LAUSD board president launches reelection bid

Los Angeles Unified school board member Kelly Gonez, who made history last month by becoming the youngest woman to serve as its board president, is already looking ahead to a second term in office. Although the 32-year-old’s current term won’t be up until December 2022 and the primary election for board District 6 is still about a year-and-a-half away, she launched her reelection campaign this week, saying she wants to give herself plenty of time to talk to students, parents, educators and other...
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Parents, students rally to resume youth sports competitions

Hundreds of parents and student-athletes from Orange County and across the state rallied on Friday, Jan. 15, to express frustration over the postponement of youth and high school sports competition due to the pandemic, and to push for games to resume safely as soon as possible. They donned face coverings and held signs such as “Save our sports” to rally for #LetThemPlayCA, a grassroots organization of parents, coaches and youth sports advocates. The group, with more than 33,000 members on Facebo...
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Children may benefit when parents share their digital gaming space

Digital games can provide forums for diverse groups of people to come together, which is especially important while our physical activities are restricted The post appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Take a New Virtual Reality Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

You can go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art today, and in real life at that. This isn’t true of all the world’s great art institutions, still shut down as many are by measures in response to the past year’s coronavirus pandemic. But then, none of them have offered a digital visiting experience quite like The Met Unframed, recently launched in partnership with cellphone service provider Verizon. For a period of five weeks, anyone can join and freely roam a virtual reconstruction, or rather reim...
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Coupons & Sales: Topshop Student Sale, 50% off H&M, 70% off Madewell, 60% off Nordstrom, & More

Here's where to save on beauty and fashion this weekend.
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The Anti-Gluttony Door in Portugal’s Alcobaça Monastery Shamed Plump Monks to Start Fasting

Consider that you eat the sins of the people —inscription carved above the entrance to the Monastery of Alcobaça‘s refectory Apparently, the Monastery of Alcobaça‘s resident monks were eating plenty of other things, too. Eventually their reputation for excessive plumpness became problematic. A hefty physique may have signified prosperity and health in 1178 when construction began on the UNESCO World Heritage site, but by the 18th-century, those extra rolls of flesh were considered at odds with ...
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David Lynch’s Projection Instructions for Mulholland Drive (2001)

David Lynch is known for being persnickety about delivering the correct viewing experience to his audience, as he considers the cinema a sacred place. In a documentary short a few years back, he explained, “It’s so magical, I don’t know why, to go into a theater and have the lights go down. It’s very quiet and then the curtains start to open. And then you go into a world.” However, the cinematheque is also the space where directors have the least control. They can hope that each print that goes...
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Death and anxiety rife at matric marking centres as schools reopening delayed

Education department delays 2021 academic year as the Covid-19 death and infection rates rise rapidly, but assures 2020 matrics that results will be released on time The post Death and anxiety rife at matric marking centres as schools reopening delayed appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Dog Eat Dog: Measuring Network Effects Using a Digital Platform Merger

With heated debate over antitrust regulation of online platforms, this study finds that when a larger platform acquired its greatest competitor, users were not better off with a single platform compared to two competitors, despite marked efficiency improvements experienced by the acquiring platform. [Author: by Chiara Farronato, Jessica Fong, and Andrey Fradkin]
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