Graduation: Carlos Santana to address UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music grads

Carlos Santana will deliver the keynote address at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music’s June 19 commencement, which will be held online, the university announced Monday, June 8. “I feel honored to be speaking to young musicians and a new generation of music scholars,” Santana said in a statement released by UCLA. “The class of 2020 is resilient, and their voices are needed now more than ever. I want them to use their music as a platform to empower and unite as we seek justice and creative solu...
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Food Security and Human Mobility During the Covid-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 represents not only a health crisis but a crisis of food insecurity and starvation for migrants. Central governments should ensure that food security policies are implemented effectively and engage with local governments and local stakeholders to distribute food to migrants in the immediate term. [Author: by Prithwiraj Choudhury, Wesley W. Koo, Xina Li, Nishant Kishore, Satchit Balsari, and Tarun Khanna]
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Financial Distancing: How Venture Capital Follows the Economy Down and Curtails Innovation

Common wisdom holds that VC investment and VC-backed startups are relatively insulated from downturns. This study shows that the relative quantity and quality of innovation declines more for VC-backed firms than for other types of firms during downturns. [Author: by Sabrina T. Howell, Josh Lerner, Ramana Nanda, and Richard Townsend]
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Loan Types and the Bank Lending Channel

Practitioners commonly refer to four distinct loan types: asset-based loans, cash flow loans, trade financing, and leasing. It is important to account for these differences in loan type in order to analyze the economic significance of credit market disruptions. [Author: by Victoria Ivashina, Luc Laeven, and Enrique Moral-Benito]
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L.A. County school districts’ hybrid learning plans align with state guidelines

Los Angeles County school district plans for the next academic year appear to fall within new guidelines released by California education officials on Monday, June 8, which anticipated that at least some students will continue to learn from home amid the ongoing pandemic. The “Stronger Together: A Guidebook for the Safe Reopening of California’s Public Schools” guide is intended to serve as a guide for discussion on reopening schools for the 2020-21 academic year, decisions for which will be mad...
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California Schools Chief Details Plan For Reopening

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California’s Department of Education released a detailed guide Monday for the safe reopening of schools in the age of face masks and physical distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It makes clear that schools will look dramatically different for California’s 6.2 million students and staff, who can expect temperature checks upon entering schools and buses, face masks for teachers and students and extensive hand washing throughout the day. It also offers suggesti...
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ClassTag raises $5M for parent-teacher communication

Like many working parents, Vlada Lotkina, the founder and CEO of ClassTag, wanted to be more involved in her daughter’s preschool education. A paper notice about an upcoming field trip, squeezed between messy folders in a backpack, begged for smart technology around parent-teacher communication, she recalls. Lotkina turned to other parents in the preschool class and found similar stresses. So, she teamed up with a fellow parent, Jason Olim, and launched ClassTag, a free parent-teacher communicat...
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3 Reasons Why Going Back To School Would Be Great For Your Family

Whether it is at 30 or 50, pursuing further education and a college degree can open wonderful new doors for you and your family. According to  an Insitute of Women’s Policy Research report, 26 percent of adult Americans head back to school while caring for dependents, including children. As a parent, you are seen as a primary and one of the most influential presences in your children’s lives from the day they are born. Although heading back to school can call for some great mother-stud...
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New guidelines say school year will see some California students learning from home

California education officials expect at least some students to be learning from home, at least some of the time, when the new school year begins, even as the coronavirus pandemic continues, under new guidelines released Monday, June 8. The California Department of Education’s guidelines on reopening the state’s 1,037 public school districts, “Stronger Together: A Guidebook for the Safe Reopening of California’s Public Schools,” was released on Monday, June 8, 2020. Public schools around the s...
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Answering Your Questions

In the early years of this blog, one of my favorite activities was answering reader questions. I used to put aside an hour almost every day for keeping up with these emails. Over time, however, the number of queries became too large to manage. It occurred to me recently that the podcast format might provide a way for me to return to these roots while reaching many more people with my answers than what’s possible with one-on-one messages. So this is what I did… My new podcast, Deep Questions w...
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California Schools Chief To Detail Plan For Reopening

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – California’s Department of Education plans to release a detailed guide Monday for the safe reopening of schools in the age of face masks and physical distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The manual titled, “Stronger Together: A Guidebook for the Safe Reopening of California’s Public Schools,” will serve as a road map for school districts as they prepare for the return of classes in the fall, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond said in a s...
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Watch a Mesmerizing Stream of Unwatched YouTube Videos: Lets You Discover the Hidden Dimensions of the World’s Largest Video Platform

