How parents can support their kids as they transition to in-person learning

You’ve dreamt of the day your child would be back in a classroom, surrounded by their teacher and kids their age, all interacting, playing at recess and enjoying lunch together. But then you’re reminded that even though COVID-19 cases are dropping and more people are getting vaccinated each day, the pandemic is not over, and students still need to take extra precautions at school. Not to mention that for many students, it’s been more than a year since they’ve been in a classroom. For the student...
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English Textbook for Japanese Students Still Employs Cute Anime Girls

A textbook meant to teach Japanese students English has employed another cute 2D anime girl to try and help struggling students better maintain focus, yet another instance of the NEW CROWN line of books making use of this effective method. NEW CROWN is a line of educational textbooks that introduced the world to Ellen Baker, […]
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LA County vaccine allocations lag on heels of Johnson & Johnson production woes

Los Angeles County will receive about 73,000 fewer vaccine doses next week compared to this week, mostly due to a reduction in the supply of Johnson & Johnson vaccines, which the county’s chief science officer Paul Simon said Friday was the result of vaccine shortages nationally. “We are concerned about the allocation, particularly the shortage of Johnson & Johnson vaccine,” Simon said. “We felt the effects here clearly. We really live week to week with what we know about the allocations.” The s...
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What families need to know as the ‘first’ days of school roll out in LAUSD

After a year of remote learning, in-person instruction is set to begin rolling out next week in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The youngest students will return first, with Monday, April 12, a day for teachers and staff only and Tuesday, April 13, the first day for kindergartners and first-graders. Sixty-one elementary schools and 11 early-education centers will lead the way with middle and high schools following on April 26. Protocols will be in place, including social distancing and ...
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A 4,000-Year-Old Student ‘Writing Board’ from Ancient Egypt (with Teacher’s Corrections in Red)

Americans raised on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books tend to associate slates with one room schoolhouses and rote exercises involving reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. Had we been reared along the banks of the Nile, would our minds go to ancient gessoed boards like the 4000-year-old Middle Kingdom example above? Like our familiar tablet-sized blackboards, this paper — or should we say papyrus? — saver was designed to be used again and again, with whitewash serving as a form of eraser. ...
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Watch Preciously Rare Footage of Paul McCartney Recording “Blackbird” at Abbey Road Studios (1968)

Paul McCartney’s “Blackbird” competes with Lennon’s “Julia” as the most tender song on the Beatles’ White Album and maybe in the band’s entire catalogue. Inspired by a Bach piece that McCartney and George Harrison learned to play when they were young, its finger-picked acoustic guitar has the sound of a folk lullaby. But the song’s shifting time signatures and delicate melody make it something of a tricky one: recording sessions at Abbey Road involved a series of 32 takes, most of them f...
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Watch a Master Japanese Printmaker at Work: Two Unintentionally Relaxing ASMR Videos

Today we can appreciate Japanese woodblock prints from sizable online archives whenever we like, and even download them for ourselves. Before the internet, how many chances would we have had even to encounter such works of art in the course of life? Very few of us, certainly, would ever have beheld a Japanese printmaker at work, but here in the age of streaming video, we all can. In the Smithsonian video above, printmaker Keiji Shinohara demonstrates a suite of traditional techniques (an...
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Indie Animation in a Corporate World: A Conversation with Animator Benjamin Goldman on Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast #88 In the perennial conflict between art and our corporate entertainment machine, animation seems designed to be mechanized, given how labor-intensive it is, and yes, most of our animation comes aimed at children (or naughty adults) from a few behemoths (like, say, Disney). Your hosts Mark Linsenmayer, Erica Spyres, and Brian Hirt are joined by Benjamin Goldman to discuss doing animation on ...
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