Looks on Campus: Chelsea - University of Oxford

Chelsea's style secret? Raiding both her mom and dad's closets for hidden gems!Chelsea’s cute and comfortable ensemble immediately caught my eye amongst the swarms of tourists that invade Oxford in the summer. In the midst of a (relatively rare) heatwave in England, we often forgo style in favor of practicality; Chelsea is proof we can do both. Chelsea 101 Name: ChelseaHometown: London, EnglandSchool: Hertford College, University of OxfordYear: Second YearMajor: History and German Let’s Talk F...
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The Best Places to Shop for High-Quality Basics

Invest in your wardrobe with quality basics that will last forever. I get it; when it comes to spending money on clothes, we're always drawn to buying items that are trendy and in season. But we often forget that we mostly peruse only 20% of the items in our wardrobes.Remember that lemon-print top you bought three years ago? Yeah, you probably haven't worn it since then. But that white v-neck tee in your closet? That's what you wore three times throughout the week. Basics, such as t-shirts and ...
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Facebook is going back to college

Ryan Craig Contributor Ryan Craig is managing director of University Ventures. More posts by this contributor Broadening education investments to full-stack solutions College for the 21st century Kids these days take a greater interest in practical things than we give them credit for. For example, this summer my 12-year-old son Leo was at sleepaway camp in Canada. When we received his first letter home, among camp platitudes, the t...
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Excellent advice for new law students

Ken "Popehat" White (previously), a former Federal prosecutor turned criminal defense attorney, has some excellent advice for all you newbie law-students who are just starting your law school career. (more…)
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Hautelinks: First Look at Live-Action Mulan, Most Popular IKEA Items, Fall Jacket Trends, & More

Get your first look at Disney's live-action Mulan. Cannot wait for this to come out!Kylie Jenner celebrated her 21st last week and fast-fashion retailer Fashion Nova is already working on dupes of her b-day looks. Speaking of Kylie, she also recently gave a tour of her "purse closet" --yep, you read that right-- featuring an entire row of Birkin bags. What You Need From Your Friends, According to Your Myers-Briggs. Mine was surprisingly accurate! So important: How to Build a Grief Support Syst...
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Community colleges try new ‘pathway’ to student success

California’s community colleges are embarking on the most far-reaching reform they have ever adopted, in a bid to tackle their biggest challenge: to improve on historically low rates of student graduation and transfers to 4-year colleges and universities. Lawmakers allocated $150 million over the last year to put in place the approach, known as “Guided Pathways.” It is a centerpiece of the “Vision for Success,” California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley’s blueprint to dramaticall...
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Kent students return to school in two weeks — but not if teachers go on strike first

With only two weeks until classes resume in the Kent School District, teachers there are threatening to strike. Unless the district’s teachers union and district officials reach a deal on higher pay, teachers say they will walk out the day before school starts. The threat comes during a hectic negotiation season for teachers unions, whose contracts reopened […]
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The Rise and Fall of the Great Library of Alexandria: An Animated Introduction

The demise of the Library of Alexandria has for centuries been cast as one of history’s greatest tragedies, an incalculable and senseless loss of ancient knowledge in an act of war. “Once the largest library in the ancient world,” writes Brian Haughton at Ancient History Encyclopedia, “containing works by the greatest thinkers and writers of antiquity, including Homer, Plato, Socrates and many more, the Library of Alexandria, northern Egypt, is popularly believed to have been destroyed i...
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Bauhaus Ballet: A Dance of Geometry

During the past month, the Great Big Story has released a series of videos that revisit the design aesthetic of the Bauhaus movement. Their first video explored the radical buildings designed by Bauhaus architects. A second focused on the legacy of minimalist Bauhaus furniture. And now a third takes as its subject Oskar Schlemmer's 1922 “Triadic Ballet”--a ballet famous for putting geometry and structure into dance. The video above shows the "Bayerisches Junior Ballet München as they pre...
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DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Wrap Skirt

It's a wrap!From dresses and cardigans to tops and skirts, clothes with a wrap design have been a big thing this summer. What I love about this style is that you can feel cool and breezy while covering up from the sun at the same time.For this DIY tutorial, I'll show you, step by step, how to make your very own wrap skirt. You can make it with a flowy fabric for a more boho style, or in a thicker denim, like I did, for a skirt that you can wear from summer right into autumn and winter. Make you...
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How I met your mentor: tips to finding sponsorship and mentorship

