On Doing Less to Produce More: A Novelist Embraces a Minimalist Lockdown

I recently received an email from a writer in New York City who sold her debut novel right before the coronavirus lockdown. She had until mid-April to finish her first round of revisions. In an effort to make the process more “fun and fluid and intuitive,” and feature less of the stressful long hours she had experienced working on the first draft, she deployed the following routine: Around 10pm, I put my phone on a shelf in my living room. After waking up naturally the next morning, I would eat...
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Now, more than ever, student-focused education is critical

Regardless of the means of delivery—in person or remote learning during coronavirus—effective, high-quality education must focus on the student, writes Scott D. Pulsipher, president of online university Western Governors University (WGU).Among other innovations, WGU differs from most higher education institutions in two important ways: Progress is based on competency, not credits or course hours; and students are supported by dedicated mentors and course experts. WGU, and institutions like it, a...
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Finding happiness in the time of COVID

I was waiting for my boyfriend to return back from cleaning his car. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the tears started rolling down my face. I was startled at the sudden deluge. I don’t cry often. We had a small argument earlier in the day, the details of which I won’t divulge here. It made me question […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Juilliard Students & the New York Philharmonic Perform Ravel’s Bolero While Social Distancing in Quarantine

Like everyone else in COVID-19 isolation, Juilliard students are itching to get out and play. For them, the desire is a little more of an imperative. Without meeting and rehearsing together, these dedicated artists at the beginning of their careers can’t hone their skills. “In normal times,” writes Benjamin Sosland at the Juilliard Journal, “Juilliard’s halls are buzzing with collaborations: string quartets, jazz ensembles, and singers rehearsing in practice rooms on the fourth floor; da...
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How this medical student is inspired by pediatrics

I slip through the slightly cracked door. “Knock, knock,” I say, but mom is hidden under the blankets, resting while there are so many of us to take over for her for a tiny bit. In the darkness, I make my way to the crib, where a crack of sunlight peers through from the slightly […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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New campus sexual assault rules bolster rights of accused

By COLLIN BINKLEY The U.S. Education Department on Wednesday finalized campus sexual assault rules that bolster the rights of the accused, reduce legal liabilities for schools and colleges, and narrow the scope of cases schools will be required to investigate. The change announced by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos reshapes the way the nation’s schools respond to complaints of sexual misconduct. It is meant to replace policies from the Obama administration that DeVos previously revoked, saying t...
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3D Interactive Globes Now Online: Spin Through an Archive of Globes from the 17th and 18th Century

No matter how accustomed we've grown over the centuries to flat maps of the world, they can never be perfectly accurate . Strictly speaking, no map can perfectly capture the territory it describes (an impossibility memorably fictionalized by Jorge Luis Borges in "On Exactitude in Science" ), but there's a reason we also call the Earth "the globe": only a globe can represent not just the planet's true shape, but the true shape of the land masses on which we live. This is not to say that glo...
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Problem based learning

Photo by Cyrano82  on Deviant Art Over the course of the next few posts, I'm responding directly and more expansively to some of the questions posted during my live webinar for EDEN. For those who are not familiar with EDEN, it's a large international organisation dedicated to the promotion of distance education and e-learning. It has its roots in Europe, but its scope is truly international, with members from many other countries across the globe. During the pandemic crisis, EDEN has ...
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10 Last Minute Gifts to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Even if you can't be together, you can show your mom you care with these sweet gifts.
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Drive-In Concerts and Even Raves Are Becoming the Rage in Europe

If we are to remain socially distant in the coming months of the pandemic—and nearly every reputable health expert says we should—at least 21st century technology has prepared us for life lived in isolation. If we insist on going out, we may see a 20th century innovation become even more popular. The drive-in theater has returned as a safe venue for movies, concerts, and even raves, at least in Denmark, where the city of Aarhus recently staged a drive-in concert by singer-songwriter Mads Langer....
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