Learning Curve: Schools, Parents Work To Measure Learning Loss As Distance Learning Continues

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Gift Guide: 22 STEM toy gift ideas for every little builder

In 2020, parents and guardians are super spoilt for choice in the STEM toys gift department — which is great news in the midst of a pandemic that’s supercharging homeschooling needs. The category has matured to offer an interesting range of options for children across a wide span of ages, shedding some of its earlier reliance on Disney IP in favor of more original ideas. Below, we’ve rounded up 20+ gift ideas to get the (robotic) ball rolling. It’s still true the educational value of ‘learn to c...
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On Technology and Focus: ASMR, VR, and the First Steps Toward Immersive Single Tasking

Around 2010, a curious new term arose in obscure but energetic internet chatrooms: autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR, as it was soon abbreviated, described a peculiar form of paresthesia experienced as a tingling that starts in the scalp and then moves down the back. It’s often triggered by specific sounds, like soft whispering or a paintbrush scraping canvas. Not surprisingly, those sensitive to ASMR sometimes found Bob Ross reruns to be a reliable source of the effect. What makes ASM...
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COVID Was Supposed to Increase Bankruptcies. Instead, They've Gone Down.

Down economic cycles and increasing unemployment usually usher in a rise in bankruptcies. Not so in the COVID-19 recession, where just the reverse has happened. Research by Raymond Kluender and colleagues. [Author: by Rachel Layne]
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LA County reports 6,124 new coronavirus cases, shattering record again

Shattering a record set just last week, Los Angeles County public health officials reported 6,124 new cases of coronavirus on Monday, Nov. 23. Monday’s statistics pushed the county’s five-day average caseload of infections to more than 4,500, with a staggering 22,667 new cases reported since Thursday. More than 840 of the cases were reported as healthcare workers. Hospitalizations, too, are posting dramatic increases, up to 1,473 on Monday — the highest since August — representing a major increa...
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The Geometry of Sound: Watch Artist Kenichi Kanazawa Make Amazing Geometric Designs Out of Sand, Using Sound Waves Alone Before our eyes, Japanese artist Kenichi Kanazawa creates crisp shapes and geometric patterns with no special tools but sand and sound, the kind of work that at first looks expressly designed to go viral on social media. But he’s been at it much longer than that: “Originally a sculptor by trade,” according to Spoon & Tamago’s Johnny Waldman, “Kanazawa began working with steel and sound in 1987 after collaborating with the late sound artist Hiro...
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LAUSD’s coronavirus-test positivity rate up, mirroring county trend

The number of people in the Los Angeles Unified schools community who are testing positive for the coronavirus has been steadily rising in recent weeks, mirroring the trend being reported countywide and throughout the country. From Oct. 5 through last week, the percentage of people who underwent COVID-19 testing through LAUSD’s program has increased five-fold, from 0.32% to 1.64%, according to figures released by the school district. The test positivity rate of people tested through LAUSD’s prog...
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A Curious Herbal: 500 Beautiful Illustrations of Medicinal Plants Drawn by Elizabeth Blackwell in 1737 (to Save Her Family from Financial Ruin)

Sometimes beautiful things come out of terrible circumstances. This does not justify more terrible circumstances. But as evidence of the resilience, resourcefulness, and creativity of human beings—and more specifically of mothers in dire straits—we offer the following: A Curious Herbal, Elizabeth Blackwell’s finely illustrated, engraved, and colored “herbal,” the term for a “book of plants, describing their appearance, their properties and how they may be used for preparing ointments,” the Brit...
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Shop With Me: The Nasty Gal Sale’s Coolest Pieces Under $50 to Add to Cart ASAP

Look like a street style queen in these trendy pieces from Nasty Gal, which are all on sale!
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Delhi HC orders removal of tweets, video about WhiteHat Jr in defamation suit: Report

WhiteHat Jr. and its CEO Karan Bajaj have managed to secure a partial gag order from the Delhi High Court against Pradeep Poonia, who has been openly critical of the company and its practices. In response to a ₹20 lakh defamation suit filed by the Byju’s-owned company and Bajaj, the high court has restrained Poonia from a number of activities essentially, scutting any criticism that could amount to defamation.  Poonia will have to delete multiple tweets posted through September and October,...
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Watch How to Be at Home, a Beautiful Short Animation on the Realities of Social Isolation in 2020 I think, as social primates, we want to feel a strong sense of belonging either in a relationship or to a community—or both. But also intrinsic to our humanity is a feeling that we are truly alone. —Filmmaker Andrea Dorfman, 2010 When they first became friends, poet Tanya Davis and filmmaker Andrea Dorfman talked a lot about the pleasures and hardships of being alone. Davis had just gone through a break up, and Dorfman was just embarking on a r...
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The 3 keys to solving complex global problems

What does it actually take to drive large-scale change? Co-Impact founder and CEO Olivia Leland argues that it takes more than money, voting in elections, and supporting your favorite nonprofit. Solving complex global issues takes philanthropy in concert with community advocacy, support from businesses, innovation, an organized vision, and a plan to execute it. Leland has identified three areas that need to be addressed before real and meaningful change can happen. To effectively provide support...
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