LAUSD students with Fs will have more time to bring grades up

To support struggling students during the pandemic, the Los Angeles Unified School District has decided that secondary students who are failing their courses can have more time to try and bring their grades up before an “F” or “no pass” mark is entered into their academic record. In a memo to secondary school principals on Monday, Dec. 14, district officials announced that students who would otherwise receive an F can have until Jan. 29 to submit makeup assignments that might improve their grade...
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LAUSD elects Kelly Gonez, youngest woman president in its history

Kelly Gonez became the youngest-ever female president of the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education on Tuesday, Dec. 15. Gonez, 32, is also the first of the millennial generation and one of only four women of color and one of three Latinas to lead the board that sets policy for the nation’s second-largest school district, which serves a student population that is currently 80% Latino or Black, according to LAUSD officials. “I want to thank my colleagues for this honor, and I look...
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Two Placer County Districts Plan To Bring Students On Campus 5 Days A Week

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How Do CEOs Make Strategy?

A study of 262 Harvard Business School-educated CEOs traces differences in strategic decision-making across managers. CEOs leading larger, faster-growing firms tend to make highly structured strategic decisions and use more analytical deliberation. Management education has long-lasting effects on decision-making. [Author: by Mu-Jeung Yang, Michael Christensen, Nicholas Bloom, Raffaella Sadun, and Jan Rivkin]
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Designing, Not Checking, for Policy Robustness: An Example with Optimal Taxation

The approach used by most economists to check academic research results is flawed for policymaking and evaluation. The authors propose an alternative method for designing economic policy analyses that might be applied to a wide range of economic policies [Author: by Benjami Lockwood, Afras Y. Sial, and Matthew C. Weinzierl]
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The Unspoken Messages of COVID-19 Restrictions

What does it take to cut through COVID-19 fatigue? Government officials may need to refine how they convey the exposure risk of certain activities to a weary public, says research by Michael Luca and Edward Glaeser. [Author: by Danielle Kost]
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Biased Sampling of Early Users and the Direction of Startup Innovation

New ventures catering to female customers should be aware that the underrepresentation of women among early users on digital platforms can reduce the venture’s growth and chances of survival. As a result of gaining fewer early users, these ventures reduce future product development and are less likely to raise VC funding. [Author: by Ruiqing Cao, Rembrand Koning, and Ramana Nanda]
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Nonprofit Boards: It is Time to Lift Your Gaze and See the System

Not every organization should attempt to solve problems at a system level, but can become more aware of systemic issues, ensuring that solutions dovetail into the macrosystem for best collective impact. [Author: by Shamal Dass, Kristy Muir, and V. Kasturi Rangan]
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Vista’s $3.5B purchase of Pluralsight signals a maturing edtech market

On Monday, Pluralsight, a Utah-based startup that sells software development courses to enterprises, announced that it has been acquired by Vista for $3.5 billion. The deal, yet to close, is one of the largest enterprise buys of the year: Vista is getting an online training company that helps retrain techies with in-demand skills through online courses in the midst of a booming edtech market. Additionally, the sector is losing one of its few publicly traded companies just two years after it d...
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Unpacking Our Dialectical Relationship with Slack

Earlier this week, I published an essay in the New Yorker about Salesforce’s proposed $28 billion acquisition of Slack. You might assume that my feelings toward this slick-interfaced interruption machine are purely negative, but as I admit: “I do not dislike Slack as much as people assume given that I wrote a book titled Deep Work.” What interests me more than easy criticism here is the knowledge sector’s dialectical relationship with this tool. People hate it, but they also kind of love it. Sl...
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Financial aid-focused Frank expands into helping students take online classes

Frank, a startup best known for helping college students secure and manage financial aid, is expanding into a new part of the edtech world. Namely, finding and taking online classes, with the company helping students deploy their financial aid money to open digital slots at more than 100 colleges. As a company, Frank straddles the ground between consumer fintech, which helps regular people better manage their money, and edtech, the application of tech to the venerable business of learning. Te...
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Wired's "Tech Support" video series

I really like a number of the YouTube series that Wired produces. One that I just discovered is called "Tech Support." But the support these techs render is not about computers. It's support for subjects as diverse as D&D to screenwriting to brain science. — Read the rest
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Coronavirus: Southern California’s ICU availability index tumbles again – to 1.7%

Now looming dangerously close to zero, intensive-care bed capacity at Southern California hospitals declined for the eighth day in a row on Tuesday, Dec. 15, as state officials reported a 1.7% availability rate. The current index fell a full percentage point from Monday’s 2.7% level. The closely watched ICU index triggered a state-mandated stay-at-home order when capacity tumbled to 10.9% on Monday, Dec. 7. And the number has consistently fallen since then. The steady decline is alarming. On Sun...
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COVID, paternalism, and the death of patient autonomy