If someone asked you on day one of medical school, as a fresh-faced first year, to name the essential components of a successful career, what would you have answered? A solid education? Good test scores? Publications? An $800 otoscope? Some are more obvious than others. Who of the enlightened among us would have mentioned a proper work-life balance? How about a strong support system — or the right mentor? Navigating the jungle of career advancement in the medical field can be treacherous without...
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Seasonal Homeschooling: Favorite Resources

Hello again my friends! Why yes ... this would indeed be the 2nd post from me to you in one day! Crazy, I know - but I have lots of things I want to share in regards to my talk for the Inspire Virtual Conference this Friday - sign up is FREE and open to all! So I'm trying to get as many posts up before my afternoon chat, "Seasonal Homeschooling: Cultivating a Gentle, Grateful Year." :) (Oh, and for those who asked, I will be able to share a link post-webinar for those who can't join u...
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Good article on the cost of education in America

Paula Bolyard has a good post on Why Does It Cost So Much to Educate a Child in America?  She has a lot of numbers and helpful graphs.  I especially liked this graph she used from the Cato Institute: [Author: Henry Cate]
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How David Lynch Got Creative Inspiration? By Drinking a Milkshake at Bob’s Big Boy, Every Single Day, for Seven Straight Years

"It is no secret that David Lynch, the writer-director-composer-painter, has an unusual relationship with Bob's Big Boy," begins a 1999 Los Angeles Times article on the auteur of films like Eraserhead and Blue Velvet. "For seven years in the 1980s he ate lunch there every day, ordering cup after cup of over-sweetened coffee and a single chocolate milkshake while scribbling notes on Bob's little square napkins." He took pains, notes reporter Amy Wallace, "to arrive at Bob's at precisely 2...
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How Aleister Crowley, the Infamous Occultist, Led the First Attempt to Reach the Summit of K2 (1902)

It sounds like the plot of a Werner Herzog film: Aleister Crowley, heir to a brewing fortune and “flamboyant, bisexual drug fiend with a fascination for the occult,” meets “son of a well-known Jewish Socialist” Oscar Eckenstein, “a chemist turned railway engineer.” The two strike up a friendship over their mutual passion for mountaineering, and, in four years time, co-lead an expedition to reach the summit of K2, the second highest mountain in the world. The descriptions of these characters com...
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The Best Places to Find Clothes for Sorority Recruitment

Crunched on time for recruitment and need solutions to find those perfect outfits? Look no further... Recruitment is in a week... you’ve started packing up your room, getting ready to settle into your dorm when suddenly you realize… I have NOTHING to wear for Recruitment. First things first, you definitely have something acceptable to wear in that huge closet of yours, but we all know the importance of loving your outfit to get that extra confidence boost. You’re running on a major time crunch ...
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Seasonal Homeschooling: A Few Printable PDFs!

Hello my friends and Happy Wednesday! I'm popping in again, just two days before the FREE "Inspire" Virtual Homeschooling Conference (mentioned in Monday's post), to share a few PDF's with you all that will assist with my talk on Seasonal Homeschooling: Cultivating a Gentle, Grateful Year. :) First, here is a simple  SEASONSKEEPING WORKBOOK  (click on the link - it's a printable PDF!). In this packet you could brainstorm ideas for embracing the seasons of the year: Th...
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See the First Ever Video of Elvis Costello Performing, Summer 1974

The setting: London. In particular, Stepney, London E1. The year, a warm summer in 1974, July 21 to be exact. And a very early video camera, only able to shoot in black and white, records the events of the E1 Festival, a free day out for families, restless teens, and bell bottomed, long-haired youth enjoying the sun. There’s Indian musicians, face painting, carnival games, jazz bands, folk dancing, and a “Wellie Boot Chucking Competition”. You know, “the lot,” as the English would say. B...
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5 Korean Face Masks That Are Worth the Hype

The ultimate list of the best Korean face masks to give you that instant radiant, smooth, and hydrated complexion. Korean beauty products, especially skincare items, are well-known worldwide due to their use of new and organic ingredients, as well as adorable, eye-catching packaging. There are so many varieties of K-beauty skincare products, and many target a number of areas in one single package! (See also: our list of the best Korean sheet masks.)So, is your skin in desperate need of hydratio...
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How Jean-Luc Godard Liberated Cinema: A Video Essay on How the Greatest Rule-Breaker in Film Made His Name

