Party-State Capitalism in China

China’s political economy has evolved from “state capitalism” to a distinctly party-driven incarnation. Party-state capitalism, via enhanced party monitoring and industrial policy, deepens ambiguity between the state and private sectors, and increases pressure on foreign capital, prioritizing the regime’s political survival above all. [Author: by Margaret Pearson, Meg Rithmire, and Kellee Tsai]
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Pacoima’s Whiteman Airport would stay, but be improved to benefit neighbors, under new effort

A new plan is being drawn for Whiteman Airport, a northeast San Fernando Valley aviation hub in Pacoima, after a fatal plane crash last month in a residential neighborhood prompted calls for its closure by a councilwoman and a community group. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a motion Tuesday, Dec. 8, that calls for a “master plan” for the airport that would keep its current use, but also include goals to create local jobs, opportunities for open space and other community ben...
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Why Companies Hunt for Talent on Digital Platforms, Not in Resume Piles

Rather than sit back and wait for applicants to send resumes, companies are proactively targeting prospective employees on digital platforms and social media, often with a recruiter's help, says research by Rembrand Koning. [Author: by Michael Blanding]
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30 Amazon Prime-eligible gifts for recent graduates that cost less than $100

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Amazon's Kindle makes a great gift for grads who love to read. Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Graduation gifts can leave a big impact on new grads - whether it's something sweet to commemorate  a huge life moment or a useful tool that helps them transition smoothly into their next step.But you don't have to spend a ton of money - or even a ton of time browsing the mall - for thoughtful, useful ...
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LAUSD board names district’s permanent police chief

The Los Angeles Unified school board voted unanimously Tuesday, Dec. 8, to name Leslie Ramirez as the district’s permanent police chief, a position she has held on an interim basis since July after her predecessor resigned in protest of a board decision to slash the police department’s budget by $25 million. Ramirez’s contract will run through June 30, 2022. A product of Los Angeles Unified, Ramirez graduated from Alexander Hamilton High School. She began her career as a campus officer in 1991 a...
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L.A. officials want to cancel January homeless count, amid coronavirus concerns

A homeless count typically conducted in the Los Angeles area that relies on the help of thousands of volunteers during the month of January could be canceled amid concerns that it would be unsafe and impractical in the middle of a pandemic. In recent years, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) has been conducting the count annually. The count is only required every two years — in the odd-number years — when the agency applies for funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urb...
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Together we can move forward - with inclusive minds

Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver participates in a New Jersey event activating Unified Champion Schools programming. Photo by Heather O'Connell For more than 50 years, Special Olympics promoted a model of inclusivity focused on getting people together on playing fields, ball courts and running tracks. But over the last two decades Special Olympics, through its Unified Champion Schools program, has worked in schools to foster an "inclusive mindset" in students. Students who parti...
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Marina Abramović’s Method for Overcoming Trauma: Go to a Park, Hug a Tree Tight, and Tell It Your Complaints for 15 Minutes One of the most renowned of Chinese poets, Du Fu, survived the devastating An Lushan rebellion that nearly brought down the Tang Dynasty and resulted in an incredible loss of life around the country. His poems are full of grief, as translator David Hinton notes. The opening of “Spring Landscape” contains “possibly the most famous line in Chinese poetry,” and a painful comment on humanity’s place in the natural world. The country in ruins, river...
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MED SCHOOL PREP: The ultimate guides to getting into the top medical schools in the world

Harvard Medical School. ThePhotosite/Shutterstock Frontline workers and public health officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci are inspiring a new wave of medical school hopefuls: The number of applicants is up 18% this year over last year, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).  A more competitive pool of applicants will require candidates to shine throughout the recruitment process if they want to get accepted into the top medical schools in the world. These guides sho...
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The Hertella Coffee Machine Mounted on a Volkswagen Dashboard (1959): The Most European Car Accessory Ever Made

Current auto-industry wisdom holds that no car without cup holders will sell in America. Though this also seems to have become increasingly true across the rest of the world, I like to imagine there still exists a country or two whose driving public holds fast against that particular design vulgarism. Such places would, of course, lie deep in unreconstructed Europe, where nobody can go long without coffee. The solution? The Hertella Auto Kaffeemachine, the first and only known dashboard-mounted...
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Is 2020 bringing more edtech rounds than ever, or does it simply feel that way?

Venture capital activity is high at the moment, making it difficult to keep up with the influx of new rounds that are being announced. Our cup runneth over, and I would much rather be busy than bored, but not all sectors are as busy as others. We’re not drowning in consumer social rounds, for example. We are, however, seemingly suffering from a deluge of edtech investments. The Exchange explores startups, markets and money. Read it every morning on Extra Crunch, or get The Exchange newsletter e...
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22 Best Gifts for Roommates That They’ll Absolutely Love

Your roommates will be obsessed with these gifts!
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The Sistine Chapel of the Ancients: Archaeologists Discover 8 Miles of Art Painted on Rock Walls in the Amazon

All images by José Iriarte Over twelve thousand years ago, some of the first humans in the Amazon hunted, painted, and danced with the massive extinct mammals of the ice age: giant sloths and armadillos, ice-age horses, and mastodons…. How do we know? We have pictures, or rock paintings, rather–many thousands of them made around 12,500 years ago and only recently “found on an eight-mile rock surface along the Guayabero River the Colombian Amazon,” Hakim Bishara reports at Hyperallergic. The pre...
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Preparing for the USMLE despite 2020’s obstacles

I came from Malaysia dreaming of completing my residency in the U.S. and becoming a nephrologist. Luckily, I interviewed for programs before COVID-19 shook the world, and I began my residency at Yale University Bridgeport Hospital in June 2020. Having just reached my target score for the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) after graduating […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Why Butt Trumpets & Other Bizarre Images Appeared in Illuminated Medieval Manuscripts In illuminated manuscripts, Medieval Europe can seem more like Monty Python and the Holy Grail than the grim tales of grey-faced, mildewed kings, monks, knights, and peasants turned out by the Hollywood dozen. Yes, life could be brutal, bloody, disease-ridden, but it could also be absurdist and unintentionally hilarious, qualities that reach their apex in the weirdness of Hieronymus Bosch’s “painful, horrible” musical instruments in his Garden ...
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Learners take Motshekga to court over matric rewrite

This is after the minister announced on Friday that there would be a rewrite of the two subjects that have been leaked to protect the integrity of the exams The post Learners take Motshekga to court over matric rewrite appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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