Officials hope LA County’s coronavirus hospitalizations could be plateauing

As state officials closed in on 30,000 coronavirus deaths, Los Angeles County’s daily report slid below 200 fatalities for the first time in six days on Sunday, Jan. 10, as public officials hoped for a break in the as-yet uncontrolled post-holiday COVID surge. The county Public Health Department reported 14,482 new cases of COVID-19 and 166 additional deaths on Sunday, bringing the county’s totals to 920,177 cases and 12,250 fatalities. Meanwhile, state officials posted 468 deaths on Sunday, a d...
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reflects on the Parallels Between Trumpism & Nazism, and How We Can Save Our Democracy He grew up in the ruins of World War II–the ruins created by the Nazism and its ideological commitment to conspiracy theories, violence and white supremacy. Based on that formative experience, the former Republican governor offers his take on this week’s coup attempt in Washington: “Being from Europe, I’ve seen how things can spin out of control… We must be aware of the dire consequences of selfishness and cynicism. President Trump sought to ov...
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Object lesson.

I've always hesitated to use the phrase "object lesson." I do use it, and I want to be able to use it, but it nags at me that I might not use it correctly. This morning in a post that was to some extent about misreading, somebody misunderstood me, and I wanted to thank him for the "object lesson."  Because I took the trouble to research the phrase, I ended up writing "Thanks for providing such a striking example of the problem." Not that I figured out it would be wrong to say "Thanks for the o...
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Cute Valentines Outfits 2021: 5 Girly and Flirty Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day

The perfect outfit ideas for any Valentine's date, day or night.
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Push to open public schools in February thrills some parents, terrifies some teachers, as COVID surges

The new year brings a ray of hope for California parents like Kate Gude, who has watched with mounting worry as her four kids suffer social isolation and reduced instruction time from online learning. The first COVID-19 vaccines were given to health care workers a month ago, teachers whose safety fears have blunted reopening efforts are next in line, and the governor has a new $2 billion plan aimed at getting kids back into classrooms over the next three months. “I’m an eternal optimist,” said G...
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