23 tax deductions, no itemizing required, on Schedule 1

I've always done my taxes. When the hubby and I married, I continued this annual task, now filing our joint return. The only change is that every tax season the hubby periodically peers over my shoulder as I work on our return and chants, "Deduct! Deduct! Deduct!" Although taxes aren't his thing, he's right. Deductions can help lower taxes. And for most of our marriage, we've found it better to itemize deductions on Schedule A. But even then, we've been able to use now and then what are known a...
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LA County leaders seek faster release of FEMA funds to help extend hotel rooms for homeless

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday, Feb. 9, to lobby the federal government to more quickly fund the sheltering people experiencing homelessness in programs such as Project Roomkey — if not provide the funding upfront. The approval of the motion, authored by Supervisors Janice Hahn and Hilda Solis, comes on the heels of the Biden Administration’s announcement last month that the Federal Emergency Management Agency would provide 100% reimbursement, rather than the typical 7...
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How Jazz Became the “Mother of Hip Hop” Jazz and hip hop have been in a lively conversation in recent years, breaking new ground for both forms, as the work of artists like Kendrick Lamar and his collaborators amply shows. Lamar created his majorly-acclaimed albums To Pimp a Butterfly and Damn with the indispensable playing and arranging of jazz-fusion saxophonist Kamasi Washington and his frequent sideman, bassist Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner, who have contributed to the work of Flyi...
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How To Make a Photo Collage for Valentine's Day

Top Product: Polaroid Hi-Print | $134 | Amazon
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Academy for Home Equity Releases Model Reverse Mortgage Compliance Language for Financial Planners

The Academy for Home Equity in Financial Planning (AHE) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has released a new publication, proposing guidance language for broker-dealers and investment advisory firms to use to help govern planners’ interactions with reverse mortgage products. The publication — featuring contributions from people including Dr. Craig Lemoine, Betty Meredith CFA, Dr. Wade Pfau, Jamie Hopkins and others — clarifies the positions of organizations including the Financia...
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LA County vows to increase equity for coronavirus vaccines in hardest hit areas

One of the key aspects health officials tried to rely on to ensure the coronavirus vaccine reaches people in communities hardest hit by the virus involved using dozens of federally qualified health clinics specially tailored to provide care in underserved areas. There was just one problem. The vaccines being administered at those health clinics were not earmarked in any way for patients who use the clinic or for other people in the nearby community. Instead, many of those vaccination appointment...
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Alan Watts Reads “One of the Greatest Things Carl Jung Ever Wrote” Carl Jung founded the field of analytical psychology more than a century ago, and many reference his insights into the human mind and condition still today. Alan Watts certainly did his bit to keep the Jungian flame alive, whatever the outward differences between a Swiss psychiatrist and an English interpreter of Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, especially of the Zen variety. Both men believed in casting a wide spiritual net, all the better to e...
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How college 'promise' programs can help boost diversity in community college

College promise programs have been found to increase the number of first-time and full-time students. Peter Cade/Getty Images New analysis shows that programs covering tuition and fees help increase community college enrollment. Partial or full tuition coverage programs can increase the number of Black, Latino, and white students. With the Biden administration's push for debt-free community college, these programs will likely expand. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories....
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15 Extremely Cute Sweater Dresses We Are Loving for 2021

Our favorite affordable sweater dresses to add to your cart ASAP.
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A New Database Will Document Every Slave House in the U.S.: Discover the “Saving Slave Houses Project” In central North Carolina, not far from where I live, sits the Franklinton Center at Bricks, a 224-acre educational campus and conference center built on the remains of a historic “Agricultural, Industrial, and Normal School,” then junior college, for the descendants of enslaved people. These schools were themselves built on the land of a former cotton plantation, on former territory of the Tuscarora Nation. The campus acts as a palimpsest of S...
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SplashLearn raises $18 million for its game-based edtech platform

SplashLearn, a 10-year-old U.S.-headquartered edtech startup that teaches children through a game-based curriculum, has raised $18 million in a new financing round as it looks to expand to more markets. San Francisco-based Owl Ventures led the Series C funding round in SplashLearn, and Accel, which had earlier invested $7 million in the startup’s Series B, also participated in the new round. In an interview with TechCrunch, SplashLearn co-founder and chief executive Arpit Jain said one of the bi...
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How Norman Rockwell Used Photographs to Create His Famous Paintings: See Side-by-Side Comparisons

More than 40 years after Norman Rockwell’s death, the question of whether his paintings are realistic or unrealistic remains open for debate. On one hand, critical opinion has long dismissed his Saturday Evening Post-adorning visions of American life as sheerest fantasy. “A little girl with a black eye, an elderly woman saying grace with her grandson, a boy going to war: Rockwellian scenes represent a certain sentimental America — an ideal America, or at least Rockwell’s ideal,” says a 2009 NPR...
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