*BELLFAIRE* Everdell Founding Celebration Resource Management Board/Card Game

The King and Queen invite YOU to celebrate The Bellfaire!  The busy lives of the Everdellian Critters carry on, and this expansion tells another spellbinding story of a year-long celebration to commemorate the Everdell Founding’s 100th birthday! This lovely expansion adds to the growing family of Everdell games. Read my reviews about the original Everdell […]
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Weighted GPA or Unweighted GPA?

What is a weighted GPA and how is that different from an unweighted GPA? How do colleges calculate your GPA in high school in the admissions process? Some students take courses that “weigh” more than others, which can boost their GPA and their class rank. But how do colleges treat these different weights when they read your application? Calculating GPA for College Most colleges will consider both your weighted and unweighted GPA. And most high schools will report both to the colleges to which ...
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Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine Is Streaming Free on YouTube

Earlier this year, Michael Moore released the 2002 documentary Bowling for Columbine on his official YouTube channel. The winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, the film “set out to investigate the long, often volatile love affair between Americans and their firearms, uncovering the pervasive culture of fear that keeps the nation locked and loaded.” Criterion goes on to write: Equipped with a camera and a microphone, Moore follows the trail of bullets from Littleton, C...
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DfE warns schools could be closed over 'rape culture' claims

Schools that fail safeguarding rules risk closure after sexual abuse allegations posted on Everyone’s InvitedSchools that fail to meet safeguarding standards for pupils could be forced to shut amid concerns over a “rape culture” in educational establishments.More than 100 schools have been named in harrowing anonymous testimonies on the website, which was set up to expose misogyny, harassment and assault and has also drawn attention to a lack of redress and support for many v...
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15 Tips and Tricks for Shopping Smart at Lululemon

Our go-to workout clothing line, decoded.
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‘Swiss cheese model’ of precautions allows schools to open safely despite coronavirus, experts say

Rewind one year: Fresh finger-paintings dry inside silent classrooms. Half-read books gather dust on shelves. The plant on the teacher’s desk is starting to wilt, but still alive. If we knew then what we know now, schools wouldn’t have closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic — or at least, not for very long, said George Rutherford, professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at UC San Francisco. “We were working on the playbook for Influenza A — the first things to close are elementary schools b...
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