More evidence of seismic shift in higher education - huge decline in enrollment

Colleges Face 15%-20% Drop In Enrollment; S&P Lowers Credit Rating Of 25% Of Colleges shares details from a Wall Street Journal article:"Schools should expect a 15% decline in enrollment next fall and a $45 billion decline in revenue from tuition, room and board and other services, according to the American Council on Education, the nation’s largest advocacy group for colleges and universities. Some administrators say those projections are too rosy."Colleges Could Lose 20% of Students reports on...
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How are you handling the Quarantine?

I hope everyone is doing OK.We are doing fine.  It is a little weird finally living Ground Hog Day.I enjoy how some people are dealing with the quarantine, like: [Author: Henry Cate]
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Edtech’s newest unicorn, ApplyBoard, lands $1.4B valuation with fresh funding

Brothers Martin, Meti and Massi Basiri all left Iran to study abroad in Canada. After struggling with every aspect from the visa process to grade conversions, the brothers saw an opportunity to make the transition to study internationally more seamless. So, they started Applyboard in 2015 at University of Waterloo’s Velocity Garage. ApplyBoard has two main parts of its business. First, the company helps international students search and apply from a single platform to universities and co...
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Predictions, Prophets, and Restarting Your Business

Businesses are starting to plan their re-entry into the market, but how do you know what that market will look like? Frank V. Cespedes warns against putting too much trust in forecasters. [Author: by Frank V. Cespedes]
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Today is the 50th anniversary of the Kent State shooting. Here's what happened.

The killings marked the height of escalating tensions between protestors and police in Kent, Ohio, during the spring of 1970.Despite how the culture views the tragedy today, the majority of Americans sided with the National Guard shortly after the incident.To this day, nobody knows exactly why the guardsmen decided to open fire on the crowd of students. Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Kent State massacre, in which the National Guard killed four students during a protest against the Vi...
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COVID-19 Student Loan Relief Programs: Who Qualifies For Help?

If you’re concerned about being able to pay your student loans in these trying times, there is COVID-19 student loan relief available via the CARES Act. Here's what you need to know. The post COVID-19 Student Loan Relief Programs: Who Qualifies For Help? appeared first on Bible Money Matters and was written by Lorraine Smithills. Copyright © Bible Money Matters - please visit for more great content.
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Why are medical students non-essential?

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, medical education is receiving unprecedented attention. By and large, the focus has been on the immediate problem of what to do with medical students. The answer has hinged on medical students being designated as “non-essential” to patient care, and has (for the most part) entailed avoiding clinical activities. A long-term problem […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Coronavirus: LAUSD to start new school year in August, but whether classrooms reopen remains uncertain

The next academic year for Los Angeles public school students will begin mid-August — after two months of virtual summer school — but whether the fall begins online or in physical classrooms remains unclear, L.A. school district officials said Monday, May 4. Open enrollment summer session will begin in mid-June, said Superintendent Austin Beutner during his weekly update  launched after schools were forced to shutter for the coronavirus pandemic. “The 2020-21 school year starts on August 18,” sa...
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Peruvian Singer & Rapper, Renata Flores, Helps Preserve Quechua with Viral Hits on YouTube

Ten years ago, a study by David Harmon and Jonathan Loh showed that in 30 years’ time, the world had seen a twenty percent decline in linguistic diversity. Indigenous languages and local dialects have continued to dwindle, in the U.S. and around the globe. “There are a lot of pressures in the world that are enticing or even forcing people to switch from generally smaller, more geographically restricted languages, to larger languages,” Harmon told National Geographic, “especially global l...
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Building online communities of learning

I presented a webinar for EDEN's series on education in the time of a pandemic' earlier today, and was pleased to see almost 300 participants from across the globe. I covered a lot of theory and related it to practice, offering some worked examples of how I had previously conducted online learning in undergraduate and post-graduate education programmes.I paid specific attention to the building of community, touching on issues around empathy, tutor knowledge, teacher passion, social presence and ...
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Instantly translate your voice into 110+ languages from your device

LingvaNex Translator lets you speak to your Uber driver, B&B host, or waiter in almost any country with ease. The dictionary function helps you use foreign words in the right context. You can instantly translate text on image and websites. We might be sheltering at home right now, but that won't last forever. Though you may be brushing up on your language skills during this time, the ability to talk to anyone in the world is a skillset beyond most humans. That's where LingvaNex Translato...
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Watch Jean-Luc Godard’s Filmmaking Masterclass on Instagram

As the last living major French New Wave director, Jean-Luc Godard has become a kind of oracle for younger filmmakers and cinéastes. Despite having turned 89 last December, he remains in a sense what film scholar David Bordwell not long ago called  "the youngest filmmaker at work today." When Godard started working in cinema just about 65 years ago, it didn't take him long to make his name by breaking its rules. Ever since, he's warded off complacency by continuing to rethink, at the most ...
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What will replace traditional grad ceremonies lost to the pandemic? LA area schools are working it out

Frances Suavillo knows the feelings of disappointment among the Class of 2020 well. She’s been tasked with surveying high school seniors on their alternative graduation preferences as the student representative on the Los Angeles Unified school board. She’s also the first member of her family to graduate high school in the U.S., one who won’t get the opportunity to celebrate all her academic accomplishments that led to an acceptance to Stanford University this fall. “Oh it’s been absolutely hear...
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You’ll Be Wearing This Celebrity-Approved Trend All Season Long

3 budget-friendly ways to rock the dress and sneakers combo loved by Emily Ratajkowski, Kate Mara, and Lili Reinhart.
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The Art of the New Deal: Why the Federal Government Funded the Arts During the Great Depression

It’s odd to think that the gray-faced, gray-suited U.S. Cold Warriors of the 1950s funded Abstract Expressionism and left-wing literary magazines in a cultural offensive against the Soviet Union. And yet they did. This seeming historical irony is compounded by the fact that so many of the artists enlisted (mostly unwittingly) in the cultural Cold War might not have had careers were it not for the New Deal programs of 20 years earlier, denounced by Republicans at the time as communist. The New D...
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To every teacher, thank you times infinity

Editor’s note: Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! We’re honored to have 2019 National Teacher of the Year Rodney Robinson as today’s guest author to share the many ways we’re celebrating and supporting teachers, in classrooms or at home.As National Teacher of the Year, I’ve been afforded opportunities that most teachers don’t get. It’s been exciting and rewarding to advocate for my students—some of the most resilient and courageous people I know—in places like the White House and Halls of Congress...
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Take a Virtual Tour of the World’s Only Sourdough Library

There’s 15-year-old Precious from the Netherlands… And Bubble from Australia, age 4… Yeasty Beasty Methuselah, from Twin Falls, Idaho, is estimated to be around 50… Every sourdough starter is special to the ones who made or maintain it, but of the 1000s registered online with Quest for Sourdough, only 125 have earned a permanent place in the Puratos Sourdough Library in Saint-Vith, Belgium. It's the world's only library dedicated to Sourdough, and you can take a virtual tour here. Housed...
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May’s Desktop Calendar & Why You Don’t Have to be Ashamed of How You Feel Right Now

Chances are, some of you feel guilty about how you feel at this point in this global pandemic. We couldn’t have predicted it, we weren’t prepared for it, and it can feel like we’re winging it day by day. We know the stakes are high, but much of the information is contradictory. Our collective reaction has varied. We’ve shared homeschooling tips, virtual museum tours, sourdough bread recipes, and the best shows to binge. But as time goes on, we’re thinking about next steps and what to do in both...
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