David Chase Talks Sopranos for 90 Minutes on the Talking Sopranos Podcast During the early days of the pandemic, the Talking Sopranos podcast (previously discussed on OC here) got underway. Hosted by Michael Imperioli (Christopher Moltisanti) and Steve Schirripa (Bobby Bacala), the podcast revisits every episode of HBO’s groundbreaking TV series. It starts naturally with the 1999 pilot and then moves forward sequentially. And each installment features a guest (usually an actor, writer, or director who contributed to ...
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Andrew Gelman’s 4 pm Rule (a Knowledge Work Reverie)

Andrew Gelman is a professor at Columbia University with a joint appointment in the department of statistics and political science. To say he’s productive is an understatement. He’s written six book, has been cited over 120,000 times, and wields an h-index over 100 (if you’re not sure about this last statistic, ask a professor friend to explain why it’s impressive). The reason I’m mentioning Gelman is a blog post he published earlier this week. As pointed out by the eagle-eyed reader who sent m...
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Keeping Tabs: Trump Pardon List Fueled By Rec Letters From‌ ‌High-Powered ‌Loyalists‌

“You scratch my back,” the saying goes, “and I’ll scratch yours… and yours… and yours…”  The latest  list of presidential pardons and commutations Tuesday night not only featured a long list of the President’s political allies, but also an even longer list of people who recommended those allies for the greatest gift a president can give.  The prime example was Steve Stockman, the Tea Partying former Texas congressman convicted of 23 felonies — what prosecutors called a “white-coll...
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15 online courses, workshops, and books that will teach you how to write a standout personal essay

iStock; Gilbert Espinoza/Business Insider When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.Communicating ideas in a clear, confident way is a crucial life skill no matter which field you work in.Writing a personal essay can help perfect your storytelling and presentation skills. Below are 15 online classes, books, podcasts, and resources to start with.Read more: At the start of this year, I could barely sell my writing. These 10 online classes, book...
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Dennis McCarthy: I am sooooo sick of 2020. What, you too!?!?

Excuse me, officer, but can you give me directions for the quickest route to 2021?  I’m so done with 2020, I thought maybe I could pull out a few days early. Get a little time off for good behavior? Columnist, Dennis McCarthy, during the 2019 Daily News Successful Aging Expo was held at The Odyssey in Granada Hills on Saturday, April 13, 2019. (Photo by Dean Musgrove, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG) I’ve spent most of my life breaking New Year’s resolutions, but this is the first time a year br...
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Fluent Forever raises $4.9M for its language learning system

Fluent Forever, a startup that uses a novel learning system to help its users master a new language faster, has raised a $4.9 million funding round led by Denver-based Stout Street Capital. Other investors in this round include The Syndicate, LAUNCH, Mana Ventures, Noveus VC, Flight.VC, Insta VC, UpVentures, Firebrand Ventures, Cultivation Capital, Spero Ventures and Lofty Ventures. In many ways, Fluent Forever is a direct competitor to Duolingo, Babbel and similar online language learning...
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Carl Sagan on the Importance of Choosing Wisely What You Read (Even If You Read a Book a Week) More than a few of us have a reading goal for 2021: a book a week, say. Some of us may have had the idea planted in our heads long ago by Carl Sagan, in his capacity as creator and host of the PBS series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. “If I were to read a book a week for my entire adult lifetime,” he says in the clip above, “I would have read maybe a few thousand books. No more.” This is part of a longer monologue set in a library, a background tha...
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I Dressed Like Iconic Christmas Characters & Here’s What Happened (Part 2)

Christmas is almost here, so I got inspired by 5 different Christmas movies for my outfits this week.
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What do you want to be when you grow up: a medical student perspective

“Please inform us of your intended specialty for your 4th year scheduling,” requested our administration in an email sent to students 2.5 years into medical school. Up until that instant, not knowing my future specialty was accepted and actually encouraged. Yet in one moment, that all changed. Medical education prides itself in giving students the […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Octavia Butler’s Four Rules for Predicting the Future

Image by Nikolas Coukouma, via Wikimedia Commons If you, like me, often turn to science fiction to get more clarity about the present, past, and future, then you know you’re in good company with multiple-award-winning sci-fi author Octavia Butler. The novelist cast her gaze over it all, looking into the dark corners of American life and human behavior and drawing out stories that feel both shockingly new and familiar and true. Sometimes Butler’s truths are hard to hear, especially when we’re li...
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Tune Into An Online Radio Station That Streams the Soothing Sounds of Forests from Around the World

Walk into a forest. Stand perfectly still. Close your eyes. What do you hear? The sounds of birds, the rustling leaves, yes, yes…. But what’s that? And that? The forest is full of sounds you can’t identify! Curious sounds, far-away sounds, soothing sounds, sounds that are not the churning anxious wheels inside your head when you try to relax…. Experiencing ourselves around trees has several demonstrable benefits, as the science of forest bathing has taught us. Many of these have to do with vi...
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UP PSC Inter College Lecturer vacancy Recruitment 2020

Online applications in the prescribed format are invited by Uttar Pradesh (UP) Public Service Commission (PSC), Prayagraj for Recruitment of  Government Job (Sarkari Naukri) Vacancy posts of Lecturer (Inter College/School) (प्रवक्ता - राजकीय इंटर कॉलेज) under Lecturer (Male/Female) Government Inter College, Examination - 2020 for Secondary Education Department of Government of Uttar Pradesh  (Advt. No.: A-3/E-1/2020). #SarkariNaukriBlog ( =... Please Click on the Title to Read F...
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What Has the Internet Done to Comedy? A Pretty Much Pop Culture Podcast Discussion (#74) Does removing gatekeepers mean a more distributed comic landscape, or does it inevitably end with a small number of comics dominating the world? The Internet means that people can and do judge comics based on very short clips, but also makes it easy to follow the activities of someone you discover that you like. Tiffany comes not from stand-up but from music theater, and is active in cre...
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