‘I was scammed:’ Art Institute of Seattle will close abruptly Friday, two weeks before end of quarter

Over 600 students will have to figure out how and where to finish their degrees.
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Another cost of the Washington measles outbreak: The 800 students kept out of school

If measles is diagnosed in a school, anyone -- student or teacher -- who does not have proof of vaccination has to be kept out of school. Students are struggling to keep up at home, parents are juggling child care and teachers have to shift duties.
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Four Passionate Italian Women Artists

Win a pre-publication bound galley of LA PASSIONE from Goodreads! Click to enter the raffle. The giveaway ends March 13. Italy’s dazzling pantheon of artistic geniuses seems a man’s world. Yet as I discovered in researching my upcoming book, a few women with singular passion defied all obstacles and created important works of art. As a way of celebrating International Women’s Day, here are four artists whose stories I recount in LA PASSIONE: How Italy Seduced the World: Plautilla Nelli (1524-...
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Has the Glass Ceiling Been Broken (or at Least Cracked)?

Harvard Business School researchers have been at the forefront of studies on gender discrimination. On the eve of International Women's Day 2019, here is what they've discovered so far. [Author: by Sean Silverthorne]
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Intel Reveals Ideas on Promoting AI in U.S. as Chinese Growth Looms

Even as the executive order President Trump issued last month on artificial intelligence furthered the conversation about a developing national strategy for the sector, it was met with certain criticism. A common complaint was that the plan won’t implement itself.“The administration’s American AI Initiative includes all of the right elements; the critical test will be to see if they follow through in a vigorous manner,” Jason Furman, who helped compile a report on AI for the Obama administratio...
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A hidden scandal: America's school students exposed to water tainted by toxic lead

Elevated levels of lead have been found in schools across the US, alarming experts who say it is particularly harmful to children Continue reading...
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New Research and Ideas, March 5, 2019

First impressions matter ... Do labor codes ease exploitive working conditions? ... How businesses in some countries avoid taxes. [Author: Dina Gerdeman]
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The Medieval Masterpiece, the Book of Kells, Is Now Digitized & Put Online

If you know nothing else about medieval European illuminated manuscripts, you surely know the Book of Kells. “One of Ireland’s greatest cultural treasures” comments, “it is set apart from other manuscripts of the same period by the quality of its artwork and the sheer number of illustrations that run throughout the 680 pages of the book.” The work not only attracts scholars, but almost a million visitors to Dublin every year. “You simply can’t travel to the capital of Ireland,”...
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Download the ModulAir, a Free Polyphonic Synthesizer, and Make Your Own Electronic Sounds

Over the years, we've talked a fair share about electronic music--from the earliest days of the genre, through contemporary times. Now, we give you a chance to make your own electronic sounds. According to Synthopia, a portal devoted to electronic music, "Full Bucket Music has released ModulAir 1.0 – a free polyphonic modular synthesizer for Mac & Windows." (For the uninitiated, a polyphonic synthesizer--versus a monophonic one--can play multiple notes at once.) The ModulAir "is a modula...
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A brilliant, simple exercise to teach privacy fundamentals

Kate Klonick, an assistant professor at St John's Law School, teaches an Information Privacy course for second- and third-year law students; she devised a wonderful and simply exercise to teach her students about "anonymous speech, reasonable expectation of privacy, third party doctrine, and privacy by obscurity" over the spring break. Klonick's students were assigned to sit in a public place and eavesdrop on nearby conversations, then, using only Google searches, "see if you can de-anonymi...
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Google introduces educational app Bolo to improve children’s literacy in India

Google is expanding its suite of apps designed for the Indian market with today’s launch of a new language-learning app aimed at children, called Bolo. The app, which is aimed at elementary school-aged students, leverages technology like Google’s speech recognition and text-to-speech to help kids learn to read in both Hindi and English. To do so, Bolo offers a catalog of 50 stories in Hindi and 40 in English, sourced from The company says it plans to partner with other org...
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What’s happened — or hasn’t — since The Times reported on lead in Seattle schools’ drinking water

Here's a quick update on what has — or hasn't — happened to address lead in school drinking water since our reporting in February.
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100-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Helen Fagin Reads Her Letter About How Books Save Lives

"Could you imagine a world without access to reading, to learning, to books?" Helen Fagin, who poses that question, doesn't have to imagine it: she experienced that grim reality, and worse besides. "At twenty-one," she continues, "I was forced into Poland’s World War II ghetto, where being caught reading anything forbidden by the Nazis meant, at best, hard labor; at worst, death." There she operated a school in secret where she taught Jewish children Latin and mathematics, soon realizing th...
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John Cleese Revisits His 20 Years as an Ivy League Professor in His New Book, Professor at Large: The Cornell Years

Creative Commons image by Paul Boxley It takes real intelligence to successfully make dumb comedy. John Cleese and his Monty Python colleagues are a premium example. You can call sketches like the “Ministry of Silly Walks” and “Dead Parrot” surrealist, and they are comparable to the absurdist stunts favored by certain early 20th century modern artists. But you can also call them very smart kinds of stupid, a description of some of the highest forms of comedy, I’d say, and one that applies to so...
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