FAQ: Here’s what you need to know now about getting a coronavirus vaccine in LA County

With all the developments arising this week in Los Angeles County, there’s a pretty good chance you are confused about whether you are eligible to get a coronavirus vaccine, how you sign up and where you should go to get your shot. We’ll try to answer your questions. 1. I am 65 years old and I live in Los Angeles County. Can I get a vaccine? Appointments will be available for L.A. County residents 65 years old and older starting Tuesday afternoon at The first appointment...
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Leadership Advice for Biden: Restore a Sense of Calm

Harvard Business School faculty members share their expectations for a Biden presidency and offer advice to the commander in chief as he takes on the raging COVID-19 pandemic and a divided nation. [Author: by Dina Gerdeman]
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The Value of Descriptive Analytics: Evidence from Online Retailers

Analytics are descriptive when they describe what happened. Descriptive-analytics solutions are popular among marketers and retailers. This paper provides a benchmark for the benefits of using a descriptive dashboard and illustrates how to potentially extract these benefits. [Author: by Ron Berman and Ayelet Israeli]
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The Role of Constraints in Creative Problem-Solving

This study shows that constraints can support creative problem solving in a consumer electronics setting. Adding (some) constraints increased the quantity and quality of strong ideas generated and selected through an open innovation process. [Author: by Daniel Ehls, Karim R. Lakhani, and Jacqueline N. Lane]
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Ursula K. Le Guin Stamp Getting Released by the US Postal Service

Here’s one thing that’s going right with America’s decaying postal system. They write on the USPS web site: “The 33rd stamp in the Literary Arts series honors Ursula K. Le Guin (1929-2018), who expanded the scope of literature through novels and short stories that increased critical and popular appreciation of science fiction and fantasy. The stamp features a portrait of Le Guin based on a 2006 photograph. The background shows a scene from her landmark 1969 novel “The Left Hand of Darkness,” in...
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The 9 best online courses, apps, and books to start learning German

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Insider German can be a fun but tricky language to learn, especially when it comes to grammar.Below are platforms, apps, courses, books, and websites to help you learn German, including Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, and .Read more: 9 cheap and free online French classes to help beginners build their vocabulary, fix their grammar, and perfect pronunciationSign up for Insider Reviews' weekl...
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Q&A Sessions: George Euvrard, the brains behind our cryptic crossword

George Euvrard spoke to Athandiwe Saba about his passion for education, clues on how to solve his crosswords and the importance of celebrating South Africa. The post Q&A Sessions: George Euvrard, the brains behind our cryptic crossword appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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End medical school grades

There should be no grades in medical school. Forty-something percent of applicants get accepted to one or more medical schools. To even apply to medical school, one needs to have not only graduated or be on track to graduate college, but also needs to have passed the MCAT and have the support of a pre-medical […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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A man taking a college-entrance exam in Tokyo was disqualified for refusing to keep his mask over his nose

A woman holds a face mask in her hands. Nico De Pasquale Photography/Getty Images A 49-year-old man in Tokyo was disqualified from college-entrance exams for not wearing a mask. The man was told six times to pull his mask up, but he didn't. When he was barred from the test, he hid in the bathroom and refused to leave until he was arrested. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A Japanese man was disqualified from taking the college-entrance exams after he repeatedly refused t...
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Student Disqualified From Entrance Exams Over Incorrect Mask Use

A student taking part in Japan’s standardized university entrance exams was forcibly disqualified after they refused to heed the guidelines requesting that students wear their face masks in the proper manner. It was said the Tokyo student did not comply with the demands of exam supervisors to conceal their nasal region with their mask, something […]
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How Levi’s 501 Jeans Became Iconic: A Short Documentary Featuring John Baldessari, Henry Rollins, Lee Ranaldo & More In his memoir Living Carelessly in Tokyo and Elsewhere, the American Japanologist John Nathan remembers evenings in the 1960s spent with Yukio Mishima, whose work he translated into English. “I listened raptly as he recited passages from The Tale of the Heike that revealed the fierceness and delicacy of Japan’s warrior-poets, or showed me the fine calibration of the Chinese spectrum,” Nathan writes. “One night he stood up abruptly from behind h...
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UK coronavirus live: 1,610 Covid-related deaths reported in new daily high

Latest updates: today’s reported figure is the highest since pandemic began; school reopening likely to be staggered by region English schools may reopen regionally, medical chief suggestsCovid-related care home deaths in England jump by 46%Two-thirds of residents at Lincolnshire care home die in Covid outbreakCoronavirus – latest global updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage 4.26pm GMT The UK has recorded 1,610 further coronavirus deaths. This is the largest daily figure for Covid deaths (...
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5 vaccination mega-centers open in L.A. County today – but are there enough doses to stock them?

Fueled by an increasingly uncertain supply of much-coveted coronavirus vaccines, Los Angeles County aimed to roll out five new large-scale vaccination centers, all at high-profile settings around the region, on Tuesday, Jan. 19. The array of new vaccination centers will be in addition to the giant parking-lot clinic at Dodger Stadium — perhaps the largest vaccination site in the nation — and 75 smaller sites the county is already operating. Though all the sites are quite recognizable to Southlan...
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Trending Accessories 2021: 15 Trendy Items You Definitely Need to Try This Year

Keep up with all the trends this year with these items!
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Senator: ‘More transparency is needed’ by exam proctoring tech firms

Three of the leading exam proctoring companies are facing calls to be more transparent, amid continued claims of bias by students forced to take remote exams because of the ongoing pandemic. Exam proctoring tech lets students take remotely invigilated tests from home. Students are told to install their university’s choice of proctoring software, which allows the exam monitor deep access to the student’s computer, including their webcams and microphones, to monitor their activity to spot potentia...
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UK’s WhiteHat rebrands as Multiverse, raises $44M to build tech apprenticeships in the US

University education is getting more expensive, and at the moment it feels a bit like a petrie dish for infections, but the long-term trends continue to show a dramatic growth in the number of people worldwide getting degrees beyond high school, with one big reason for this being that a college degree generally provides better economic security. But today, a startup that is exploring a different route for those interested in technology and knowledge worker positions — specifically by way of appr...
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Reflections on My Relationship with Stuff today at (in)courage

My mother liked to say that stuff is a good Bible word. Although it sounds casual and not-very-biblical, stuff is found in thirteen verses in the King James Version, such as 1 Samuel 25:13 which says, “. . . and there went up after David about four hundred men; and two hundred abode by the stuff.” When my family sold our home of fifteen years and bought another at the end of November, it revealed a lot about my relationship with stuff, not only the areas where my relationship with it is healthy ...
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The Deadliest Garden in the World: Visit Alnwick’s Poison Garden in Northumberland, England The mind reels to think of all the early humans who sacrificed themselves, unwittingly, in the prehistoric quest to learn which plants were safe to eat, which were suitable for healing, and which would maim or kill whoever who touched them. Even now, of course, the great majority of us rely on experts to make these distinctions for us. Unless we’re steeped in field training and/or folk knowledge, it’s safe to say most of us wouldn’t have a clue...
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Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Energy Accumulator Was Beloved by William S. Burroughs and Banned by the FDA: Find Plans to Build the Controversial Device Online

Was Austrian Marxist psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich a trenchant socio-political thinker or a total crank? A fraud or a prophet? Maybe a little from each column, at different times during the course of his bizarre career. An enthusiastic student of Sigmund Freud, Reich applied his teacher’s theories of repressed libido to the frightening political theater of the 1930s, writing against the spread of Nazism in his prescient 1933 book The Mass Psychology of Fascism. Here, Reich brought Marx and Freud ...
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