Pasadena limits outdoor diners: Only household members may sit together

As of midnight on Wednesday, Dec. 2, Pasadena restaurateurs and diners have a new restriction to contend with, as the city will soon require outdoor diners to sit only with members of their own household. The rule will be in place until Dec. 20, according to a city news release. The move was met with some confusion from Pasadena restaurant owners who weren’t sure how this would really be enforceable. “It’s moot, really,” said Frank Gale, owner of Russell’s, a restaurant in Pasadena. “How do you ...
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Sketchy wants to replace boring textbooks with ‘Pixar-like’ videos

Studying for med school is tough. What if it was more Pixar-like? Sketchy, a visual learning platform, takes complex material that a med student might need to memorize for an exam, and puts the information in an illustrated scene. For example, it uses a countryside kingdom to explain the coronavirus, or a salmon dinner to explain Salmonella. The goal is for a student to be able to mentally go back to the scene while taking an exam, walk through it and retrieve all of the information. While Sketc...
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With the pandemic boosting college stress, the UC system is boosting the course “Life 101”

Life would be easier if it came with instructions. For students throughout the University of California system, it soon will. Starting next month, “Life 101,” a two-unit course taught at UC Irvine since 2013, will be expanded and made available for students at any UC campus. In addition to helping students in everything from nutrition to health management, the course teaches students how to recognize and manage stress. With the pandemic in full swing, stress is ratcheting up. “My goal is for stu...
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MasterClass is having a huge 2-for-1 holiday sale right now — here's what it's like to take classes from celebrities, plus the best courses offered and answers to all your FAQs

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. is an e-learning platform that provides classes taught by well-known celebrities and industry leaders.  through December 28, where if you buy one annual, all-access pass, you get another one for free to gift to someone else. Yearly passes cost $180 (or $15 a month), but you can technically buy an individual class for $90.Below, you'll find a personal review, some common FAQs, and 13 of the best MasterCla...
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The Internet Archive is Saving Classic Flash Animations & Games from Extinction: Explore Them Online

Flash is finally dead, and the world… does not mourn. Because the announcement of its end actually came three years ago, “like a guillotine in a crowded town square,” writes Rhett Jones at Gizmodo. It was a slow execution, but it was just. So useful in Web 1.0 days for making animations, games, and serious presentations, Flash had become a vulnerability, a viral carrier that couldn’t be patched fast enough to keep the hackers out. “Adobe’s Flash died many deaths, but we can truly throw some dir...
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15 of the Best Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend in 2020

These gift ideas will make shopping for your boyfriend so much easier!
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"Though [Betsy] DeVos has been mostly stymied... her legacy will still be far-reaching and long-lasting. This is not a result of what she made, but of what she broke..."

"... a bipartisan federal consensus around testing and charters that extended from the George H.W. Bush administration through the end of the Obama era.... In response to Ms. DeVos’s polarizing influence, moderate Democrats including President-elect Joe Biden recommitted to teachers unions and adopted more skeptical positions on school choice that were out of the question just a few years ago.... Yet Ms. DeVos has also elevated the education policy agenda of the far right, giving voice and legit...
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What Ancient Egyptian Sounded Like & How We Know It If you’ve seen any Hollywood movie set in ancient Egypt, you already know how its language sounded: just like English, but spoken with a more formal diction and a range of broadly Middle-Eastern accents. But then there are many competing theories about life that long ago, and perhaps you’d prefer to believe the linguistic-historical take provided in the video above. A production of Joshua Rudder’s NativLang, a Youtube channel previously feature...
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Japanese Art Installation Lets People Play Erik Satie’s “Gymnopédie No. 1” As They Walk on Socially-Distanced Notes on the Floor

The global pandemic has revealed the depths of systematic cruelty in certain places in the world that have refused to commit resources to protecting people from the virus or refused to even acknowledge its existence. Other responses show a different way forward, one in which everyone contributes meaningfully through the principled actions of wearing masks and social distancing or the principled non-action of staying home to slow the spread. Then there’s the critical role of art, design, and mus...
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