Students Sue To Avoid AP Test Retakes After Glitches

High school students who were blocked by technical issues from submitting their completed online Advanced Placement exams sued Wednesday demanding their work be counted. The executive who oversees the program said they likely would have to retake the tests instead. About 15,550 of the more than 3 million timed tests taken at home during the past two weeks resulted in errors, according to data provided by the College Board. Students have publicly shared their anger and frustration at watching the...
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LendKey Review: Private Student Loans And Refinancing

LendKey is an online marketplace that connects student loan borrowers with private student loans at community banks and credit unions. Here's a review. The post LendKey Review: Private Student Loans And Refinancing appeared first on Bible Money Matters and was written by Kevin Mercadante. Copyright © Bible Money Matters - please visit for more great content.
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5 Fun, Cute Sweatshirts Under $30 to Wear Now & Later (+ Styling Ideas)

Step up your loungewear look with these cute and affordable sweatshirts!
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EdSights raises money to help schools reduce their drop-out rates

While the idea of baring your soul to a chatbot might seem uncomfortable, sisters Claudia and Carolina Recchi think that might be exactly what college students across the United States need right now. The duo co-founded EdSights in 2017 to support high and medium-risk students to stay in school, and increase university retention rates. EdSights uses a chatbot, branded under a school’s mascot, to send personalized questions and messages to students to understand their biggest stresses. It then...
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Higher ed wasn’t built for today’s student. Let’s not go back to business as usual.

Across the US, only half of those who start college ever graduate—and that's before you disaggregate for race or class. That means 45 million Americans adults have tried college and not yet earned a degree.The reason is simple: College wasn't built for today's student, a majority of whom are over the age of 24, are working 30+ hours per week, or have children.PelotonU, a hybrid college in Austin, TX, has redesigned the college experience to ensure it works for all of today's students, especially...
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The Original Star Wars Trilogy Adapted into a 14-Hour Radio Drama by NPR (1981-1996)

When it opened in 1977, Star Wars revived the old-fashioned swashbuckling adventure film. Within a few years, National Public Radio made a bet that it could do the same for the radio drama. Though still well within living memory, the "golden age of radio" in America had ended decades earlier, and with it the shows that once filled the airwaves with stories of every kind. Radio dramas seemed extinct, but then, before George Lucas' space opera turned blockbuster, so had movie serials like ...
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Best Web Apps for College Students

Many people believe that the college students of today’s generation are very lucky because almost all the things… The post Best Web Apps for College Students appeared first on Gadget Advisor.
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5 Gorgeous Vintage Makeup Looks to Try the Next Time You’re Bored

Glamorous retro beauty ideas to help you switch up your look.
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Will the pandemic derail medical students’ career paths?

As I sit here and stare at my computer screen for the 11th hour today, my attention has drifted from my hypothetical study material to reality. Over the past two months, I’ve spent hours on WebEx lectures as opposed to learning from patients, hours on video lessons instead of casual chats with residents and attendings […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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“Prince and the Revolution: Live,” the Historic 1985 Concert Is Streaming Online

A quick heads up. The Prince Estate has released Prince and the Revolution: Live, a historic concert captured at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY on March 30, 1985. Streaming to support the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization, the video revisits the Purple Rain tour, when Prince was at the height of his powers. You can find the 20-song setlist right below. Enjoy the free fundraising stream while it lasts. 1. Let's Go Crazy 2. Delirious 3. 1999 4...
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Robert Fripp & King Crimson Perform a Stirring Cover of “Heroes,” Shortly after David Bowie’s Death (2016)

In 2016, King Crimson performed "Heroes" at the Admiralspalast in Berlin, just after David Bowie’s death, and nearly forty years after the song was written and recorded next to the Berlin Wall. It was "a celebration, a remembrancing and an homage," gentleman guitarist Robert Fripp wrote in a statement. The following year, they released the live version on an EP called Heroes, in honor of the classic Bowie album's 40th anniversary. King Crimson sounds absolutely amazing in the concert rec...
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Does Local News Deserve More of Your Attention? Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast #44 w/ Deion Broxton of Bison Meme Fame Is news entertainment? To what extent has local news consumption decreased given the alternatives? Deion is an on-air reporter for NBC Montana who was recently memified for fleeing amusingly from some bison. He joins your hosts Mark Linsenmayer, Erica Spyres, and Brian Hirt to discuss what we might be missing out on, the uses and abuses of news coverage, reality vs. media portrayals, and t...
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How To Start Your Online Learning Business In College

Setting foot in your college or university presents a plethora of challenges. It marks the start of your adult life and prepares you for the corporate world that you’ll enter sooner in life. While the costs of tuition and educational requirements are quite unforgiving, you can leverage your opportunity as a college student to start an online learning business, especially if you’re gifted with academic intelligence. One might argue how inconvenient and burdensome combining studying and business ...
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