Few can think of the very concept of the auteur without thinking of Jean-Luc Godard. That goes for those of us exhilarated by his movies, those of us amused by them, those of us frustrated by them, and those of us who experience any combination of those emotions and more. Godard's early audiences, at the dawn of the French New Wave in the late 1950s and the decade or so thereafter, reacted in all those ways, and somehow time hasn't drained his work in that period of its power. "How Jean-...
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NASA Creates a Visualization That Sets Breathtaking Footage of the Moon to Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” (Moonlight)

From NASA's Ernie Wright comes "Moonlight (Clair de Lune)," a visualization that takes beautiful images of the lunar terrain and sets them to Claude Debussy's 1905 composition, Clair de Lune (1905). Here's how Wright describes the project: This visualization attempts to capture the mood of Claude Debussy's best-known composition, Clair de Lune (moonlight in French). The piece was published in 1905 as the third of four movements in the composer's Suite Bergamasque, and unlike the other pa...
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10 Fun Things to Do Before the Start of Fall Semester

Get in those last-chance summer adventures while you can! Unsplash As the weather has turned from hot, to hotter, to hottest I realize that can only mean one thing: it's almost time for satan to take us back to his fiery lair (ick school time!!!) The worst part? I have spent my summer doing the LEAST a.k.a. sleeping, eating, and working. So, here's to the end of summer lighting a fire under my booty and hopefully yours too!  Here are 10 last chance, last minute things to do before summer is o...
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What English Would Sound Like If It Was Pronounced Phonetically

The English language presents itself to students and non-native speakers as an almost cruelly capricious entity, its irregularities of spelling and conjugation almost impossible to explain without an advanced degree. It wasn’t until graduate school that I came to understand how spellings like “rough” and “knight” survived several hundreds of years of linguistic change, and preserved vestiges of phonetic pronunciations that had long since disappeared in historic upheavals like the Great V...
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First Look at New Research and Ideas, August 14, 2018

Vote for me! ... Why are US central cities in such rough shape? ... Shifting into high gear at Shift Technologies. [Author: by Sean Silverthorne]
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'Crisis point': New Zealand hit by primary school teacher strike

Zoos, community halls and churches hold all-day events to help keep 400,000 children occupiedPrimary school teachers have gone on strike in New Zealand for the first time in 24 years, weeks after 30,000 nurses walked off the job.An estimated 29,000 teachers stopped work for a full day on Wednesday, demanding a pay rise from the government of 16% over two years. The industrial action affected 400,000 children. Continue reading...
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School workers donate sick days to help Florida teacher

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — A Florida teacher who burned through his sick days fighting colon cancer last spring was forced to plan chemo treatments around his class schedule for the fall semester. That was until some 60 teachers and employees of the Palm Beach County School system stepped up when world history teacher Robert […]
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Bomb threat prompts evacuation of Woodland Hills school

WOODLAND HILLS >> A telephoned bomb threat Wednesday afternoon prompted the evacuation of a high school in Woodland Hills. The threat was received about 12:50 p.m. at Louisville High School in the 2300 block of Mulholland Drive, according to Officer Tony Im of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations office. According to a Twitter posting by the LAPD’s Topanga Station, the threat was “reported secondhand” and triggered a precautionary search of the private Catholic girls’ school campu...
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Surprise Gift: Free Tuition for All N.Y.U. Medical Students

A plan will cover the $55,000 annual tuition for every current and future New York University School of Medicine student, regardless of financial need.
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Tuition Will Be Free for All N.Y.U. Medical School Students

A plan will cover the $55,000 annual tuition for every current and future New York University School of Medicine student, regardless of financial need.
Tags: News, Education, New York City, Medical Schools, Tuition, New York University School of Medicine, Colleges and Universities, Scholarships and Fellowships, Kenneth G, Langone, Assn of American Medical Colleges, Elaine Langone

California student leaders focus on college affordability

The three students who vote on the governing boards of California’s three gigantic systems of higher education say they want to focus attention this year on the costs of housing and textbooks. While tuition will not increase for the 2018-19 school year, those other costs of living and study are increasingly major burdens to many students, according to the students who will be able to vote on such issues at the California Community Colleges’ Board of Governors, the California State University’s B...
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