How big will the parent revolt be against teacher unions?

  It will be interesting to see where the parent backlash against the teacher unions goes. Parents are pushing harder to have their children taught while teachers claim special privileges. It is not clear to me why teachers think it is OK for hospital and grocery store workers to go to work, but some how schools are a death trap. David Catron's column The Coming Parent Revolt Over School Reopening reviews several issues on opening of public schools and concludes with: The paren...
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LAUSD officials call for vaccines to be prioritized for school employees

Prioritizing school employees for vaccines was the theme of the day on Wednesday, Feb. 17, as Los Angeles Unified School District officials and representatives from some of their labor employee groups gathered at the Roybal Learning Center near downtown LA to mark the opening of the district’s first vaccination center. District officials also used the occasion to announce plans to run a second, much larger vaccination center at SoFi Stadium, in partnership with the Los Angeles Rams, Hollywood Pa...
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Information Avoidance and Image Concerns

People avoid information that might compel them to behave more generously. While many people avoid information due to concerns about their self-image, there is a substantial role for other reasons, such as inattention and confusion. [Author: by Christine L. Exley and Judd B. Kessler]
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Pandemic Self-Care for CEOs: Rituals, Running, and Cognitive Restructuring

Boris Groysberg and colleagues look at the tactics and techniques that business leaders are leaning on to manage stress during the COVID-19 pandemic. [Author: by Gamze D. Yucaoglu, Robin Abrahams, and Boris Groysberg]
Tags: College, Boris Groysberg, Robin Abrahams, by Gamze D. Yucaoglu, and Boris Groysberg, Gamze D Yucaoglu Robin Abrahams

Bollywood, Skin Color, and Sexism: The Role of the Film Industry in Emboldening and Contesting Stereotypes in India after Independence

Analysis of interviews with Bollywood producers and actors shows the extent of biases in the film industry during the decades after India’s independence in 1947. Gender stereotyping has remained a noteworthy feature of films, and bias towards light skin has only intensified. [Author: by Sudev Sheth, Geoffrey Jones, and Morgan Spencer]
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Police officers will no longer be stationed at LAUSD campuses

In a move aimed at improving campus climate, the Los Angeles Unified Board of Education voted Tuesday, Feb. 16, to keep officers out of secondary school campuses, ban them from using pepper spray on students and to eliminate 133 positions, including 70 sworn officer positions, from the district’s school police department. And by stripping $25 million from the Los Angeles School Police Department — or about a third of its budget — board members voted to redirect those dollars toward a $36.5 milli...
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Cops will no longer be stationed at LAUSD campuses

In a move aimed at improving campus climate, the Los Angeles Unified Board of Education voted Tuesday, Feb. 16, to keep officers out of secondary school campuses, ban them from using pepper spray on students and to eliminate 133 positions, including 70 sworn officer positions, from the district’s school police department. And by stripping $25 million from the Los Angeles School Police Department — or about a third of its budget — board members voted to redirect those dollars toward a $36.5 milli...
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Grant High wins LAUSD’s 40th annual Academic Decathlon

Grant High School in Valley Glen was named the winner of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s 40th annual Academic Decathlon on Wednesday, Feb. 17. The six-member team scored 48,180.3 out of a possible 60,000 points to emerge victorious, according to the district. The topic of this year’s decathlon was “The Cold War.” Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, the normal gathering of students for the decathlon was held virtually, consisting of multiple-choice tests, speeches, interviews and e...
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Pandemic-era growth and SPACs are helping edtech startups graduate early

Special purpose acquisition vehicles regained popularity in 2020 as an alternative way to take startups public, and now they are eyeing edtech companies. So far, Skillsoft has gone public through Churchill Capital, and Nerdy, parent company of Varsity Tutors, did the same through a reverse merger with TPG Pace Tech Opportunities. On the investor side, Edify and Adit EdTech Acquisition are both separate, $200 million SPACs for education companies. SPACs are not being used to prop up com...
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Google to roll out slate of over 50 updates for Classroom, Meet and other online education tools

Google today introduced a suite of updates for its online education tools whose adoption and further development have been accelerated by the pandemic, including Google Classroom, Google Meet and the next generation of G Suite for Education, now rebranded as Google Workspace for Education. In total, Google is promising more than 50 new features across its education products, with a focus on meeting educators’ and admins’ needs, in particular, in addition to those of the students. When Google fir...
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A peek at what’s next for Google Classroom

Over the last year, the education community had to quickly adapt to challenges, and Google Classroom evolved with them. Today, Google Classroom helps more than 150 million students, educators and school leaders around the world teach and learn — up from 40 million last year. We first built Classroom to simplify and improve teaching and learning. We wanted to help teachers build stronger connections with students and give them back time to focus on the things that made them want to teach in the f...
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Chromebooks get an education refresh

Chromebooks — which last year were largely used as classroom tools for writing reports and working on projects — are now the main way many students go to school. As distance learning takes place around the world, educators and students have had to quickly adapt to teaching and learning through Chromebooks. And along the way we’ve updated features and tools to make learning from anywhere easier. This year, we have 40 new devices and accessibility improvements coming so that every student can lear...
Tags: Education, Accessibility, Chromebook, Chromebooks, Google Account, Google for Education, Andy Russell, Chrome Education Upgrade, Google Workspace for Education, Google Admin Console

