LAUSD’s Spanish-speaking parents engage candidates in forum ahead of school board special election

With the stakes high for whoever might take over the Los Angeles Unified School District Board’s District 5 seat in March, nine candidates for the seat faced parents Wednesday night in a forum that gave them a chance to weigh in on issues parents care about. For some parents, the event left a little more to be desired for lack of attention to issues like charters schools in the wake of a massive teacher strike underpinned by the issue. What did get attention was how school board hopefuls plan to...
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Some Puget Sound-area schools will remain closed Friday because of snow

Some schools will remain closed Friday because of poor road or sidewalk conditions. Here is where to find the latest information.
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Confronting Four Reverse Mortgage Misconceptions

An opponent of reverse mortgage products recently wrote two columns at Forbes discussing reasons that the business should be avoided, and that potential borrowers searching for ways to fund their retirements would be better served by exploring other financial options. RMD reached out to Professor Teresa Ghilarducci from The New School’s department of economics to expand on the points she made in a January Forbes article saying that reverse mortgages are “a bust” because a senior’s average hom...
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Dean, Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts

Webster University seeks a talented and creative leader in the arts to serve as the dean of the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts. Webster University seeks a talented and creative leader in the arts to serve as the dean of the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts. Applications and nominations are invited; the University will begin reviewing candidates immediately and hopes to have the new dean in place by the summer of 2019. Webster University’s entrepreneurial spirit drives its mission t...
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Amazon’s NYC educational investments will continue, despite cancellation of New York HQ2

Amazon’s plans to invest in New York area engineering training programs and other local educational initiatives are not being canceled, despite Amazon’s announcement today that it will no longer open one of its HQ2 locations in New York City. The retailer decided to end its plans for the New York headquarters after significant backlash from local politicians and citizens alike who, as Amazon put it, “have made it clear that they oppose our presence.” The deal Amazon had brokered with New York po...
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Good Rules for Choosing Non-Fiction Books

I have a few rules for choosing non-fiction books: I won’t read a book promising to reveal the “insider secrets” of an organization or field. (The author only knows 1% of the secrets, and they’ll oversell them.) If I find a book too broad or challenging, I go down a reading level—or even find a comic book version with…Read more...
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A Six-Hour Time-Stretched Version of Brian Eno’s Music For Airports: Meditate, Relax, Study

Writing in his 1995 diary about his seminal ambient album Music for Airports, Eno remembered his initial thoughts going into it: “I want to make a kind of music that prepares you for dying--that doesn’t get all bright and cheerful and pretend you’re not a little apprehensive, but which makes you say to yourself, ‘Actually, it’s not that big a deal if I die.’” Created in 1978 from seconds-long tape loops from a much longer improv session with musicians including Robert Wyatt, Music for Ai...
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10 Tips on How to Write a Great Screenplay from Billy Wilder: Pearls of Wisdom from the Director of Sunset Boulevard, Some Like It Hot, Double Indemnity & More

Image via Wikimedia Commons There's an old story -- Orson Welles called it "the greatest Hollywood one-liner ever made" -- that when someone attending the 1958 funeral of Harry Cohn, the fearsome president of Columbia Pictures, asked how it was possible that such a huge crowd would show up for Cohn's funeral, Billy Wilder quipped: "Well, give the people what they want." The story is almost certainly apocryphal. The line may have been spoken by someone else, at a different Hollywood mogul's fune...
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How to Find The Best Essay Writing Service for Students

When it comes to an essay writing service for students, it’s essential that you choose a platform that suits your needs. Not all writing services are the same, and this is why it takes a little research. We’ve pulled the criteria that you absolutely need to watch for when you’re selecting a service, and you can find it below. Writers and Work Samples Your chosen site should have a lot of information on hand about their writers. Ideally, you should be able to see a portfolio with a few pieces ...
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Hear Neil Gaiman Read Aloud 15 of His Own Works, and Works by 6 Other Great Writers: From The Graveyard Book & Coraline, to Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven & Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Neil Gaiman is a storyteller. That title encompasses quite a few pursuits, most of which seemingly involve writing — writing novels, writing radio dramas, writing comic books — but he also occasionally tells stories the old-fashioned way: speaking aloud, and to an audience of rapt listeners. Traditionally, such storytelling happened in a circle around the campfire, but as a storyteller of the 21st century — albeit a master of timeless techniques who uses those techniques to deal with tim...
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Women’s Hidden Contributions to Modern Genetics Get Revealed by New Study: No Longer Will They Be Buried in the Footnotes

It’s too easy, when our historical knowledge is limited, to mistake effects for causes, to fall for just-so stories that naturalize and perpetuate inequality. Many of us may have only recently learned, for example, that the moon landing would not have been possible without mathematician Katherine Johnson and her Hidden Figures colleagues, or that the Hubble telescope would not have been possible without astronomer Nancy G. Roman (now immortalized in LEGO). Prior to this knowledge, we might ...
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