Dance With An Admissions Officer: Eight Steps to Get You Admitted to College

One of the great myths about college admission is that the process is merely a matter of doing your best in high school, getting good scores on some tests, writing a decent essay, and then simply submitting your application to the admissions office.  Then you just sit back and pray that a college admissions officer will love you enough to give you the keys to the gate. Not true. If you want a college admissions officer to love you, you have to love them back. Admissions officers are people, too....
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Measuring Employment Impact: Applications and Cases

Employment impact-weighted accounting statements quantify the positive and negative effects of firm practices for employees and the broader labor community. This analysis of companies in different sectors shows how these statements are beneficial both at an aggregate and more specific level. [Author: by Katie Panella and George Serafeim]
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Connecting Expected Stock Returns to Accounting Valuation Multiples: A Primer

This paper introduces a framework to investors and researchers interested in accounting-based valuation. The framework connects expected stock returns to accounting valuation anchors. It can be generalized to evaluate an enterprise's expected returns, and can be adapted to correct for the use of stale accounting data. [Author: by Akash Chattopadhyay, Matthew R. Lyle, and Charles C.Y. Wang]
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LA County, city, school-district sites gear up for Monday’s massive new wave of vaccine-seekers

With an estimated 1.2 million more people eligible for coronavirus vaccines on Monday, March 1, Los Angeles County will operate with its largest-ever infrastructure for delivering the sought-after inoculations this week. But health officials said residents will have to be patient while vaccine supplies remain thin and sporadic, and while staff are being trained to tighten up procedures to ensure only eligible people receive shots. County health officials expressed hope that conditions will impro...
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Get to grips with the brains of youth

Shaping the frontal cortex as a critical youth development strategy The post Get to grips with the brains of youth appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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How to Style a Sweater Vest (+5 Outfit Ideas)

This one is grandpa-approved.
Tags: College, Fashion Tips, Spring Fashion Trends, Sweater Vest, 2021 Trends

Practical Ways to Save Money When Attending College

While there’s no way to magically wipe out all of the various expenses associated with a college education, there are numerous steps you can take to make higher learning less financially strenuous.
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