"Ann has taken note of our travails here in the Madison school district because it resonates nationally."

"Madison is by no means the only town in thrall to identity politics and its culture of victimhood. But we’ve got an especially toxic case," writes David Blaska (who's running for the school board here in Madison).As of this writing 24 hours later, Ann’s post had generated 149 comments. We excerpt from that commentary here....Go to the link to see which Althouse commenters got front-paged chez Dave. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Prepare Yourself for Setbacks in Your Early 20s

“There is no guidance or set path after college,” says redditor u/InvictaVox in a thread on r/AskMen about growing older. When you’ve been spending most of your life in school, graduating one grade a year, you get used to steady forward progression. You might be able to hold onto that feeling at your first job. But in…Read more...
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The Hidden Cost of a Product Recall

Product failures create managerial challenges for companies but market opportunities for competitors, says Ariel Dora Stern. The stakes have only grown higher. [Author: by Danielle Kost]
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Judgment Aggregation in Creative Production: Evidence from the Movie Industry

Selecting early-stage ideas in creative industries is challenging because consumer taste is hard to predict and the quantity to sift through is large. Using The Black List that ranks scripts annually based on nominations from film executives, this study shows that aggregating expert opinions helps reduce quality uncertainty and can influence high-budget production. [Author: by Hong Luo, Jeffrey T. Macher, and Michael Wahlen]
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Infringing Use as a Path to Legal Consumption: Evidence from a Field Experiment

Copyright infringement may result from frictions preventing legal consumption, but also reveals demand. Research by Hong Luo and Julie Holland Mortimer highlight the importance of mitigating user costs in small-value transactions. [Author: by Hong Luo and Julie Holland Mortimer]
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The 100 Top Punk Songs of All Time, Curated by Readers of the UK’s Sounds Magazine in 1981

When did punk rock die? Everyone knows it happened sometime in recent history, but few people agree on when. The music still exists, in knowing quotation marks, but its winning combination of unforced abrasiveness and calculated offensiveness seems to have disappeared. Maybe pick a year at random; say, 2010, the year the last great punk songwriter, Jay Reatard, died. It also happens to be the year the last great punk band, OFF!, formed, but they’re a supergroup of classic punk musicians. One co...
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Abacus Rainbow

A design-forward version of the classic counting frame, this Abacus Rainbow by OYOY is painted with muted, pastel hues. Crafted from 100% ash wood, this toy will entertain and educate kids—from learning numbers to basic sums—for years.
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Skin in the game: do we need to take down nudes – or look at them harder?

The Royal Academy’s major exhibition of nudes features equal numbers of naked men and women. Is this progress?Things look different after #MeToo. And not just after #MeToo, but after several years of a surging fourth wave of feminism. There has been fury against patriarchy – with the term itself, after decades of dormancy, surging back into use to explain everything from the rise of Donald Trump to sexual violence in India to pay inequality in western Europe.Everywhere, dams of silence and fear ...
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11 Thesis Writing Tips That Will Help You Graduate

Writing a thesis is one of the most difficult challenges you will have to overcome in your life as a student. By the time the thesis proposal rolls in, you’re most likely brain-fatigued from all your other university requirements and pressures from daily life. To give you a hand, here are some crucial thesis-writing tips that will help you finish your paper and graduate successfully. Know Your Topic Try to choose a topic that you already have a wealth of knowledge on. If not, make sure it’s a ...
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Legislature’s solution to McCleary school-funding case leaves most state districts projecting budget shortfalls

Most school-districts are already forecasting multimillion dollar shortfalls for years to come. Will lawmakers roll back parts of their court-ordered plan to increase state spending on education?
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All the Rembrandts: The Rijksmuseum Puts All 400 Rembrandts It Owns on Display for the First Time

If you've wanted to see some Rembrandts, as most every art lover has, you've wanted to go to the Rijksmuseum. The jewel in the crown of the Netherlands' most popular museum must surely be Rembrandt's masterpiece The Night Watch, whose latest restoration will stream live this summer. But Rembrandt enthusiasts planning their first trip to the Rijksmuseum only after the completion of that restoration may want to reconsider, given that between now and June, they can see not just some Rembran...
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Value of Language – Part 1

“What good is it? I’ll never use it in my adult life”, my 12–“and a half”–year-old daughter exclaimed while struggling with her math homework. This time-honored phrase–which just about all teenagers spout at least once–is an opportunity to teach not just about a specific topic or piece of information but is also, and perhaps more so, a chance to impart wisdom that a seasoned parent has gained through their own life-trials. And you know how parents just love to “share” their wisdom with the...
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Alice in Wonderland, Hamlet, and A Christmas Carol Written in Shorthand (Circa 1919)

For hundreds of years before the regular use of dictation machines, word processors, and computers, many thousands of court records, correspondence, journalism, and so on circulated in translation. All of these texts were originally in their native language, but they were transcribed in a different writing system, then translated back into the standard orthography, by stenographers using various kinds of shorthand. In English, this meant that a mess of irregular, phonetically nonsensical spellin...
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