A year ago, if you had asked me if most doctors respected their patients’ wishes, I would have answered with a resounding yes. If you had asked me if medicine had divorced its paternalistic roots when physicians trampled over ideals like patient autonomy and non-malfeasance, I would have said yes. But that was last year, […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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David Byrne Turns His Acclaimed Musical American Utopia into a Picture-Book for Grown-Ups, with Vivid Illustrations by Maira Kalman

Whatever your feelings about the sentimental, lighthearted 1960 Disney film Pollyanna, or the 1913 novel on which it’s based, it’s fair to say that history has pronounced its own judgment, turning the name Pollyanna into a slur against excessive optimism, an epithet reserved for adults who display the guileless, out-of-touch naïveté of children. Pitted against Pollyanna’s effervescence is Aunt Polly, too caught up in her grown-up concerns to recognize, until it’s almost too late, that maybe it’...
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Live captions come to Meet in four new languages

This year has marked a dramatic shift in how many of us work, learn and stay in touch with one another. And as many of us learn to embrace remote tools and virtual communication for the first time, it’s incredibly important to have inclusive, accessible and fair virtual meetings, whether you’re planning a return to the office, going fully remote or using a hybrid model, with some people together in person and some remote. For years, Google has focused on building products that help level the pla...
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The Art of Movie Posters: View Online 40,000+ Movie Posters & Learn How They’re Made If you can’t judge a movie by its poster, it’s not for the poster designer’s lack of trying. Nearly as venerable as cinema itself, the art of the movie poster has evolved to attract the attention and interest of generation after generation of filmgoers — and, safe to say, developed a few best practices along the way. Some examples go beyond effective advertisement to become icons in and of themselves: take for example, the poster for Quentin Ta...
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"Boko Haram asserted responsibility on Tuesday for laying siege to a secondary school in northwest Nigeria and abducting more than 300 boys..."

"Hundreds of gunmen on motorbikes surrounded the boarding school in Katsina state Friday night and opened fire on police, witnesses said, before rounding up students and dragging them into the woods. Abubakar Shekau, the group’s leader, said in an audio message released in the early hours of the morning that fighters stormed the school to discourage 'Western education'..." "Boko Haram" means "Western education is forbidden." WaPo reports.  "Boko Haram has swollen its ranks over the years b...
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Un Film Dramatique review – French youngsters get their say

Pupils from a rough Paris neighbourhood capture their lives, including debate on everything from philosophy to racism in Eric Baudelaire’s invigorating doc“Do you have as good a chance of becoming president as someone from a fancy neighbourhood?” A teenage girl is interviewing a boy in her class. They’re pupils at a middle school in a banlieue on the outskirts of Paris known by its official department number, “the 93”. It’s the poorest place in mainland France. Her classmate replies: “If I said ...
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Album Inspiration: Outfits Inspired by Taylor Swift’s ‘evermore’

The 2020 surprises aren't over. Taylor Swift released (another!) surprise album. And it has major fashion inspo!
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Greenwich backs down over plans to close schools in face of legal action

Move signals government’s determination to keep schools open in run-up to Christmas and beyondCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe London borough of Greenwich has reluctantly backed down over plans to close schools and switch to online learning to slow the spread of coronavirus, after the government launched legal action ordering schools to remain fully open until the end of term.In a letter to parents, the leader of Greenwich council, Danny Thorpe, said he could not a...
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Isaac Newton Theorized That the Egyptian Pyramids Revealed the Timing of the Apocalypse: See His Burnt Manuscript from the 1680s

Today one can behold the pyramids of Giza and feel the temptation to believe that the ancient Egyptians knew something we moderns didn’t. Just imagine, then, what it must have felt like in the 17th century, when the recovery of lost ancient knowledge was still very much an active enterprise. Back then, no less formidable a mind than Sir Isaac Newton suspected that to understand the pyramids would be to understand much else besides, from the nature of gravity — a subject on which he would become...
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How the Garage-Rock Anthem “Louie Louie” Became the Subject of a Lengthy FBI Investigation (1964) Rock and roll history is built on happy accidents, moments where enthusiasm and raw talent exceed the limits of technology. Distortion, the sine qua non of modern rock, came from broken amplifiers and mixing boards, and speakers slashed to ribbons. Such excesses can be threatening. Link Wray’s gritty 1958 instrumental “Rumble” earned a ban from the airwaves for its alleged menace. Since then, rock has survived one crusade after another, launche...
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