Oak Ridge High School Closes For Week, Raises Concern Over School Safety

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How Can We Get Companies to Invest More in Low-Wage Workers?

Does income inequality hold back economic growth? James Heskett ponders what underlying factors keep low-wage workers down. [Author: by James Heskett]
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Quentin Tarantino’s Copycat Cinema: How the Postmodern Filmmaker Perfected the Art of the Steal You can call Quentin Tarantino a thief. Call him unoriginal, a copycat, whatever, he doesn’t care. But if you really want to get him going, call him a tribute artist. This, he insists, is the last thing he has ever been: great directors, Tarantino declares, “don’t do homages.” They outright steal, from anyone, anywhere, without regard to intellectual property or hurt feelings. But great directors don’t plagiarize in the Tarantino school of film...
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Hawks make arrest in matric maths paper leak

Themba Daniel Shikwambana, who works at a printing company, was granted bail and is due to return to court in January The post Hawks make arrest in matric maths paper leak appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Learn to code with Grasshopper, now in Spanish

Ver abajo versión en españolSince Grasshopper launched in 2018, one million people have spent at least one hour learning to code through our app. That’s approximately 114 years spent learning the fundamentals of coding. We’ve also run a number of academic studies on the effectiveness of Grasshopper, and found two insights: after two weeks of use, students are more motivated to learn to code. And while women tend to start off their Grasshopper journey feeling a bit more unsure about learning to c...
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A Realistic Week in My Closet as a College Student Doing Online Classes (All Secondhand Clothing)

The most sustainable option is what you already own!
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"Why can a 12-year-old go to the movies along with two dozen other people, but she can’t watch the Greatest Story Ever Told with a smaller group in Bible class?"

"Why can Kentuckians cheer on their favorite NCAA basketball teams indoors, attend a size-restricted wedding, or keep up Black Friday shopping traditions, but children can’t gather for school chapel?" Questions asked by Danville Christian Academy and Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, quoted at "Christian school in Kentucky asks justices to intervene in dispute over in-person classes at religious schools" (SCOTUSblog).  Cameron is a Republican. He's joined the school's lawsuit challe...
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Salvador Dalí Gets Surreal with 1950s America: Watch His Appearances on What’s My Line? (1952) and The Mike Wallace Interview (1958) When was the last time you saw a Surrealist (or even just a surrealist) painter appear on national television? If such a figure did appear on national television today, for that matter, who would know? Perhaps surrealist painting does not, in our time, make the impact it once did, but nor does national television. So imagine what a spectacle it must have been in 1950s America, cradle of the “mass media” as we once knew them, when Salvador Dalí ...
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88 Philosophy Podcasts to Help You Answer the Big Questions in Life

The big questions of philosophy, simmering since antiquity, still press upon us as they did the Athenians of old (and all ancient people who have philosophized): what obligations do we really owe to family, friends, or strangers? Do we live as free agents or beings controlled by fate or the gods (or genes or a computer simulation)? What is a good life? How do we create societies that maximize freedom and happiness (or whatever ultimate values we hold dear)? What is language, what is art, and wh...
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What is the Best Plan for Paying Off Student Loans?

If you graduated from college with a mountain of debt, student loans are a fact of life. But there are ways to make paying them easier. Find out how.The post What is the Best Plan for Paying Off Student Loans? appeared first on The Dough Roller.
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