This is What the Education Bureaucracy is Afraid Of

Excerpt:Schools are shut, we’re in lockdown and I’m playing teacher. My daughter is 13 and doing a project on world war 2. It’s basically a critical thinking piece about why it is important to remember the atrocities with also room to argue that we should be able to forget about it and move on.I feel incredibly strongly about remembering WW2, for a variety of logical reasons I won’t get into, but also I’m quite an emotional person who wants to remember. However for the purpose of this project I ...
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With access to homes deemed a pandemic-era risk, special-needs parents grapple with respite care services

Respite care gives parents with special needs children a chance to take a break. It’s an important service that the regional centers throughout California coordinate through agencies to provide parents with support to supervise their children for a few hours a week. It gives parents a chance to go grocery shopping, run errands, spend time with their other children, have lunch or grab a cup of coffee with a friend or take a nap. Preston Lingbloom, 19, is a student at Valencia High School and ...
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Remote learning is that much harder for LA County special education students

Since California announced the closure of public schools more than a month ago, the process of moving to remote learning has been vexing for both parents and educators –  but particularly those of children with disabilities. Despite the threat of litigation and the myriad challenges of translating special education services to virtual platforms, many Los Angeles County school districts have carried on implementing distance learning for all students. “To not provide any education because we’re wo...
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With campuses closed, regional centers strive to keep therapy and services for special-needs students on track

With the COVID-19 pandemic closing schools campuses and virtual learning in place, some special-needs students and students with learning disabilities in Southern California are losing crucial services and programs that are offered by school districts and service providers. Students can require such help as speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral therapy and community integration. Even programs that continue amid the outbreak are often missing a vital component of thei...
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‘We’re already isolated as it is’: With in-person contact on hold, support for special-needs parents faces challenges amid pandemic

Christine Ruiz started a support group for parents of special needs children years ago. They used to meet at Mimi’s Cafe in Valencia. Ruiz has three sons, two are in special day classes in the William S. Hart School District in Santa Clarita. The support group she started grew quickly. They had to move to the Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Church to make room for the parents who were seeking support, guidance and advice in regard to their special needs children. Preston Lingbloom, 19, live...
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China Tariffs and Coronavirus a Double Hit to American Retailers

American retailers have yet to pass along higher prices caused by Chinese tariffs, but shrinking product demand caused by the coronavirus could change that, warns Alberto Cavallo. [Author: by Michael Blanding]
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‘Never Be Afraid’: William Faulkner’s Speech to His Daughter’s Graduating Class in 1951

By the start of the 1950s, the euphoria felt by Americans after winning World War II had given way to a pervasive atmosphere of dread. The Soviets had exploded their first atomic bomb, McCarthyism had reared its head, and America's schoolchildren would soon be told to "Duck and Cover" at the first sound of a civil defense siren. It was in this climate of palpable fear that William Faulkner was asked by his daughter, Jill, to speak to her graduating class of 1951 at University High School...
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Quarantined Family Re-Creates Journey’s “Separate Ways” Video Shot-by-Shot

The Heller family writes: "Solitary confinement does strange things to the best of us and this quarantine was really having an effect. My wife texted me and said, 'we need to remake a music video.' I thought that sounded like a lot of work, but her persistence paid off and here we are. Enjoy!" via BoingBoing Quarantined Family Re-Creates Journey’s “Separate Ways” Video Shot-by-Shot is a post from: Open Culture. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, or get our Daily Email. And do...
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Scottish schools may not reopen until August, Sturgeon suggests

Scotland may diverge from UK alignment after reports English schools could restart on 1 JuneCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageParents in Scotland face the prospect of their children not returning to schools and nurseries until August, as the first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, indicated a significant potential divergence from English plans. Sturgeon nonetheless insisted her intention was to have UK-wide alignment of lifting lockdown restrictions “where the evidence support...
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Cooped Up: 6 Amazing Fashion Books, Movies, & TV Shows for Your Time at Home

Here are the fashion-y books, movies, and TV shows I'm loving during quarantine.
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College Admissions and Covid-19: Summer Activities

Colleges want students who are involved in high school and who will stay involved in college. If you have been active in your high school and community, you demonstrate that you probably will be on your college campus. Earning good grades at the same time also shows that you can manage your time. And time management is a key to college success. But how can we make best use of the summer when college admissions and Covid-19 are creating havoc with our plans? For selective colleges and un...
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Take Hannah Arendt’s Final Exam for Her 1961 Course “On Revolution”

After her analysis of totalitarianism in Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union, Hannah Arendt turned her scholarly attention to the subject of revolution—namely, to the French and American Revolutions. However, the first chapter of her 1963 book On Revolution opens with a paraphrase of Lenin about her own time: “Wars and revolutions… have thus far determined the physiognomy of the twentieth century.” Arendt wrote the book on the threshold of many wars and revolutions yet to come, but she was n...
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Watch a Screen Test of 21-Year-Old Orson Welles (1937)

We remember Orson Welles as a film director, and given the influence of Citizen Kane, we do it with good reason. It certainly doesn't hurt the image of Welles-as-auteur that he was only 25 years old when he made that movie, now considered one of the greatest of all time. Not only did he direct, he co-wrote, produced, and starred, showcasing a set of acting skills he'd been honing on radio and the stage since childhood. If any man was ever born to give commanding performances, it was We...
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As the economy inches open, South Africa’s startups prepare for a post-Covid world

The pandemic offers opportunities for online businesses that deliver services ranging from education and communication with clients to delivering groceries, but it doesn’t come without difficulties The post As the economy inches open, South Africa’s startups prepare for a post-Covid world appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Achieving a healthy nation requires more than universal free healthcare

Having access to care is not a promise of health The post Achieving a healthy nation requires more than universal free healthcare appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Bursting the College Bubble

Not all students are experiencing the effects of the pandemic equally.
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