UTLA members ‘overwhelmingly’ vote to refuse to return to in-person work until all conditions met

Los Angeles Unified teachers and other school employees represented by the local teachers union drew a line in the sand this week by voting overwhelmingly to refuse to return for in-person work if officials make it mandatory before all three conditions the union has asked for to ensure schools reopen safely are met, the union announced Friday, March 5. Out of about 35,000 teachers, counselors, librarians, school nurses and other certificated staff represented by United Teachers Los Angeles, 24,5...
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Education Layoffs Looming? Districts Start To Give Some Teachers The Pink Slip

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LA County coronavirus vaccine allotment continues to increase

Los Angeles County expects to receive 312,000 vaccine doses next week including 53,700 doses of the highly anticipated Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which only requires one dose. Additional doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine were not expected for several weeks. The allotment coming next week is the biggest since vaccines began flowing into L.A. County in December. This week, the county received 269,000 doses. The week prior it received 211,000 doses in what have been ever-increasing allocations...
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Kevin de Leon helps deliver PPEs at Boyle Heights clinic

LA Councilmember Kevin de Leon speaks during a press conference to announce a massive distribution of personal protective equipment for communities hardest hit by COVID-19 outside the Clinica Romero in Boyle Heights, Thursday, Mar. 4, 2021. (Photo by Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG) LA Councilmember Kevin de Leon speaks during a press conference to announce a massive distribution of personal protective equipment for communities hardest hit by COVID-19 outside the Clinica Romero in...
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Over 2.2 million students enrolled in this free Yale class on how to be happier - here's what it's actually like to take

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Insider Yale's most popular class in history teaches you how to become happier using science.Through Coursera, Professor Laurie Santos created a free version of the course, The Science of Well-Being. It blew up in popularity during the pandemic.I enrolled and was surprised by how helpful and fun it was. It made an abstract topic feel concrete and useful in everyday life.  The Science of Wel...
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Researchers unearth the “Lamborghini” of ancient chariots in Pompeii

Archeologists recently discovered a first-of-its-kind chariot in Pompeii.The ceremonial chariot is decorated with bronze and tin medallions, while the sides sport bronzesheets and red-and-black paintings. Given looting activity in the area, it's lucky the 2,000-year-old treasure wasn't lost to the world heritage site. In 79 CE, near the Bay of Naples, Mt. Vesuvius erupted. Geologically, this was business as usual for the volatile volcano, but for the nearby cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, it...
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“The Cinematic Universe”: A Video Essay on How Films Cinematize Cities & Places, from Manhattan to Nashville, Rome Open City to Taipei Story

Los Angeles in Chinatown, Rome in Rome Open City, Manhattan in Manhattan: you could say that each of these films’ cities becomes a character in the story. You could say it, but you’d be making a cinematic observation that has, at this point, become severely clichéd. What do we actually mean when we call a setting something more than a setting? This question is at the heart of “The Cinematic Universe,” the new video essay from The Cinema Cartography, a MUBI-sponsored series by Channel Cri...
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Weekend Sales: 65% off Revolve, 50% off at ASOS, 70% off PLT, & More

Here's where to save on beauty and fashion this weekend.
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Watch 12 Seasons of the Dick Cavett Show, 18 Seasons of Johnny Carson & Many Other Classic Shows on Shout! Factory

Dick Cavett was sometimes called the “thinking man’s Johnny Carson,” and he came up in a similar fashion—a stand-up, a joke writer for hire— until he was given a chance to host a late night show. But compare a Cavett episode to any late night host today, and it feels like a very different time. Sure, stars were booked to talk about their upcoming movie or album or television show, but Cavett was so laid back, so chatty and conversant, that it often felt like you were eavesdropping. It’s ...
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The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross & Banksy: Watch Banksy Paint a Mural on the Jail That Once Housed Oscar Wilde

It would be difficult to think of two artists who appear to have less in common than Bob Ross and Banksy. One of them creates art by pulling provocative stunts, often illegal, under the cover of anonymity; the other did it by painting innocuous landscapes on public television, spending a decade as one of its most recognizable personalities. But game recognize game, as they say, in popular art as in other fields of human endeavor. In the video above, Banksy pays tribute to Ross by layerin...
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Coronavirus: Pasadena Unified schools will reopen for in-person learning on March 29

At the end of a nearly seven-hour meeting, the Pasadena Unified Board of Education voted on Thursday, March 4, to bring its youngest elementary school students back on campus for in-person instruction by the end of the month.  The first to return will be students in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, who will come back to campus on March 29. First and second graders will come back on April 1. They’ll all leave for spring break one week later, coming back on April 13. That’s when students in thir...
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