LAUSD reaches tentative agreement with teachers union on timetable to reopen schools

Starting in mid-April, Los Angeles Unified’s youngest learners and students with disabilities would be able to return to campus for in-person instruction, while students in middle and high school could return for additional support services at the end of April, if a tentative agreement reached Tuesday, March 9, between the district and teachers union gets ratified. Specifically, students in preschools, elementary schools and students with disabilities would return to campus first in a hybrid sch...
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UC Davis Offers Students $75 To Not Travel On Spring Break

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Real Credit Cycles

The financial crisis of 2008 renewed economists’ interest in financial fragility, specifically understanding its origins. This paper shows how market participants’ expectations can be part of standard macroeconomic models and significantly improve their explanatory power. [Author: by Pedro Bordalo, Nicola Gennaioli, Andrei Shleifer, and Stephen J. Terry]
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Stock Price Reactions to ESG News: The Role of ESG Ratings and Disagreement

Company performance evaluations have included sell-side analyst forecasts, recommendations, and credit ratings, but a newer set has emerged: environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings. This study finds that ESG ratings are useful for predicting future ESG news, but their predictive ability diminishes for firms with large disagreement between raters. [Author: by George Serafeim and Aaron Yoon]
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Forbes: Four Ways to Use Home Equity in Retirement, Including Reverse Mortgage

It can be a very tough experience for a senior to take a hard look at their retirement plan, and realize that they may not have enough financial resources to make ends meet for the duration of their post-working lives. This is why for some, it may be practical to look at the equity that a homeowner has built up over time, learning about ways that equity could be employed to play a role in retirement financing. There is more than one way to tap home equity in retirement, but four particular me...
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LA continuation schools in San Pedro, Reseda earn state recognition

Two Los Angeles Unified continuation high schools, one in San Pedro and the other in Reseda, have received statewide honors for keeping at-risk students on track despite the challenges of remote learning during the coronavirus pandemic. Angel’s Gate High School in San Pedro and John R. Wooden Continuation High School in Reseda were among 27 California campuses to recently receive the 2021 Model Continuation High School honors. Continuation schools are meant to help students who lack sufficient c...
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LA County resists Blue Shield’s efforts to take over vaccine duties

Los Angeles County officials are resisting efforts by health insurer Blue Shield of California in their state-directed effort to coordinate vaccine distributions across-the-board. Public health officials said on Tuesday they met with representatives from the company last week and said — until their concerns are all met — the county will continue to administer the network it spent weeks building. “Public health will continue to play a lead role because we are the local government entity tasked wi...
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A Starling Murmuration Magically Makes the Shape of a Bird

“After months of chasing these birds around Lough Ennell, Co. Westmeath [a lake in Ireland], James Crombie and I captured a unique display, writes Colin Hogg on YouTube. He’s referring to the video above, which–for one ever-brief moment–captures a murmuration of starlings forming the shape of a giant bird. It’s a pretty meta concept. Crombie also captured the moment with a photograph that graced the cover of The Irish Times. View it here. The newspaper provides some interesting backstory...
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Celebrating 10 years of Chromebooks in education

A decade ago, we launched a small pilot program with a handful of schools. Council Bluffs in Iowa and Fon du Lac in Wisconsin were among the very first to use Chromebooks. Today, Chromebooks are as essential as a backpack for students learning in the US and in places like Australia, Brasil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and Sweden. As we celebrate our 10th birthday, we’re taking a look back at how far Chromebooks have come in the classroom, and announcing new feature...
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Where’s the literature in guiding house staff work hour maximums?

In 2003, the ACGME first set a national standard for house staff duty hours, limiting maximum shift lengths from unlimited hours to 30 hours (24+6) for all house staff. With continued concerns about medical errors and sleep deprivation safer, standards were updated in 2011 to reduce maximum shift lengths to 20 hours (16+4) for the […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Compare the Original Trailers of Classic Films with Their Modern Updates: Casablanca, Dog Day Afternoon & The Exorcist

You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss and audiences’ taste in film trailers evolves, just like movies do. HBO Max is capitalizing on these shifts by releasing a series of Modern Trailers for some of the classic (and not so classic… looking at you, Gremlins) films streaming on its platform. Take the recut trailer for 1944’s Oscar winning Best Picture, Casablanca, above. Rather than using a narrator to deliver exposition, it’s supplied by dialogue, superimposed over moody shots of ...
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The future of surgery: AR, VR, and virtual learning will upend modern medicine

Hololens is like a smartphone for surgery, allowing doctors to collaborate, communicate, and plan procedures more efficiently. And it's only the beginning.
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15 Beach Vacation Must Haves You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Life

Have the best time on your beach vacay with these items to upgrade any trip.
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How Looney Tunes & Other Classic Cartoons Helped Americans Become Musically Literate

Distance learning experiments on television long predate the medium’s use as a conduit for advertising and mass entertainment. “Before it became known as the ‘idiot box,’” writes Matt Novak at Smithsonian, “television was seen as the best hope for bringing enlightenment to the American people.” The federal government made way for educational programming during TV’s earliest years when the FCC reserved 242 noncommercial channels “to encourage educational programming.” Funding did not mate...
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John Cleese’s Very Favorite Comedy Sketches

Asked by Time magazine to name his favorite sketches among all those he has written or performed in, John Cleese deliberately excluded most of his Monty Python work. Instead he turned deeper into his back pages, all the way to At Last the 1948 Show, which originally aired on ITV in 1967. (Its title referenced the long delays inflicted by television’s executive decision-making processes.) The program was conceived at the behest of broadcaster David Frost, who’d previously engaged Cleese a...
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