More options for learning with Google Workspace for Education

During the 15 years we’ve been building tools for educators, we’ve seen the needs of instructors, education leaders and students evolve. We’ve learned that a one-size-fits all approach isn't what educators need from tools like G Suite for Education. Whether you're in a rural elementary school, urban university or homeschool setting, our technology and tools should adapt so you can focus on what matters most: teaching and learning. That's why we're making a few changes to provide you greater choi...
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New safety and engagement features in Google Meet

Over the past year, video conferencing became an essential tool for teaching, learning and staying connected. As part of our commitment to building products and programs to expand learning for everyone, we're bringing new features to Meet to help educators keep virtual classes secure and students engaged.  Helping teachers keep virtual classes safe  Our first priority with Google Meet is to make sure meetings are safe and secure. Last year we launched a number of tools to help with this, inc...
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How Cloud Solutions support students and schools

The past year was a challenging one for educators, but the good news is that we’ve discovered solutions that will continue making learning more effective — whether schools operate in-person, in a hybrid model or continue remotely. This year, more K-12 and Higher Ed schools turned to Cloud solutions to understand and drive student success while expanding access to learning and support affordably. Student success through real-time insights Google Cloud tools make it possible for institutions to ma...
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Our commitment to learning and 50+ new education features

Learning is at the heart of what Google does. Every day more than a billion people come to Google to find answers or discover something new. Our Learning & Education team works to fuel that curiosity and help people build knowledge by connecting them to great learning experiences through our products — whether it's Search or YouTube, Google Classroom or Chromebooks.After spending more than 20 years building Search, I recently started leading this team and working alongside Avni Shah, a 17-year G...
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Biden wants to go big on the economy but go small on student-debt reform

President Joe Biden participates in a CNN town hall at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, February 16, 2021. SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images President Joe Biden said at his first town hall that he will not cancel $50,000 in student-loan debt. Congress should introduce legislation to cancel the debt, Biden has consistently said. Several leading Democrats believe Biden can act, using powers under the Higher Education Act.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Presid...
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The Birth of Hip Hop: How DJ Kool Herc Used Turntables to Change the Musical World (1973)

We all reach an age when the music of our youth becomes “the oldies.” When it comes to music as dynamic, innovative, and far-reaching as hip-hop, that age can feel surprisingly young. Or so it seemed to me, a child of the 90s, when the 21st century dawned. Now, separated from the artists I grew up listening to by a gulf of almost thirty years, I can say they are all certifiably old school, which I suppose makes me certifiably old. But consider this—in 1993, a year I once considered somet...
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"First of all, kids don't get the vaccine —get COVID very often... so you're the safest group of people in the whole world, number one."

"Number two, you're not likely to be able to be exposed to something and spread it to mommy or daddy. And it's not likely mommy and daddy are able to spread it to you either. So I wouldn't worry about it, baby. I promise you. But I know it's kind of worrisome. Wait, are you in first grade? Second grade? Oh, you're getting old. Second grade. Well, has your school — have you been in school, honey? No? See, that's — that's kind of a scary thing, too. You don't get to go to school. You don't get to...
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The Ultimate Guide to the Dark Academia Aesthetic (+ Outfit Ideas)

Add a little darkness to your wardrobe.
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Tips for adapting the elementary music curriculum to online teaching

Teachers of the performing arts are adapting their classes to go online. The problems and challenges range from ensuring enough physical space for movement around each student’s computer to overcoming audio and video syncing delays during the live feed. Some of the solutions include doing less movement during the class and turning off students’ video so there is less latency in the audio. But what about elementary music?Young students are inspired by seeing others move with them. The teacher can...
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Peter Gabriel Re-Records “Biko,” His Anti-Apartheid Protest Song, with Musicians Around the World

Wisdom, humour, compassion, understanding, brilliancy of intellect, unselfishness, modesty, courage—he had all these attributes… The government quite clearly never understood the extent to which Steve Biko was a man of peace. He was militant in standing up for his principles, yes, but his abiding goal was a peaceful reconciliation of all South Africans. —Donald Woods When South African police murdered Steve Biko in detention on August 18, 1977, they thought they were ridding themselves o...
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Saint John Coltrane: The San Francisco Church Built On A Love Supreme

Little of San Francisco today is as it was half a century ago. But at the corner of Turk Boulevard and Lyon Street stands a true survivor: the Church of St. John Coltrane. Though officially founded in 1971, the roots of this unique musical-religious institution (previously featured here on Open Culture) go back further still. “It was our first wedding anniversary, September 18, 1965 and we celebrated the occasion by going to the Jazz Workshop,” write founders Franzo and Marina King on th...
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Learn with Google Arts & Culture

As students, families and educators increasingly rely on tools to support a hybrid approach to education, they depend on accessing helpful online resources to bring their curriculum to life. Google Arts & Culture, in collaboration with more than 2000 cultural institutions, has long offered a range of tools and experiences to inspire those teaching virtually and everyone looking to learn online. To improve the experience and reflect how we’re all learning, today we’re launching Learn with Google ...
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Witness fumbles at Mbati’s parliament inquiry

The sole remaining witness flounders on the first day of the higher education portfolio committee investigation into SMU vice-chancellor Professor Peter Mbati The post Witness fumbles at Mbati’s parliament inquiry appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Education, Eff, Parliament, Inquiry, Council, ANC, SMU, Top Six, South Africa (country, Peter Mbati, University Of Venda, Portfolio Committee On Higher Education, Shirley Mabusela, Eric Nemekula, Juneas Lekgetha, Sefako Makgatho University of Health Sciences

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