CSU system plans return to in-person learning in fall 2021

The California State University system, the nation’s largest public four-year higher education institution, will look toward returning students to in-person learning in fall 2021, which would be about a year-and-a-half since shuttering campuses at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March. The CSU system, headquartered in Long Beach but with 23 campuses throughout the state, announced plans to bring students back to campus on Wednesday, Dec. 9. Cal State officials had kept the timeline for ...
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Proposed bill would require in-person instruction at schools when a county’s COVID stats improve

Several California lawmakers are proposing an urgency bill to require California schools resume in-person instruction once their county progresses out of the most restrictive tier of the state’s coronavirus tracking system. If adopted by the state Legislature, AB10 would require after March 1 that once a county enters at least the red tier, schools would have to reopen classrooms within two weeks, following public health guidance. Currently school district leaders make the decision when to retur...
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Lodi Teacher Gets Creative To Keep Students Happy While Distancing Learning During The Holidays

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Southern California leaders hope to close digital divide

A new Southern California effort aims to address an inequality spotlighted by the coronavirus pandemic — the digital divide. Inland entrepreneur Steve PonTell and San Bernardino County Supervisor Curt Hagman are bringing together leaders in business, government, technology and other fields to find ways to close the divide. The divide refers to the gap between people who have access to broadband internet service and those who do not. Former state Assemblyman Lloyd Levine estimates that nearly 25%...
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Are You Happy, David Lynch? Filmmaker David Lynch answers a basic life question from Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC Radio 6 DJ, during a fan Q&A. The accompanying video apparently comes from The Art Life documentary trailer. The source of Lynch’s happiness? Most likely meditation. Find more on that below. Related Content: David Lynch Explains How Meditation Boosts Our Creativity (Plus Free Resources to Help You Start Meditating) David Lynch Visualizes How Transcendental Meditation ...
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Sadtu says Motshekga bowed to pressure from Umalusi to allow rewrite

The teachers union and several learners will appear before the Pretoria high court on Thursday, where they will ask that Motshekga’s decision for a national rewrite of two leaked matric exams be set aside The post Sadtu says Motshekga bowed to pressure from Umalusi to allow rewrite appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Don’t Think Twice: A Poignant Film Documents How Bob Dylan & The Beatles Bring Joy to a Dementia Patient

It’s often said the sense of smell is most closely connected to long-term memory. The news offers little comfort to us forgetful people with a diminished sense of smell. But increasingly, neuroscientists are discovering how sound can also tap directly into our deepest memories. Patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia seem to come alive, becoming their old selves when they hear music they recognize, especially if they were musicians or dancers in a former life. “Sound is evolutionarily ancien...
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Career Karma raises $10M to connect students to coding bootcamps

As edtech churns out more and more MasterClass copycats and coding bootcamps, it’s becoming glaringly obvious that students need better ways to navigate the crowded world of online learning. Career Karma, founded in 2018 by Ruben Harris, Artur Meyster and Timur Meyster, wants to help. The startup is bringing a pick-and-shovel play to the coding bootcamp world: instead of creating its own up-skilling curriculum, the startup empowers students to find the best bootcamps for their price point and ca...
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WorkRamp raises $17M to ramp up its enterprise learning platform

Remote learning and training have become a large priority this year for organizations looking to keep employees engaged and up to date on work practices at a time when many of them are not working in an office — and, in the case of those who have joined in 2020, may have never met any of their work colleagues in person, ever. Today one of the startups that’s built a new, more user-friendly approach to creating and provisioning those learning materials is announcing some funding as it experiences...
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I Dressed Like Iconic Olsen Twins Movies for a Week & Here’s What Happened

Since 2020 has been a difficult and confusing year, I’m throwing it back to simpler times. This week, I dressed like iconic Olsen twins movies and here’s how it went.
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A Biostatistician Uses Crochet to Visualize the Frightening Infection Rates of the Coronavirus Chances are you’ve looked at more graphs this past year than you did over the previous decade — not just while working at home, but while scrolling through cascades of often-troubling quantitative information during your “off” hours as well. This phenomenon has hardly been limited to the Americans who obsessed over the predictions of and returns from their presidential election last month, an event turned practically into a sideshow by the ongo...
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Lottery docs? Randomize medical school admissions for fairness

It’s this simple: The medical school admissions system is bloated and reinforces implicit and systemic biases leading to further social inequity. Medical schools across the country are going through thousands of applications and making literal life-changing choices for these students. Introducing randomization into the admission process would simplify and address the built-in issues in this […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn m...
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The Map of Doom: A Data-Driven Visualization of the Biggest Threats to Humanity, Ranked from Likely to Unlikely Surely you’ve learned, as I have, to filter out the constant threats of doom. It’s impossible to function on high alert all of the time. But one must stay at least minimally informed. To check the news even once a day is to encounter headline after headline announcing DOOM IS COMING! Say that we’re all desensitized, and rather than react, we evaluate: In what way will doom arrive? How bad will the doom be? There are many competing theories of d...
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