San Fernando Valley restaurants prepare for their ‘lifeline,’ outdoor dining, to return Friday

Jennifer Febre’s MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. has a strong fan base, but even with devoted customers, her Van Nuys business has been struggling to stay afloat since the pandemic swept across the city. With her staff reduced to a skeleton crew and operations reduced to takeout, even her “hardcore fans” started disappearing since stay-at-home orders went into effect in November. “It has been incredibly slow,” she said, noting that her brewery was able to operate as a restaurant because it has a kitchen...
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A New Way to Cut Credit Card Debt: Pay Off One Purchase at a Time

Letting credit card customers pay back specific purchases encourages borrowers to go beyond the minimum, says research by Michael Norton and colleagues. [Author: by Kristen Senz]
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Heartstrings of Arcadia’s Eileen Chen tugged by upcoming ‘Letter to an Elder Day’

Good people with big hearts have been making an impact during the coronavirus pandemic. Among them is Eileen Chen of Arcadia, who is community outreach coordinator for Love For Our Elders, a non-profit organization which Feb. 26 will be hosting Letter to an Elder Day, a global effort to encourage writing letters of love and encouragement to elders who are feeling isolated because of COVID-19. “I’m always really close to my grandparents and I know that they’ve been feeling super lonely during thi...
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Chinatown Service Center starts mobile COVID testing service

The Chinatown Service Center is launching a mobile COVID-19 testing unit to serve communities in the West San Gabriel Valley and the Chinatown area near downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, Jan. 27. The mobile unit will travel to senior facilities, schools and offices and focus on Chinese-American and Latino communities that are disproportionately impacted by those who are becoming infected with coronavirus. A $200,000 Neighborhood Builders grant from Bank of America is providing support for the m...
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Michael Lewis Doesn’t “Do” Social Media

Last May, Tim Ferriss interviewed the writer Michael Lewis. Early in the episode, Lewis said that people often describe him as “one of the happiest people they know.” Toward the end, we encounter one of the reasons why this is true. As the podcast wraps up, Ferriss asks the standard question: “are there any other websites, or any other resources, social media handles, anything you would like to mention if people want to learn more about what you are up to?” Lewis’s response is refreshing: “I wi...
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How Richard Feynman’s Diagrams Revolutionized Physics If you want to understand theoretical physics these days—as much as is possible without years of specialized study—there are no shortage of places to turn on the internet. Of course, this was not the case in the early 1960s when Richard Feynman gave his famous series of lectures at Caltech. In published form, these lectures became the most popular book on physics ever written. Feynman’s subsequent autobiographical essays and accessible public a...
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14 Best Bath & Body Works Products You Need to Try

Affordable, amazing fragrances and products that work.
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‘Each one, teach one’: Rethinking education in a pandemic

In South Africa, we come from a proud history of activism. How then have we suddenly learnt to be helpless? The post ‘Each one, teach one’: Rethinking education in a pandemic appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova Tells Protestors What to Do–and Not Do–If Arrested by Authoritarian Police Note: If the subtitles don’t play automatically, please click the “cc” at the bottom of the video. Oligarchic regimes built on corruption and naked self-interest don’t typically exhibit much in the way of creativity when responding to crises of legitimacy. The most recent challenge to the oligarchic rule of Vladimir Putin, for example, after the attempted assassination and jailing of his rival, anti-corruption activist Alexey Navalny, revealed ...
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Rick Steves’ Europe: Binge Watch 9 Seasons of America’s Favorite Traveler Free Online “People who are addicted to European travel, this is kind of a frustrating time for them,” says Rick Steves in a podcast interview with The New York Times‘ Sam Anderson from this past spring. He should know: since becoming a professional travel guide and educator in the late 1970s, Steves has harnessed his own European travel addiction to build a business empire. To his fellow Europhiles — and especially his fellow Europhile but monoglot Americ...
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