Edtech is surging, and parents have some notes

Unlike most sectors, edtech has been booming over the last few months. Flashcards startup Quizlet is now a unicorn, digital textbook company Top Hat is finding unprecedented surges in usage and student success business Edsights raised nearly $2 million from high-profile investors, all from inbound interest. Investors are so confident that homeschooling might become a trend that they just invested $3.7 million in Primer, which creates a “full-stack infrastructure” to help parents get started. ...
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Aggregate and Firm-Level Stock Returns During Pandemics, in Real Time

This paper explains the seemingly conflicting narratives from the stock and labor market about the underlying state of the economy. [Author: by Laura Alfaro, Anusha Chari, Andrew Greenland, and Peter K. Schott]
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Universities can decide which students return to campus, even if they are not in their final year

Higher education minister expands the allowance for who can be on campus, but numbers cannot be more than a third of the student population The post Universities can decide which students return to campus, even if they are not in their final year appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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How the “First Photojournalist,” Mathew Brady, Shocked the Nation with Photos from the Civil War

In her 1938 essay “Three Guineas,” Virginia Woolf wondered “whether when we look at the same photographs we feel the same things.” Woolf half-hoped that grisly images of the dead from the Spanish Civil War might help put an end to the spreading global conflict. She recognized, writes Susan Sontag in Regarding the Pain of Others, photography’s ability “to vivify the condemnation of war” and to “bring home, for a spell, a portion of its reality to those who have no experience of war at all.” Mat...
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10 Things I Learned in College (Outside of the Classroom)

(AKA what I wish I knew as a college freshman.)
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Imagining the Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Debate That Never Happened

American history as it’s usually taught likes to focus on rivalries, and there are many involving big personalities and major historical stakes. Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington. These figures are set up to represent the “both sides” we expect of every political question. While the issues are oversimplified (there are always more than two sides and politics isn’t a sport) the figures in question genuinely...
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Al Jaffee, Iconic Mad Magazine Cartoonist, Retires at Age 99 … and Leaves Behind Advice About Living the Creative Life

Apart from Alfred E. Neuman, there is no Al more closely identified with Mad magazine than Al Jaffee. Born in 1921, he was around for more than 30 years before the launch of that satirical magazine turned American cultural phenomenon — and now, at age 99, he's on track to outlive it. Just this week, the longest-working cartoonist in history and inventor of the Fold-In announced his retirement, and "to mark his farewell," writes the Washington Post's Michael Cavna, "Mad’s 'Usual Gang of I...
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All West Sacramento High School Graduates Guaranteed Admission To Sacramento City College

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s been a tough year for high school seniors, but the city of West Sacramento is giving its students a pretty sweet graduation present. In a press release Monday, the city announced every senior graduating from the Washington Unified School District is guaranteed admission to Sacramento City College. The initiative was launched by the city in conjunction with the school district and SCC. “This groundbreaking effort will make it just as simple to go from high school to...
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