Deploring racism isn’t enough: Addressing white privilege in medical school

If you ask a group of medical students to raise their hands if they are, in fact, racist, I’d venture to guess that not a single hand would shoot up. And I don’t think they would be lying. I am sure that no student believes that he, she, or they are a bigot. Many of […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Loungewear Looks Inspired by Disney Princesses: Part 2

Lounge-ready looks worthy of a princess!
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'Some days it's over by 11am': schooling under lockdown around the world

Adapting, picking battles and bribery aid home schooling from Bulgaria to Bondi Beach during the coronavirus pandemicCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe words of Paula Leibowitz, an Australian education worker and mother of three, will be hauntingly familiar to all those parents trying to weather the pandemic, keep on top of their jobs and, most challenging of all, ensure their offspring carry on learning while schools are closed.“It’s pretty tiring,” says Leibowitz, ...
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Amid coronvirus crisis, dancin’ Conga Kids turn their homes into rehearsal studios

As he stood in front of a TV set on a recent afternoon, Aiden Alvarez made a few steps to the right, then to the left, spinning in circles and dancing across his living room. For a few minutes, Aiden’s father, Gabriel, watched his son mastering cha-cha steps before joining him, and following along with an instructor on the TV. “This is a great way to learn how to dance,” said Aiden, 11. “It’s kind of stressful with everything that has been going on. This helps you do something cheerful and fun.”...
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This is the paradigm shift that could stop racism

You can't jump over the difficult personal work required to examine your role in racism's presence in our society, says writer and consultant Robin DiAngelo. Relying on easy answers from people around you won't solve the problem. DiAngelo compares this to your doctor delivering a diagnosis without an explanation. Wouldn't you take it upon yourself to learn about the ailment? Racism should be treated the same way.Receiving feedback with grace, reflecting on it, and seeking to change the behavior ...
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Should Colleges Preserve the Idea of Meritocracy?

"Is Meritocracy an Idea Worth Saving?" asks The Chronicle of Higher Education, reporting on a special forum held recently at the University of North Carolina's Program for Public Discourse. "This discussion took place before Covid-19 changed everything. But the topics — the definition of meritocracy, the role of universities in a just society, the composition of socioeconomic class, and the real purpose of education — are as relevant as ever." Moral philosopher Anastasia Berg, a junior resear...
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