When times are hard, it often helps to zoom out for a moment—in search of a wider perspective, historical context, the forest full of trees…, an algorithmic YouTube-based project by Andrew Wong and James Thompson, offers a big picture that’s as restorative as it is odd: Today, you are an Astronaut. You are floating in inner space 100 miles above the surface of Earth. You peer through your window and this is what you see. If the stars look very different today, it’s because they’re ...
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David Lynch Recounts His Surreal Dream of Being a German Solider Dying on D-Day

Some of last week's major headlines: Police forcibly remove a large number of peaceable protestors from the area in front of a Washington DC church, so a 73-year-old white man can be photographed standing there alone, holding a prop bible. An unarmed 75-year-old white man approaches a Buffalo police officer at a protest and is shoved so forcefully that he cracks his skull open, lying unconscious and bleeding as members of the force step past him without offering assistance. But first the...
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#BlackLivesMatter to wegg® and the World

Pure and simple:  #BlackLivesMatter.  We are horrified at what happened to George Floyd and we need to work together to: Stop racisim Prevent social injustice Listen more Speak up Be kinder Advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion Build a better future, together Let’s start the conversation and keep it going.  #BlackLivesMatter to wegg and the world. Photo courtesy:  Laurel J. Delaney, President, Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global®
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Why do you believe what you do? Run some diagnostics on it

Many of the beliefs that play a fundamental role in our worldview are largely the result of the communities in which we've been immersed. Religious parents tend to beget religious children, liberal educational institutions tend to produce liberal graduates, blue states stay mostly blue, and red ones stay mostly red. Of course, some people, through their own sheer intelligence, might be able to see through fallacious reasoning, detect biases and, as a result, resist the social influences that lea...
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Fall of Bristol's Colston statue revives Rhodes campaign in Oxford

Rhodes Must Fall rally planned at Oriel College four years after officials said statue would stayThe dramatic toppling of a statue of the slave trader Edward Colston at a Black Lives Matter protest in Bristol has reignited the campaign to remove a statue of the Victorian imperialist Cecil Rhodes at Oxford University.The Rhodes Must Fall campaign has called for a demonstration on Tuesday outside Oriel College, where a likeness of the controversial 19th-century figure – who supported apartheid-sty...
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Pastel Outfits: Celebs Are Loving Pastel Colors This Spring – Here’s How to Get the Look for Less

See how to get Hannah Bronfman, Madison Beer, and Ana de Armas's pastel-colored outfits on a budget.
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Unusual classmates: Mom, son succeed in college together

The champagne waits. They haven’t cracked it open yet because it’s hard for them to believe the deserve it. They’re in almost-celebration mode. Almost believing what they’ve done, which is really unbelievable. Someday soon, Lorraine Limon (52 years old) and her son Danny (29) are going to pop the cork on that bottle and toast each other together. This mom and son duo answers the question: Who in their right minds would do this? Answer: They would. Two people who thought they were broken. Lorrain...
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An Anti-Racist Reading List: 20 Books Recommended by Open Culture Readers

You may have received an email from your favorite online retailer, your boss, university president, or the CEO of your bank: “It has come to our attention that racism is real, and it is really, really bad.” Opportunism is real too, but a significant number of individuals seem to have finally drawn the same conclusion and feel morally compelled to do something about an epidemic that has—very discriminately—killed tens of thousands of black, indigenous, and people of color in the U.S. thro...
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Sir Isaac Newton’s Cure for the Plague: Powdered Toad Vomit Lozenges (1669)

Nearly 300 years after his death, Isaac Newton lives on as a byword for genius. As a polymath whose domain encompassed astronomy, physics, and mathematics, he mastered and expanded the domain of scientific knowledge available to 17th-century Europe. But if we remember him as a one-man engine of the scientific revolution, we should also bear in mind his contrasting intellectual frailties: Newton was no financial genius, as evidenced by his loss of $3 million in the South Sea Bubble of 1720, and ...
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This is the superpower teachers need to flex

Teachers have arguably the most important job on Earth. It's their responsibility to help shape who young people will become by inspiring them and connecting with them as human beings.Trust has to be earned before any meaningful learning can happen.The superpower that poet and children's fiction author Kwame Alexander learned from his mother is the ability to connect emotionally with his audience first so that they are open and interested in tackling heavier subjects and having challenging conve...
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Stability, strategies and sharing: A playbook on leading businesses through crisis

Real estate professionals were preparing for spring buying and selling season when our lives were upended by COVID-19. As chief operating officer of Coldwell Banker Real Estate, I work with hundreds of business leaders from our Gen Blue network, offering support from our team.
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