Hack to Basics: How Hackathons Help Decide Platform Winners and Losers

Hackathons are an overlooked venue for developers to learn about new technologies—and a lucrative place for tech companies to show off their platforms, says Andy Wu. [Author: by Michael Blanding]
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Hautelinks: Kamala Harris Makes History, Holiday Movies to Watch, Investment Bags, & More

Here's what we're reading on the internet right now.
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Education disrupted: Insider's virtual event features Scott Galloway, Laurie Santos, Tim Shriver and more, on how to make education better, more equitable, and more accessible

Scott Galloway will keynote Insider's virtual event on the future of education Scott Galloway   The global pandemic has moved the classroom to home for students from kindergarten to graduate school. At the same time, concern over higher-education costs and access has roiled families and academic institutions alike, putting pressure on colleges and universities to prove their value. Ensuring equity and inclusion for people of different economic backgrounds as well as intellectual abilit...
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Nana nabs $6M for an online academy and marketplace dedicated to appliance repair

A lot of the focus in online education — and, let’s face it, education overall — has been about professional development for knowledge workers, education for K-12 and how best to deliver cost-effective, engaging higher learning to those in college and beyond. But in what might be a sign of the times, today a startup that’s focused on e-learning and the subsequent job market for a completely different end of the spectrum — home services — is announcing some funding to continue building out its bu...
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Udemy and altMBA co-founders return to edtech with a new, stealthy business

In 2009, Udemy co-founder Gagan Biyani tried to convince people to learn online through live classes. But what he discovered instead was that everyone wanted an online repository of content that allowed them to learn at their own pace, whenever and wherever. So, he canned his idea and Udemy created what is now called a massive open online course provider, or MOOC. In the years since, Biyani was let go from Udemy, started a 200-person food company, shut that down, took a sabbatical, and is now...
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Eno: A 1973 Mini-Doc Shows Brian Eno at the Beginning of His Solo Career We’ve seen bits and pieces of the 1973 mini-doc Eno over the years, as it is such a rare and wonderful glimpse into the very beginnings of Brian Eno’s career, and being the go-to footage for any doc about the man. Over the course of the film, we see Eno assembling/recording “The Paw-Paw Negro Blowtorch”, the second track on his debut album Here Come the Warm Jets. Right from the beginning, we see that Eno was true to his word and using the reco...
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1,000+ Artworks by Vincent Van Gogh Digitized & Put Online by Dutch Museums: Enter Van Gogh Worldwide

It gets dark before dinner now in my part of the world, a recipe for seasonal depression. Vincent van Gogh wrote about such low feelings with deep insight. “One feels as if one were lying bound hand and foot at the bottom of a deep dark well, utterly helpless,” he wrote of the condition. Yet, when he looked up at the night sky he saw not darkness but blazing light: a full moon shines yellow from White House at Night like the sun, and peeks like a gold coin from behind blue mountains in Landscap...
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Bundle up With These Affordable and Cute Winter Coats

*brr* it's time for a new coat!
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Futurist from 1901 Describes the World of 2001: Opera by Telephone, Free College & Pneumatic Tubes Aplenty Just shy of 120 years ago, “the wisest and most careful men in our greatest institutions of science and learning” told America what would change by the far-flung dawn of 2001. C, X and Q gone from the alphabet; “Air-Ships” in the skies, strictly for military purposes (passenger traffic being handled by “fast electric ships”); strawberries as large as apples; university education “ free to every man and woman”: these are just a few of the detai...
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The History of Rock Mapped Out on the Circuit Board of a Guitar Amplifier: 1400 Musicians, Songwriters & Producers

There is no rock and roll without the blues, as we know, but the relationship between the two is not so straightforward as a one-to-one influence. Blues forms, scales, and melodies are interwoven and interlaced throughout rock in a complex way well represented by the complexity of a circuit board, such as one powering an early guitar amplifier that doubled as a blues harp amp. To understand the relationship, we must understand the blues as a multifaceted phenomenon; at various times in rock his...
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Teaching peace in a time of violence

In September 2020, President Trump signed an order calling for a commission on “patriotic education,” in response to what he considered anti-American sentiments seeping into school curricula around the United States. He accused teachers of teaching a “twisted web of lies” by including lessons from the New York Times’ 1619 Project, which examines American history through the lens of the African slave trade. His remarks were denounced by the American Federation of Teachers and the Association of H...
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CBS13 Investigates Virtual Classroom Sexual Misconduct: ‘It Can Feel So Innocent Until It’s Not’

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CBS13 Investigates Virtual Classroom Sexual Misconduct

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