Sacramento Teacher Faces Criticism Over Remarks Made On Social Media

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LA County vows to reach 80% coronavirus vaccination rate in 12 weeks

Within 12 weeks, Los Angeles County public health officials expect to vaccinate 80% of residents over 15 years old, a benchmark that could be a giant stride toward the end of the pandemic here. But increases in virus variants of concern that are continuing to be detected at county laboratories still have officials concerned, which is why on Wednesday, March 31, they urged residents to hang on for just two to three months more when the level of inoculation countywide was at a sufficient enough le...
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LAUSD, UTLA sued by parents unhappy with school reopening efforts

Four parents frustrated by efforts made to date to reopen classrooms in the nation’s second-largest K-12 school system are suing the Los Angeles Unified School District and local teachers union. Their , filed this week in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleges that LAUSD breached its responsibility to act in the best interest of students by allowing the teachers union to dictate when schools should reopen. LAUSD, United Teachers Los Angeles and UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz are named as ...
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In Defense of Thinking

I recently came across a Hemingway quote that caught my attention: “My working habits are simple: long periods of thinking, short periods of writing.” It reminded me of a time I used to spend each spring as a young professor, back when my schedule allowed it, giving short talks at so-called “dissertation bootcamp” events. The point of these multi-day affairs was to help graduate students gain some momentum on their doctoral theses. I would stop by to talk about productivity and focus, and when ...
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Don’t Die Curious: An Animated Lyric Video

Chloe Jackson was asked to create a lyric video for Tom Rosenthal’s wonderful song, ‘Don’t Die Curious’. And she delivered. Enjoy… Would you like to support the mission of Open Culture? Please consider making a donation to our site. It’s hard to rely 100% on ads, and your contributions will help us continue providing the best free cultural and educational materials to learners everywhere. Also consider following Open Culture on Facebook and   Twitter and  sharing intelligent media w...
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Behold the Elaborate Writing Desks of 18th Century Aristocrats

Sitting or standing before an esteemed writer’s desk can make us feel closer to their process. Virginia Woolf’s desks — plywood boards she held on her lap and sloped standing desks — show a kind of austere rigor in her posture. “Throughout her life as a writer,” James Barrett points out, Woolf “paid attention to the physical act of writing,” just as she paid attention to the creative act of walking. The bareness of her implements tells us a lot about her as an artist, but it tells us not...
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Startups have about $1 trillion worth of reasons to love the Biden infrastructure plan

The sweeping infrastructure package put forward today by President Joe Biden comes with a price tag of roughly $2 trillion (and hefty tax hikes) but gives startups and the broader tech industry about $1 trillion worth of reasons to support it. Tech companies have spent the past decade or more developing innovations that can be applied to old-world industries like agriculture, construction, energy, education, manufacturing and transportation and logistics. These are industries where structural im...
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Coursera prices IPO at top end of its range in boon to edtech valuations

Coursera, an edtech unicorn, will begin its life today as a public company after pricing its IPO at $33 per share yesterday evening. Using a simple share count, the company’s valuation comes to $4.30 billion, or $4.38 billion if its underwriters exercise their option to purchase shares at its offering price. A more diluted share count pushes the valuation of Coursera over the $5 billion mark. Coursera was last valued at $2.57 billion after raising $130 million in mid-2020, per PitchBook data. Th...
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High school moved into empty Macy's department store

High school students in Burlington, Vermont are now going to class in a deserted former Macy's department store. The school's prior campus was closed after the discovery of cancer-causing PCBs in the building and surrounding grounds. Lunch is apparently now served in the Michael Kors Cafeteria. — Read the rest
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How to Start a Study Group in College, in 4 Easy Steps

Here's everything you need to start a study group that's actually productive.
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What Andrei Tarkovsky’s Most Notorious Scene Tells Us About Time During the Pandemic: A Video Essay

In his films, Andrei Tarkovsky shows us things no other auteur does: an unbroken eight-minute shot, for example, of a man slowly walking a lit candle across an empty pool, starting over again whenever the flame goes out. One of the best-known (or at least most often mentioned) sequences in the Russian master’s oeuvre, it comes from Nostalghia, a late picture made during his final, exiled years in Italy. Some cite it as an example of all that’s wrong with Tarkovsky’s cinema; others as an ...
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Why Every World Map Is Wrong

The idea that the world maps are wrong — all of them — is hardly controversial. It’s a mathematical fact that turning a globe (or an oblate spheroid) into a two-dimensional object will result in unavoidable distortions. In the TED-Ed lesson above by Kayla Wolf, you’ll learn a brief history of world maps, starting all the way back with the Greek mathematician Ptolemy, who “systematically mapped the Earth on a grid” in 150 AD in order to create maps that had a consistent scale. His grid sy...
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Apple Partners With South Carolina to Build Eight Open Access Mac Computer Labs

In partnership with South Carolina's governor and the local community, Apple will be taking part in a $6 million investment to build eight open access Mac computer labs across the state. Governor Henry McMaster announced the education initiative at a press conference on Tuesday, saying that the expanded access to broadband and computers will "bolster South Carolina's premier workforce training efforts by giving our communities and people access to resources they need to expand participation i...
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