Asian American groups call for crackdown on racism in coronavirus era

A coalition of Asian American groups has called on the state to establish a task force to investigate hundreds of racist incidents in California against people of Asian descent since the coronavirus pandemic, which began in China, hit the U.S., including one at Torrance’s Wilson Park that was caught on video and went viral on the internet. Stop Asian American Pacific Islander Hate, which has aggregated data on these incidents, said during a Wednesday, July 1, teleconference that Asian Americans ...
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Spring 2020 Media Recommendations

I haven’t posted much since April. I had no motivation during the quarantine. I was stressed, and my body reacted strangely. For a brief while, my attention span was too short to do much else than work. Fortunately, I feel better in most ways and have dived back into my favorite podcasts and discovered new authors. So there are plenty of books, podcasts, and videos that I can recommend for anyone who wants to fill some time or learn more about the world they live in. They’re mostly about sex, bu...
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Social Interactions in Pandemics: Fear, Altruism, and Reciprocity

An empirical analysis of 89 cities worldwide shows that partial or targeted lockdown policies to combat a pandemic are efficient only when it is possible to identify infected individuals. [Author: by Laura Alfaro, Ester Faia, Nora Lamersdorf, and Farzad Saidi]
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Scaling Up Behavioral Science Interventions in Online Education

Online courses can lack support structures that are often bundled with traditional higher education. Short pre-course interventions can have short-term benefits, but more innovation throughout the course is needed to have sustained impact on student success. [Author: by Rene F. Kizilcec, Justin Reich, Michael Yeomans, Christoph Dann, Emma Brunskill, Glenn Lopez, Selen Turkay, Joseph J. Williams, and Dustin Tingley]
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How the United States depends on doctors trained in other countries

An excerpt from Doctors’ Orders: The Making of Status Hierarchies in an Elite Profession. Copyright (c) 2020 Tania M. Jenkins. Used by arrangement with the publisher. All rights reserved. I met Trevor on his very first day of residency, at the start of three years of practical, on-the-ground training in internal medicine following medical school. […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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How Ornette Coleman Shaped the Jazz World: An Introduction to His Irreverent Sound

Ornette Coleman “arrived in New York in 1959,” writes Philip Clark, “with a white plastic saxophone and a set of ideas about improvisation that would shake jazz to its big apple core.” Every big name in jazz was doing something similar at the time, inventing new styles and languages. Coleman went further out there than anyone, infuriating and frustrating other jazz pioneers like Miles Davis. He called his theory “Harmolodics,” a Buckminster Fuller-like melding of “harmony,” “movement,” a...
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We can’t expect learners and teachers to function optimally right now

It may well be that we have warm bodies in schools, but to think their minds are highly productive is a reach The post We can’t expect learners and teachers to function optimally right now appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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International students need to be treated equally

Contradictory pandemic regulations could to be putting critical training in jeopardy The post International students need to be treated equally appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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8 Gorgeous Jewelry Pieces by Black Designers | Favorite Black Owned Jewelry Brands

Add some sparkle and shine to your look while supporting Black-owned businesses!
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A 1947 French Film Accurately Predicted Our 21st-Century Addiction to Smartphones

When we watch a movie from, say, twenty years ago, it strikes us that both nothing and everything has changed. Apart from their slightly baggier clothes, the people look the same as us. But where are their phones? Compared to the recent past, the look of life today hasn't changed much, but thanks to the internet and even more so to smartphones, the feel has changed enormously. Most literary and cinematic predictions of the future got this exactly wrong, envisioning flamboyant aesthetic t...
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NCERT Academic Faculty 266 Vacancy Recruitment 2020

Academic Faculty Teaching Vacancy Recruitment in NCERT 2020 NCERT invites online applications on prescribed format for recruitment for filling up following 266 teachings academic Faculty Government Jobs vacancy posts of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Librarian and Assistant Librarian under direct recruitment through the interview for its constituent units of NCERT all over... Please Click on the Title to Read Full Details. [Author: [email protected] (Manisha)]
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How Two Teenage Dutch Sisters Ended Up Joining the Resistance and Assassinating Nazis During World War II

Germany invaded the Netherlands in 1940 and quickly overpowered the country’s small forces. Nazis arrested and deported Jews, created forced labor, strictly rationed food, and banned all non-Nazi organizations. “Almost every Dutch person was affected by the consequences of the occupation,” the Verzets Resistance Museum writes. “The choices and dilemmas facing the population became more far reaching.” Often those choices were stark: Collaborate and live? Or resist and willingly put onesel...
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Changing the way we grade students could trigger a wave of innovation

Schools are places where learning happens, but how much of what students learn there matters? "Almost all of our learning happens through experience and very little of it actually happens in these kinds of organized, contrived, constrained environments," argues Will Richardson, co-founder of The Big Questions Institute and one of the world's leading edupreneurs.There is a shift starting, Richardson says, in terms of how we look at grading and assessments and how they have traditionally dictated ...
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Elk Grove Unified Discusses What School May Look Like For Students In The Fall

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — Summer is going by faster than normal and school is just a couple short months away. School districts in our area are beginning to make plans for what learning will look like for students. In just about a month and a half from now, Florence Markofer Elementary School would normally be bustling with students and teachers, but with coronavirus on the rise once again, there are a lot of questions about what school in Elk Grove will even look like. Parents, teachers, and students...
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