Back-To-School Could Be Delayed By California Budget Cuts

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The deep financial hole brought on by the coronavirus is striking home for California schools after Gov. Gavin Newsom released a dramatically revised state budget plan. And the upcoming cuts could make it harder to resume in-classroom education for 6 million schoolchildren. “It’s asking us to do more with less,” said Jeff Freitas, president of the California Federation of Teachers, which represents 120,000 education employees across California. “It makes it more difficu...
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State Audit Finds CSU Campuses Increased Student Fees Without ‘Adequate Justification’

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A state audit is shedding light on why the California State Universities are refusing to refund mandatory fees for on-campus facilities and services now that campuses are closed. That decision prompted a lawsuit by students who want their money back. It turns out many CSU campuses are relying on increasing mandatory fees to cover things like salaries and benefits that typically are covered by tuition and state funding. Unlike tuition increases, which have significant checks ...
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What Leaders Can Do to Fight the COVID Fog

600 CEOs tell Boris Groysberg and team what coronavirus worries keep them up at night. Now comes the hard part: preparing body and mind to meet the challenges. [Author: by Boris Groysberg and Robin Abrahams]
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Hautelinks: Book Recs Galore, A Better Sleep Routine, Pasta Recipes, & More

Here's what we're reading on the internet right now.
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The Deep Reset

After ten years of waging war against the Trojans, Odysseus, king of Ithaca, set out on the wine-dark sea to begin his journey home. Storms thwarted an easy return voyage, and Odysseus found himself facing many additional years of tragedy and adventure, reaching a mythical nadir when he’s forced to descend into the underworld itself. Broken down and exposed, Odysseus resists collapse. He instead pulls himself out of Hades, and persevering through additional trials, finally makes it home to his ...
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USC planned tuition hike before coronavirus. They’re still doing it.

LOS ANGELES — USC will raise tuition for the 2020-21 school year by 3.5% regardless of whether classes are held onsite or online, the university’s student-led newsroom reported Thursday. Undergraduate tuition for the coming year will be set at $59,260 — an increase of $2,004, according to the Annenberg Media report. The university usually announces tuition hikes in March, but Annenberg Media first asked school officials in late April about the tuition plan and was told there had been no decision...
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When learning medicine is not enough

“Hey, doc,” our new patient grinned at me without teeth. He wears his teeth to eat peanuts, he explained, but today was hankering for a ham sandwich, so left the teeth at home. Here in the clinic straight from the logging job that he had worked for the past fifty years, he wore steel-toed boots, […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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10 things to know to get started with Google Classroom

For so many educators-- from tech beginners to tech wizards—the past few months have been a crash course in distance learning, following COVID-19 school closures. Just about every educator is learning the ins and outs of distance learning. If you’re a teacher testing various digital tools for your distance learning program, this is a good time to tryGoogle Classroom, which can help you manage assignments, grade work, and give students feedback—just as you’ve done in your classrooms at school. ...
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Hyperland: The “Fantasy Documentary” in Which Douglas Adams and Doctor Who‘s Tom Baker Imagine the World Wide Web (1990)

Thirty years ago, the internet we use today would have looked like science fiction. Now as then, we spend a great deal of time staring at streams of video, but the high-tech 21st century has endowed us with the ability to customize those streams as never before. No longer do we have to settle for traditional television and the tyranny of "what's on"; we can follow our curiosity wherever it leads through vast, ever-expanding realms of image, sound, and text. No less a science-fiction writ...
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COVID-19 shows we need Universal Basic Internet now

Kevin Frazier Contributor Share on Twitter Kevin Frazier, a Masters of Public Policy student at the Harvard Kennedy School and JD candidate at the UC Berkeley School of Law, uses his spare time to advocate for better government. There’s a lot of chatter around what kind of stimulus is needed to save the economy and ensure financially vulnerable Americans can retain some degree of stability. Talks have included everything from...
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Your Night Routine, Upgraded: 6 Tips for the Best Evening Pamper Session

Create a relaxing night with these 6 tips to elevate your evening pamper routine. You deserve it!
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The Largest & Most Detailed Photograph of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch Is Now Online: Zoom In & See Every Brush Stroke

What makes great paintings great? Unless you can see them for yourself—and be awed, or not, by their physical presence—the answers will generally come second-hand, through the words of art historians, critics, curators, gallerists, etc. We can study art in reproduction, but seeing, for example, the paintings of Rembrandt van Rijn in the flesh presents an entirely different aesthetic experience than seeing them on the page or screen. Lately, however, the situation is changing, and the boundaries...
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Am I a Bad Person for Not Caring for My Father

My father has made my life hard since I was a child. I wasn’t allowed to pursue my interests easily. I tried to take art classes in middle school and had to persuade him to let me only for him to take me out of it and place me in a computer class anyways. I wasn’t allowed to get a C in school, when I did it was in an AP class and he grounded me for 2 weeks. He forced me to take sports, saying I could get something I wanted if I joined a sport team for a season. Then I would quit. When i went to ...
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The Shakespeare and Company Project Digitizes the Records of the Famous Bookstore, Showing the Reading Habits of the Lost Generation

Great writers don’t come out of nowhere, even if some of them might end up there. They grow in gardens tended by other writers, readers, editors, and pioneering booksellers like Sylvia Beach, founder and proprietor of Shakespeare and Company. Beach opened the English-language shop in Paris in 1919. Three years later, she published James Joyce’s Ulysses, “a feat that would make her—and her bookshop and lending library—famous,” notes Princeton University’s Shakespeare and Company Project. (Infamo...
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