State Superintendent Calling On Counseling Groups To Strengthen Mental Health Support For Students

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — On Wednesday, the Superintendent of California Schools, Tony Thurmond, called on counseling groups to help fill mental health gaps in our students. “We are intensifying our efforts to address the social, emotional and mental health needs of our students,” Thurmond said. Thurmond addressed the mental health of students in California as it relates to distance learning from COVID-19 and current events across the country. “We also know our students have experienced trauma relate...
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Who Guarantees Your Workplace Is Safe for Return?

Building health is today a top priority for owners and tenants, but how do we know our offices are safe to re-enter? John Macomber and Joseph Allen offer best practices. [Author: by John Macomber and Joseph Allen]
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How our micro-internships can help fill the COVID employment gap

Parker Dewey connects recent grads with top employers on a per-project basis.We think hiring is badly broken (nobody's fault!), and ours is a good solution.Over 90% of individuals who complete a Parker Dewey project are employed in professional roles, compared with 64% of other college grads. The fallout from COVID-19 confronts graduating college seniors with a stark economic reality which, sadly, no amount of inspirational commencement speeches can undo. Across-the-board hiring freezes are com...
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Best Swimsuits 2020: 11 Gorgeous Swimsuits We’re Obsessing Over

Freshen up your pool look with these on-trend swimwear options.
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Daniel Radcliffe Writes a Thoughtful Response to J.K. Rowling’s Statements about Trans Women

Image by Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons There are many more important things happening in the world than the tweets of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, but the tweets of J.K. Rowling are nonetheless worthy of attention, for the sake of fans of the series, many of whom are young and do not understand why their parents might suddenly be angry with her, or who are very angry with her themselves. As you have probably heard, Rowling has doubled and tripled down on statements others have repea...
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Is This the Most Accurate Fan Cover of the Beatles Ever? Hear a Faithful Recreation of the Abbey Road Medley

I once thought I might be from the last generation to have spent a good part of their youth in front of a pair of speakers, playing their parents’ Beatles records until they memorized every note. Abbey Road was a special favorite in our house. I must have heard the outro medley a hundred thousand times or more. Now that reissue vinyl is everywhere, or something resembling the original records, there are loads of people who can say the same thing—and loads more who have streamed Abbey...
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Back to school: what lessons can UK learn from rest of Europe?

Schools are reopening with staggered classes, distancing and ‘protective bubbles’Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageWhile uncertainty over the reopening of English schools continues to provoke anger, concern and incredulity in the UK, other European countries have been sending children back to class for weeks - if not months. Here’s what 10 of them are doing, or are planning to do. Continue reading...
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After MLK's assassination, this schoolteacher conducted a legendary social experiment to teach kids about racism

On April 5, 1968, the day after Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, Riceville, Iowa schoolteacher Jane Elliott ran an incredible social experiment in her third grade classroom. Her "Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes" exercise identified the kids "as inferior or superior based solely upon the color of their eyes and exposes them to the experience of being a minority." The exercise had a tremendous, and lasting, impact on those children and countless others, and sparked Elliott's lifelong role as a an an...
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Engaging online learners 1

Photo by Steve Wheeler Engaging learners can be difficult in any context. Engaging them in online environments can amplify the problem. You're not in the room to intervene, and behaviour management is much more of a concern when you're separated from your students. It's not as if you can run down the corridor and bang a few heads together. All you have is your voice. And perhaps your social presence, if you know how to invoke it. From my experience in traditional classrooms lack of...
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How to Turn Your Backyard (or Balcony, or Living Room) Into a Beach Dream Destination

Follow our tips to have a dreamy staycation at home this summer!
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How AI Can Help Universities Boost Student Performance And Improve Retention

by Sanjoe Jose, CEO and Co-founder of Talview Plagued by manual processes and a slow rate of digital transformation, many universities are turning to AI to help them drive efficiency and create an environment that allows students to thrive. In fact, it’s predicted that the AI market within the US education sector will grow by 48% CAGR between 2018-2022. Armed with AI-powered data insights and automated platforms, higher education institutions see a number of benefits, including improving the ad...
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Egyptologist Tweets Instructions on How to Topple an Obelisk; Protestors Use Them to Tear Down a Obelisk-Shaped Confederate Monument in Birmingham, Alabama

Almost three years ago, in Durham, North Carolina where I live, protestors pulled down a Confederate statue in front of the old courthouse after the fatal attacks at Charlottesville’s Unite the Right rally, an event itself ostensibly about protecting a Confederate statue. Now, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who dedicated the Durham monument in 1924, want to see the statue go back up, in accordance with a 2015 state law prohibiting the removal of “historical monuments” by any local government...
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David Lynch Posts His Nightmarish Sitcom Rabbits Online–the Show That Psychologists Use to Induce a Sense of Existential Crisis in Research Subjects

If recent world events feel to you like an existential crisis, you may find yourself browsing Youtube for calming viewing material. But there's also something to be said for fighting fire with fire, so why not plunge straight into the dread and panic with David Lynch's sitcom Rabbits? Set "in a nameless city deluged by a continuous rain" where a family of three humanoid rabbits live "with a fearful mystery," the eight-episode web series has, as we've previously mentioned here on Open Cul...
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Here’s a new way to do study abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

With the U.S. and much of the world engulfed in the COVID-19 pandemic, travel restrictions and health risks have threatened to make study abroad difficult, if not impossible. But that doesn't mean students won't still want to learn about other cultures and see how people in other parts of the world approach different issues, such as climate change, income inequality or human rights. Ideally, students would learn about these things in different cultural contexts by actually going to other c...
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Are There Limits for a Sitcom Premise? A Pretty Much Pop Culture Podcast (#47) Discussion and Quiz Sitcoms provide a form of escapism that doesn't take one to a magical world of possibility, but instead to a basically unchanging, cozy environment with relatable characters engaged in low-stakes conflicts. So what are the limits on the type of premise that can ground a sitcom? While most of the longest lasting sitcoms have simple set-ups involving friends or co-workers, streaming has led ...
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