schools), all backed by high-stakes tests and standardized teaching materials. These have been a catastrophe, making poor schools poorer, spawning massive f...
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The Beginning of a Digital Revolution?

It’s hard for me to believe that we’re finally here, but my new book, Digital Minimalism, comes out on Tuesday. The early buzz about the book has exceeded my expectations, which helps validate a trend that I’ve been noticing over the past year or so: people seem like they’re finally ready to consider serious changes to their relationship with digital tools. To help get you as excited as I am, I’ve included below a sampling of some of the early press on the book. (Also remember, as ...
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Reflections after a medical student’s first code blue

We were in the middle of the morning routine – sign out between mouthfuls of eggs and homefries – when the call came in overhead, “Code Blue, 9 West.  Code Blue, 9 West.”  Just like that, our team snapped into action, the continued banter only thinly concealing a change in demeanor: backs straight, jaws set, […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Monty Python’s Best Philosophy Sketches: “The Philosophers’ Football Match,” “Philosopher’s Drinking Song” & More

From dead parrots to The Meaning of Life, Monty Python covered a lot of territory. Educated at Oxford and Cambridge, the Pythons made a habit of weaving arcane intellectual references into the silliest of sketches. A classic example is "Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion Visit Jean-Paul Sartre," (above) from episode 27 of Monty Python's Flying Circus. The sketch features writing partners John Cleese as Mrs. Premise and Graham Chapman as Mrs. Conclusion, gabbing away in a launderette about ...
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A History of the Entire World in Less Than 20 Minutes

Thanks for watching history. I hope I mentioned everything. - Bill Wurtz Here at Open Culture, we happily acknowledge that learning is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. The internet may be doing a number on our attention spans, but as the world has grown smaller, the educational buffet has grown richer, more varied, and vastly more affordable. Take for example the History of the World. Geography fans can approach the subject via Ollie Bye's year-by-year animated map. John Green’s play...
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