Photos: Drive-through parade honors teachers in Reseda

Teachers and staff got a surprise visit from their youngest students and their families — via drive-by parade — at Kirk O’ The Valley School in Reseda on Thursday, May 14. The campus’ closure during the coronavirus pandemic had kept them apart for more than 60 days. Teachers waved and blew kisses as families slowly paraded by in decorated vehicles. After 60 days of not seeing their teachers during the pandemic, families of tots and preschoolers hold a surprise drive-through parade in lieu of...
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Half of Oakland students lack access to computers. Jack Dorsey is stepping in

Twitter CEO’s $10m pledge will immediately help ‘put a device in the hand of every single kid’ in Oakland’s public schoolsJack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square, has announced that he will donate $10m toward computers and internet access for public schools in Oakland, a city where half of students lack reliable access to either. Dorsey dropped the news after Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf tweeted a video of one those 25,000 students without access to the internet or a computer. “Every student de...
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Find Your Pragmatic Path through Radical Uncertainty

The challenge during times of radical uncertainty is to find a pragmatic middle ground between acting thoughtlessly and not acting at all, say Howard Stevenson and colleagues. [Author: by Howard Stevenson, Eugene B. Kogan, and Shirley Spence]
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Online Outfits Guide: What to Wear to Every Online Occasion

The tops and accessories you need to get through all your virtual appointments.
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Our schools are built differently. That’s how we’re weathering this pandemic.

During the coronavirus pandemic, students in close to 200 Big Picture Learning (BPL) schools worldwide have continued their education, thanks to BPL's unique school design. At BPL, each student is part of a small learning community of 15-20 students called an Advisory, led by a teacher called an Advisor. Students have community mentors, do off-campus internships, and even tackle college courses.Each Advisor truly knows the students in their Advisory. These close ties have allowed learning at BPL...
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The media is messing with us. At least, our memories.

Modern media isn't necessarily harming our memory systems though it is impacting what we remember. We used to retain reams of valuable information; now we're more likely to memorize URLs and passwords. The process of deep learning is being sacrificed to our addiction to novelty. You'll likely have to be Gen X (or older) to understand this question: do you remember your childhood phone number? Educational neuroscientist Jared Cooney Horvath asks this very question in his recent article on memor...
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Coupons & Sales: 60% off at Nordstrom, 30% off Modcloth, 50% off Lululemon, & More!

Here's where to save on beauty and fashion this weekend.
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Japanese Health Manual Created During the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic Offers Timeless Wisdom: Stay Away from Others, Cover Your Mouth & Nose, and More

In August of 1918, a group of sumo wrestlers returned to Japan from an exhibition in Taiwan. When they came down with an illness it was first diagnosed as bronchitis or pneumonia. In fact, they had returned with the Spanish Flu. The “Sumo Flu,” as it was first called by some in the Japanese press, was not taken as seriously as the more prevalent cholera, which had a higher death rate at the time. But cholera was not as infectious. By the time the Spanish Flu had burned its way through the popul...
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Italian lessons: what we've learned from two months of home schooling – podcast

Schools in northern Italy were the first in Europe to close. Since then, teachers, parents and kids across the country have all had to adapt to a new existence – and the results have surprised everyone. By Tobias Jones• Read the text version here Continue reading...
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Breathtakingly-Detailed Tibetan Book Printed 40 Years Before the Gutenberg Bible

The Gutenberg Bible went to press in the year 1454. We now see it as the first piece of mass media, printed as it was with the then-cutting-edge technology of metal movable type. But in the history of aesthetic achievements in book-printing, the Gutenberg Bible wasn't without its precedents. To find truly impressive examples requires looking in lands far from Europe: take, for instance, this "Sino-Tibetan concertina-folded book, printed in Beijing in 1410, containing Sanskrit dh?ran?s and illus...
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John Mayer Teaches Guitarists How to Play the Blues in a 45-Minute Masterclass

Playing the blues is easy, many a budding guitarist thinks—their starry eyes fixed on the mathiest, proggiest, djent-iest (or whatever) guitar pyrotechnics of their favorite 7- or 8-string slinger. Learn a minor pentatonic blues scale, a few barre chords, some sexy bends, a 12-bar progression and you’re off, right? Why spend time trying to play like Albert King (Jimi Hendrix’s idol) or Buddy Guy when you’re reaching for the ultimate sweep-picking technique, or whatever, in the competitiv...
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