LAUSD may revisit social distancing policy, instructional schedules in future

The Los Angeles Unified School District may change its policy on how spread apart students must remain in the classroom for the summer and fall — when on-campus activities are also likely to increase — Superintendent Austin Beutner said Tuesday, March 23, offering hope to parents who want the district to provide in-person instruction five days a week to students in all grade levels. The district is currently locked into maintaining 6 feet of distancing between desks because of an agreement it ne...
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On Robert Heinlein’s Analog Autoresponder

A reader recently pointed me toward a fascinating post on Kevin Kelly’s CT2 blog. It concerned the fan mail received by the famed science fiction author Robert Heinlein. Unable to keep up with the deluge of incoming correspondence, Heinlein devised a form letter (pictured above), which included responses to twenty-one common questions and requests. These canned replies include, for example, a pointer to the book Writer’s Market for more information on how to prepare manuscripts for submission, ...
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Succeeding in the New Work-from-Anywhere World

Remote work is here to stay. Tsedal Neeley's Remote Work Revolution offers business leaders a blueprint for navigating the virtual workplace. [Author: by Michael Blanding]
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The 5 best mini fridges we tested in 2021

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Mini fridges come in all shapes and sizes and are ideal for the home office, guest room, or dorm.The Danby 4.4 Cubic Foot Mini Fridge offers an array of features and space at an affordable price.Back to school is one of the most popular times to purchase a mini fridge as many students want a refrigerator in their dorm rooms. But these small refrigerators also work well for offices, rec rooms, and garages.Mini fridges aren't as energy efficient as standard-s...
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Transmission rate spike spurs fear of new coronavirus surge in LA County

With the encouraging wane of coronavirus statistics in Los Angeles County comes a red flag on this week, an increase in the rate of transmission. The transmission rate — a measure of just how “spreadable” the virus is at a given point in time — was at .93 as of Monday, March 23, an increase over last week’s .87 rate and .77 just weeks ago, according to the the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. If the rate — otherwise known as “R,” or “R-naught” — gets above 1,  spread of the viru...
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LA County Board condemns anti-Asian hate, two mass shootings

Launching its meeting on an urgent tone, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, March 23, denounced the wave of hate against Asian Americans and decried the eruption of deadly gun violence in the past week Supervisors held a moment of silence in memory of the eight people killed in a series of attacks on massage businesses in Atlanta on March 16, as well as the mass shooting that killed 10 people Monday in a Boulder, Colo. supermarket. Related links LA County leaders decry...
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5 ways Search can help you learn

As students, parents and teachers continue to rise to the challenges of remote learning, we’ve created tools across desktop and mobile to help you find the best educational resources on the web. Whether it’s step-by-step guidance on complex math problems you’ve been stuck on or visual 3D models to ace that chemistry lab report, Search is here to help. These features are currently available in English everywhere, with plans to expand to more languages. And to make these tools more accessible, we’...
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The Growth of London, from the Romans to the 21st Century, Visualized in a Time-Lapse Animated Map

From a port settlement on the banks of the Thames that the Romans called Londinium came a thriving city of “roughly 100,000 people” in Shakespeare’s time, “a cross-section of early modern English culture,” the British Library notes, including “royalty, nobility, merchants, artisans, laborers, actors, beggars, thieves, and spies, as well as refugees from political and religious persecution on the continent.” The city thrived economically and merchants from the known world passed through i...
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Apple launches the ‘Apple Teacher Portfolio recognition, updates Schoolwork and Classroom apps

Apple this morning announced a handful of education-related updates to its suite of classroom apps as well as a new recognition for teachers, called the Apple Teacher Portfolio. Teachers who complete a total of nine lessons where they learn foundational skills on iPad and Mac to become an officially recognized Apple Teacher will be able to submit their portfolio of lesson examples to earn the Apple Teacher Portfolio recognition. They can then also share their portfolio with their colleagues or u...
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29 Amazon Prime gifts for high school and college graduates that cost under $100

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Amazon's Kindle makes a great gift for grads who love to read. Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Graduation gifts can have a big impact, even as graduation ceremonies remain virtual during the pandemic.Below are 29 great gifts for graduates all under $100 and eligible for Amazon Prime two-day shipping.Need more gift ideas? Check out all of our gift guides here. 29 Amazon Prime-eligible gifts your gradua...
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6 Cute and Trendy Vacation Outfits for 2021

Look your best on your next trip with these on-trend vacation outfit ideas.
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The Mathematics Behind Origami, the Ancient Japanese Art of Paper Folding

The two characters at the core of origami (???), one of the best-known Japanese words around the world, mean “folding” and “paper.” You might well have guessed that, but given the variety and elaborateness of the constructions produced by origami masters over the past few centuries, the simplicity of the practice’s basic nature bears repeating. Those masters must develop no slight degree of manual dexterity, it goes without saying, but also a formidable mathematical understanding of thei...
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How Edward Munch Signaled His Bohemian Rebellion with Cigarettes (1895): A Video Essay

When we think of Edvard Munch, we think of The Scream. Though not explicitly a self-portrait, that iconic 1893 canvas does, to anyone who’s read up on the painter’s life, look like a plausible expression of his troubled internal state. But “Self-Portrait with Cigarette made two years later, though less jarring, is just as concerned with Munch’s personal psychology and the dark underside of his identity as The Scream is.” So argues Evan Puschak, better known as the Nerdwriter, in his vide...
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To All The Places I’ve Had Sex Before

To All The Places I've Had Sex Before $18.99 from Laux Going back to school has left me with little time for leisure reading. I anticipated that hobbies such as video games would take a back seat, but I’ve been such an avid reader over the last few years that I didn’t see it coming. But with as much reading as I have to do for my classes, I haven’t wanted to do much else of it. Fortunately, my second semester has provided me a bit more time to read for pleasure. Even more fortunately for m...
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