FOSTA/SESTA Hurts the Very People It’s Intended to Protect

Today’s guest post is about a topic that I’ve discussed on Twitter and Facebook but not here on my blog. My sex educator peers and the sex workers who run in adjacent circles are well aware of the costs of SESTA/FOSTA and similar policies in other locales. However, not everyone is. The following explains a bit more. Sex work is a controversial topic. Some have moral and religious objections to the practice, while others view it as a normal way to make a living. Due to the nature of the vocat...
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Barron’s: Reverse Mortgages Can Be a Positive Retirement Planning Tool

The perception of reverse mortgages as a “last resort” loan to fund retirement is diminishing, but persistent. Still, reverse mortgages are increasingly being seen as a viable financial tool for eligible borrowers even though prospective users should be aware of high upfront costs, according to a new piece at Dow Jones financial news subsidiary Barron’s. “One of the most intriguing benefits, I think, is spending coordination with your portfolio,” says Neil Krishnaswamy, a financial planner wi...
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Branding Sells Cereal, Handbags, and Vacations. Can It Sell a Country?

Countries such as Israel now realize they need to engage in public diplomacy as well as foreign diplomacy, and in place branding, not just political advocacy, says Elie Ofek. [Author: by Danielle Kost]
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Can the Legislature change Washington’s track record on special education?

Students with disabilities in Washington state have some of the lowest outcomes in the country. This year, lawmakers say they want to turn things around.
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Bill Murray Explains How a 19th-Century Painting Saved His Life

You don't understand prewar 20th-century America unless you understand a particular 19th-century French painting: Jules Breton's The Song of the Lark. "In this evocative work, a young peasant woman stands silently in the flat fields of the artist's native Normandy as the sun rises, listening to the song of a distant lark," says a post from the Art Institute of Chicago. Apart from being selected as America's favorite painting in 1934, it was also Eleanor Roosevelt's favorite work of art, ...
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On Heidegger and Email

The hut near the edge of the Black Forest where Martin Heidegger developed his philosophy of Being. I was in California last week promoting Digital Minimalism. One of the books I brought to keep me company was Sarah Bakewell’s insightful, and surprisingly entertaining, At The Existentialist Cafe. In the third chapter, I came across a nice piece of focus porn concerning the philosopher Martin Heidegger. During Heidegger’s first academic appointment, which was at the University of Mar...
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"Their message is simple — destructive but simple: Madison schools have a racial achievement gap because Bernie Sanders-loving Madison hates black children."

"[School Board candidates Ali] Muldrow & [Ananda] Mirilli peddled their bilious message during a candidate forum Saturday (03-10-19) at Badger Rock middle school. The event was sponsored by the Freedom Inc. Youth Squad — the same outfit coordinating disruption at the Madison Board of Education these last two years. (On October 29 and February 25.) Their top of the page goal is getting rid of Cops in Schools; their bottom line replaces classroom discipline with race shaming."Writes David Blaska, ...
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Ignite Education Lab is tonight. Tickets are sold out, but here’s how you can watch it live.

If you weren’t quick enough to grab your free advance tickets before they ran out, have no fear. We’ll be streaming the night of stories live on Facebook beginning at 7 p.m.
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The Amazing Franz Kafka Workout!: Discover the 15-Minute Exercise Routine That Swept the World in 1904

Does your spare tire show no signs of deflating as bikini season looms? Is the fear of bullies kicking sand in your face beginning to outstrip the horror of transforming into a giant bug overnight? Do you long to experience lasting health benefits along with an impressively fit appearance? Friends, we make you this promise: The Amazing Franz Kafka Workout will transform your life along with your physique in just 15 minutes a day. That's right, just 15 minutes of daily calisthenics (and some ...
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AIDSO protests the failure of biometric authentication system and student detention in colleges

In a protest held today, the All India Democratic Students’ Organisation in Hyderabad, has said that a faulty biometric system and the use of Aadhaar for attendance has led to 21,841 students getting detained. These students were unable to take their exams and their careers were in jeopardy, the... ...
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Alan Watts Presents a 15-Minute Guided Meditation: A Time-Tested Way to Stop Thinking About Thinking

The concept of emptiness—sh?nyat?—in Mahayana Buddhism is perhaps a subject best avoided in casual conversation. It so vexes everyone not least because of issues of translation: "emptiness," many scholars think, hardly suffices as a substitute. In English it has a more distinctly nihilist flavor than was intended. Yet emptiness is so indispensable that it can hardly go unmentioned when the practice and purpose of meditation come up in Buddhist thought. Leave it to Zen to put things in su...
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The Big Pond: Stream 50 Audio Stories from the Goethe-Institut, Available Free Online

  Who doesn’t love a good podcast? Don’t tell me you’ve never binged Serial or laughed out loud with Marc Maron. Over the last few years, podcasts have become a cultural phenomenon–they help us endure our daily commutes and then lull us back to sleep at night. Listening culture isn’t new, though–talk radio has been filling the silence with anecdotes, news, and drama since the early 1900s. The Goethe-Institut’s new radio and podcast series THE BIG POND. A US-German Listening Series is a perfect ...
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