Paying It Backward and Forward: Expanding Access to Convalescent Plasma Therapy Through Market Design

Without a vaccine for COVID-19, the medical community has turned to a century-old therapy. This paper discusses a market design approach for expanding the collection and distribution of convalescent plasma. [Author: by Scott Duke Kominers, Parag A. Pathak, Tayfun Sönmez, and M. Utku Ünver]
Tags: College, Parag A. Pathak, by Scott Duke Kominers, Tayfun Sönmez, and M. Utku Ünver, Scott Duke Kominers Parag A Pathak Tayfun Sönmez, Utku Ünver

Are Digital Organizations Better at Overcoming COVID?

Experts from Harvard Business School's Digital Initiative discuss how technology is helping leading companies gain an edge during the coronavirus pandemic. [Author: by Danielle Kost]
Tags: College, by Danielle Kost, Danielle Kost, Harvard Business School s Digital Initiative

Hautelinks: How to Change America, BTS Fans x Black Lives Matter, Beyonce’s Graduation Speech, & More

Here's what we're reading on the internet right now.
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Student drops out as tech access issues hinder his learning

Senzo Mkhize was in the middle of writing a test when he lost network coverage. He attempted to log back on to the online platform to finish his test, but it would not allow him to. He got 15 out 100 for that test. “The network coverage here is so poor that sometimes I have […] The post Student drops out as tech access issues hinder his learning appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Education, Online Learning, Blade Nzimande, Vodacom, Lockdown, Department of Higher Education and Training, Empangeni, University of Zululand, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Senzo Mkhize

Classes under coronavirus are ‘weird’

Two matric learners talk about not being able to mingle with friends, anxiety about their exams and what happens outside the schoolyard The post Classes under coronavirus are ‘weird’ appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Education, Openaccess, Lockdown, Top Six, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Social Distancing, Coronavirus COVID-19, School Reopening, Matric 2020

‘I worry about my son returning to school and my other son at home’

The parent of two boys, Chulayo Thapelo Mthembu writes about the family’s experience of one son returning to school when they reopened on Monday The post ‘I worry about my son returning to school and my other son at home’ appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Education, Autism, Public Transport, Openaccess, Lockdown, Schooling, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Hand Sanitiser, Coronavirus COVID-19, Chulayo Thapelo Mthembu

Kahoot raises $28M for its user-generated educational gaming platform, now valued at $1.4B

As schools stay closed and summer camp seems more like a germscape than an escape, students are staying at home for the foreseeable future and shifted learning to their living rooms. Now, Norwegian educational gaming company Kahoot — the popular platform with 1.3 billion active users and over 100 million games, most of which have been created by users themselves — has raised a new round of funding of $28 million to keep up with demand. The Oslo-based startup, which started to list some of its sh...
Tags: Startups, TC, Gaming, Europe, Education, Microsoft, Ipo, Disney, Tech, Northzone, Oslo, Kahoot, Recent Funding, DragonBox, Merkur Market, Eiler Hanoa

Living with ADHD: how I learned to make distraction work for me

Even today, 20 years after my childhood diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), I am still keenly aware of how my attention wavers, lapses or holds differently from that of most people. I'm prone to experiencing 'blank' patches in conversation, when I suddenly realise I have no recollection of the past 30 or so seconds of what's been said, as if someone has skipped forward through the video feed of my life (occasionally, I resort to 'masking', or feigning comprehension – wh...
Tags: Productivity, UK, Learning, Education, Memory, US, Mental Health, Brain, Adhd, Innovation, Sarah Stein LubranoThis

Engaging online learners 2

Photo from  Pxhere In my previous blog post I remarked that engaging learners can be difficult in any context, but is often harder in online environments. Today, as many of us attempt to teach online, it's often that case that a lot of our energy is expended on keeping students focused and engaged - and at a distance. I also mentioned a very useful model that promotes creative, collaboration online writing. From Gunawardena (1995) we get this five phase model. It can be adapted for a...
Tags: Technology, Education, Writing, Wiki, Online, Activity, eLearning, Steve Wheeler, Plymouth England, Learner, Engaging, International Journal of Educational Technologies, Gunawardena, Warburton Eds Social Software

Tom Morello Responds to Angry Fans Who Suddenly Realize That Rage Against the Machine’s Music Is Political: “What Music of Mine DIDN’T Contain Political BS?”

“I, Dancing Bear,” a song by an obscure folk artist who goes by the name Birdengine, begins thus: There are some things that I just do not care to know It’s a lovely little tune, if maudlin and macabre are your thing, a song one might almost call anti-political. It is the art of solipsism, denial, an inwardness that dances over the abyss of pure self, navel gazing for its own sake. It is Kafka-esque, pathetic, and hysterical. I love it. My appreciation for this weird, outsider New Romanticism d...
Tags: Google, Music, Politics, Hollywood, College, Current Affairs, Paul ryan, Pentagon, Cia, Kafka, Agency, James Baldwin, Rage Against The Machine, Facebook Twitter, Paris Review, Emerson

Kate Middleton’s Best Zoom Outfits (& 4 Inspired Looks for Your Next Zoom Meeting)

4 outfits inspired by Kate Middleton's best Zoom meeting looks, perfect for your next virtual meeting.
Tags: Career, College, Inspiration, Kate Middleton, Royalty, Workwear, Outfits For Class

A Rare Smile Captured in a 19th Century Photograph

Just look at this photo. Just look at this young girl’s smile. We know her name: O-o-dee. And we know that she was a member of the Kiowa tribe in the Oklahoma Territory. And we know that the photo was taken in 1894. But that smile is like a time machine. O-o-dee might just as well have donned some traditional/historical garb, posed for her friends, and had them put on the ol’ sepia filter on her camera app. But why? What is it about the smile? For one thing, we are not used to seeing them in ol...
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Why James Baldwin’s Writing Stays Powerful: An Artfully Animated Introduction to the Author of Notes of a Native Son

Every writer hopes to be survived by his work. In the case of James Baldwin, the 32 years since his death seem only to have increased the relevance of the writing he left behind. Consisting of  novels, essays, and even a children's book , Baldwin's body of work offers different points of entry to different readers. Many begin with with Go Tell it on the Mountain, the semi-autobiographical debut novel in which he mounts a critique of the Pentecostal Church. Others may find their gateway...
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