UW institute developing lifetime flu vaccine gets $45 million award

If the UW School of Medicine's Institute for Protein Design succeeds in developing a universal flu vaccine, it could open the door to more complicated vaccines against things like HIV and malaria. That potential is part of what earned them a $45 million award from The Audacious Project, a philanthropic collaborative that focuses on projects fueling massive change throughout the world.
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AOC Quit Facebook. The Media Bungled the Story.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels Over the weekend, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced on a podcast that she was quitting Facebook as part of her efforts to cut back on her social media use more generally. This was big news because the 29-year-old AOC is famous for her skilled leverage of these platforms to connect with her constituents and drive the national conversation on issues she cares about. What captured my attention more recently, however, is the apparent disconnect between th...
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Washington’s ‘forgotten’ community colleges call for more funding from the state

After years of feeling ignored by their lawmakers, faculty and students at Washington's community and technical colleges walked out of classes Tuesday, calling for more funding.
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New Research and Ideas, April 16, 2019

What will happen to my job? ... The quest for a value-based health care system ... How open source software is affecting firm productivity. [Author: Dina Gerdeman]
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At Tech Day, hundreds of kids dive deep into STEM

On April 13 and 14, Google’s Mountain View campus suddenly had a much younger population. That’s because 875 high school students stopped by for Google’s fourth annual Tech Day. Over 150 Google and Alphabet volunteers joined the kids in 129 interactive STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities to empower them with knowledge and inspire them to get started in disciplines like computer science.But Tech Day isn’t just about fun and games. The event was designed for students who ma...
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How Andy Warhol and Tintin Creator Hergé Mutually Admired and Influenced One Another

Comic-book stories of a boy reporter and his dog (later accompanied by a foulmouthed sea captain) featuring rocketships and submarines, booby-traps and buried treasure, gangsters and abominable snowmen, smugglers and super-weapons , all told with bright colors, clear lines, and practically no girls in sight: no wonder  The Adventures of Tintin at first looks tailor-made for rambunctious youngsters. But now, eighty years after Tintin's debut in the children's supplement of a Belgian Catholic...
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Douglas Rushkoff on “Team Human” and fighting for our place in the future

The ethics of technology is not a competition. But if aliens happened to descend upon our planet right this moment, Arrival-style, demanding to speak with our top tech ethicist, Douglas Rushkoff would be a reasonable option. Rushkoff — a prolific writer, broadcaster, and filmmaker once named by MIT as “one of the world’s ten leading intellectuals,” recently published a new book, Team Human, that certainly would be a strong contender for tech ethics ‘book of the year’ thus far. Team Human is both...
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Why it just might make sense that is buying

Yesterday, Salesforce .com announced its intent to buy its own educational/non-profit arm, for $300 million. On its face, this feels like a confusing turn of events, but industry experts say it’s really about aligning educational and non-profit verticals across the entire organization. Salesforce has always made a lot of hay about being a responsible capitalist. It’s something it highlights at events and really extends with the 1-1-1 model that it created, which gives one percen...
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3 Fabulous Ways to Style a Sweater Dress for Spring

This striped dress can be styled so many different ways -- and it's amazing for spring.
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“Kubrick/Tarkovsky”: A Video Essay Explores the Visual Similarities Between the Two “Cinematic Giants”

Who are your favorite filmmakers? Responses to that question including the names Stanley Kubrick and Andrei Tarkovsky have been heard so often, for so long, that they've passed into the realm of cinephile cliché. How, then, to rediscover what about their films makes Kubrick and Tarkovsky synonymous with the very concept of the brilliant auteur? In "Kubrick/Tarkovsky" above, cinematic video essayist Vugar Efendi sheds light on the essence of these two "cinematic giants" by putting their w...
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MuslimARC Releases Guide for White Muslims By White Muslims

By Bill Chambers “As people who are both white and Muslim, we straddle two identities -one privileged in society and the other, not. We experience Islamophobia to varying degrees, sometimes more overtly depending on how we physically present, and at the same time we have been socialized as white people in a society where white people hold more social power than People of Color (POC). The focus of the toolkit is to provide resources and information that will help guide us toward good practices an...
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K-Pop Fashion: BTS ‘Boy With Luv’ feat. Halsey

The Kings of K-pop are back with a new album and a collaboration single! Here, we're getting inspired by their Boy With Luv video style.
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How Leonardo da Vinci Drew an Accurate Satellite Map of an Italian City (1502)

When I look at maps from centuries ago, I wonder how they could have been of any use. Not only were they filled with mythological monsters and mythological places, but the perspectives mostly served an aesthetic design rather than a practical one. Of course, accuracy was hard to come by without the many mapping tools we take for granted—some of them just in their infancy during the Renaissance, and many more that would have seemed like outlandish magic to nearly everyone in 15th century ...
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A Virtual Time-Lapse Recreation of the Building of Notre Dame (1160)

Hundreds of gothic cathedrals dotted all over Europe have faced decimation and destruction, whether through sackings, revolutions, natural decay, or bombing raids. But since World War II, at least, the most extraordinary examples that remain have seen restoration and constant upkeep, and none of them is as well-known and as culturally and architecturally significant as Paris’s Notre Dame. One cannot imagine the city without it, which made the scenes of Parisians watching the cathedral bu...
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