POTD: Harvard Revolver Club, 1899

Harvard and Yale have long been rivals in many ways. At the end of the 19th centuries, one of their rivalries took place at the shooting range. This photo from 1899 shows the members of Harvard’s Revolver Club, likely taken to commemorate their victory over Yale’s club. Harvard won, 1362 to 1029. The post POTD: Harvard Revolver Club, 1899 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Harvard Humanists troll the elites who fund the Harvard endowment by awarding Anand Giridharadas a prize

Anand Giridharadas (previously) is the Aspen Fellow/McKinsey consultant turned anticapitalist gadfly whose brilliant book Winners Take All exposes the "philanthrophy" of the ultra-rich as a form of reputation-laundering with the side benefit of allowing some of history's greatest monsters to look at themselves in the mirror. Enter Harvard University, whose graduates constitute some of the world's richest, most sociopathic, most generous donors to any university -- the Harvard endowment was ...
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Stereotypes and Belief Updating

Increasing evidence demonstrates that stereotyped beliefs drive key economic decisions. This paper shows the significant role of self-stereotyping in predicting beliefs about one’s own ability. [Author: by Katherine B. Coffman, Manuela Collis, and Leena Kulkarni]
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New Research and Ideas, February 5, 2019

Women get fewer rewards for ideas in male domains ... Puerto Rico attempts to bounce back ... A global perspective on the future of higher education. [Author: Dina Gerdeman]
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For the first time in 6 years, California names its lowest-performing schools. Is yours on the list?

By Esmeralda Fabián Romero | LA School Report For the first time in six years, California has released the names of its lowest-performing schools. The 780 schools are in the bottom 5 percent of public K-12 schools as measured by the state’s new accountability tool, the California School Dashboard, and require “comprehensive school improvement.” The state also identified about 859 other schools that need “targeted assistance” because they are struggling to adequately serve particular groups of st...
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The Mastermind of Devo, Mark Mothersbaugh, Presents His Personal Synthesizer Collection

Mark Mothersbaugh’s studio is located in a cylindrical structure painted bright green - it looks more like a festive auto part than an office building. It's a fitting place for the iconoclast musician. For those of you who didn’t spend your childhoods obsessively watching the early years of MTV, Mark Mothersbaugh was the mastermind behind the band Devo. They skewered American conformity by dressing alike in shiny uniforms and their music was nervy, twitchy and weird. They taught a nation th...
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Watch a Towering Orchestral Tribute to Kate Bush: A 40th Anniversary Celebration of Her First Single, “Wuthering Heights”

Some Americans like their pop musicians to be more accessible, less theatrical, and eccentric—and generally more desperate for the approval of their audience. Kate Bush, thankfully, has never seemed bothered by this need. She could leave the spotlight when she needed to, or leave the music business altogether for a time, and yet remain a creative force to be reckoned with for four decades now. Her legacy has permeated contemporary music since she appeared in 1978, then retired from the stag...
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New legislative proposal would set strict limits on lead in Washington’s public schools

Proposed legislation would require all Washington school districts to test their drinking water for lead and swiftly fix any water source that tests above a new statewide limit.
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#3quotes from Dewey

One of the most valued books in my personal library was first published over a hundred years ago, in 1916. It's by John Dewey and is called Democracy and Education. One of the first things I learnt from reading Dewey, is that we don't teach subjects, we teach people. Dewey opposed the mechanistic methods of education that were prevalent in his day, proposing (then) radical solutions. His thoughts about the nature of education extend to what cannot be taught, but is learnt by experience:"There i...
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Pioneering Sci-Fi Author William Gibson Predicts in 1997 How the Internet Will Change Our World

"What's the one thing that all great works of science fiction have in common?" asks a 1997 episode of The Net, the BBC's television series about the possibilities of this much-talked-about new thing called the internet. "They all tried to see into the future, and they all got it wrong. Orwell's 1984, Huxley's Brave New World, Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: all, to some extent or other, wrong. And there's another name to add to this list: William Gibson." But then on strolls Gibson himself, fre...
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Do whatever it takes to conquer this depression. Now and forever.

“Ms. Taylor*?” “Yes, it’s me. I’m so deeply sorry to you and the team. You all helped me so much when I was here. But I started drinking a day after I left and blacked out.” Two weeks ago, Ms. Taylor was found by her sister lying unconscious on the bathroom floor after a week-long […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Watch 66 Oscar-Nominated-and-Award-Winning Animated Shorts Online, Courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada

I recently heard someone quip that proposals to cut the Academy Awards are tantamount to suggesting that the NFL trim down the Super Bowl. Certainly for many who would rather watch the former any day of the week, even the play-by-play of technical categories repay attention. Yet people who think of the Oscars like a major sporting event, with big stars and blockbusters going head-to-head, can still value the show as more than pure spectacle. How else, for example, would most of us learn abo...
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Google Cloud offers global support for academic research

Today’s scientific computing demands lightning-fast speed, vast data storage, and intensive processing power in order to advance discoveries across disciplines, from genomics to climate change. Two new agreements and a range of initiatives in Europe and the United States expand Google’s support for academic researchers globally, enabling them to leverage the benefits of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), our infrastructure as a service platform.Giving European researchers easy access to GCP through ou...
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