Outfits Under $100: Summer Abroad in Europe

The three outfits you'll need to travel abroad this summer. Benjamin Davies The biggest myth I believed in growing up was that people in their 20s had everything figured out. Now that I'm 20, I can see that that is totally not true. Instead, I learned that everyone is just taking it day by day and trying to figure out who they are. The best part about being young is that it's okay to not have everything figured out. It leaves room for trial and error, new experiences, spontaneity, and soul sea...
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White House to propose merging education, labor agencies

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is planning to propose merging the education and labor departments as part of a broader government overhaul. That’s according to a person familiar with the plans who was not authorized to speak publicly so spoke on condition of anonymity. Soon after he took office, President Donald Trump charged the Office […]
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Best of New Beauty: 4 Eyeshadow Palettes That Are Worth the Spend

Wondering which new makeup launches are actually bomb? CF has all the deets.Everyone has their favorite part of their makeup routine. For some, watching foundation even out skin tone and cover up pores is the best thing on earth, while others love taking their eyebrows from zero to one-hundred in sixty seconds flat.For me, putting on eyeshadow has always been my favorite thing when it comes to beauty, because there are so many options, with the only limit being your creativity.Even with just a s...
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The Encyclopedia of Women Philosophers: A New Web Site Presents the Contributions of Women Philosophers, from Ancient to Modern

In a recent conversation with Julian Baggini on why there are so few women in academic philosophy, Mary Warnock notes that “of all the humanities departments in British universities, only philosophy departments have a mere 25% women members.” That number is even lower in the US. "Why should this be?" Warnock asks. She asserts that the problem may lie with the discipline itself. “I think that academic philosophy has become an extraordinarily inward-looking subject,” she says, “If you pick up a p...
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5 Girl Groups You Should Be Listening to, Based on Artists You Already Love

Girl power! Girl groups have been a music staple since the 1960s. A great blend of talented voices plus some girl power can create a killer combination. Girl groups tend to go all in with their performances, too, with cute outfits and amazing choreography. In recent years, girl groups have made a comeback with more popping up on the charts every year. Is there a girl group void in your music library? It might be because you don't know where to start listening. If the last girl group you remembe...
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What Makes Taxi Driver So Powerful? An In-Depth Study of Martin Scorsese’s Existential Film on the Human Condition

The field jacket, the mohawk, the "real rain" that will "wash all this scum off the streets," the virtuoso tracking shot over the aftermath of a massacre, "You talkin' to me?": so many elements of Taxi Driver have found permanent places in cinematic culture, and almost as many have found permanent places in the culture, period. Thanks to its wide-ranging influence as well as its presence that endures more than forty years on, even those who've never seen the movie in some sense already k...
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Principals in Washington can’t hire enough special-education teachers. Here’s one reason why.

The shortage, at least in Washington, seems to stem from a mismatch in the supply and demand of special-education teachers.
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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative hires to donate tech, not just money

A cell atlas. AI that reads science papers. Personalized learning software. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s $45 billion philanthropy organization wants to build technology that can do good at scale rather than just trying to drown problems in cash. Now 2.5 years after its launch, CZI has finally filled out its tech leadership team. Today CZI announced the hire of Jonathan Goldman as its head of Data. He was formerly the Director of Data Science and Analytics at Intuit after selling it his s...
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Looks on Campus: Nicole - Jefferson University

Plus, she has some awesome fashion advice for all of us.It's the eternal struggle of a college student who loves fashion: How can you look polished without spending a ton of your hard-earned cash? Nicole demonstrates just how easy it is to look great on a budget. The pieces in her trendy outfit come from fashionable, yet affordable brands, and she's full of great style advice.  Nicole 101 Name: NicoleSchool: Jefferson UniversityMajor: Fashion Merchandising and ManagementYear: JuniorHometown: M...
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Student Loan Crisis: Are Small Businesses Impacted?

Massive student loan debt is having a crippling effect on the U.S. economy. According to the United States Federal Reserve, 44.2 million students owe $1.52 trillion . This amount is growing by $29 billion a quarter. Student loan debt now surpasses all other forms of debt except mortgages. College debt exceeds what is owed for vehicle loans and on credit cards. There is no consensus on how this debt burden impacts small businesses; however, it must affect buying decisions. It also lowers credit ...
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Hear Meryl Streep Read Sylvia Plath’s “Morning Song,” a Poem Written After the Birth of Her Daughter

Image via Wikimedia Commons Pregnancy and parenting are “extreme experiences that stretch our understanding,” writes Lily Gurton-Wachter at the Los Angeles Review of Books. They “push us beyond comfort or even comprehension.” Women risk their own lives to give life to a stranger, a tiny human whose future is entirely uncertain. Parents live with constant dread of all that could befall their children, an anxious state, but also a vulnerability that can make us deeply sensitive to the fragility o...
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New Archive of Middle Eastern Photography Features 9,000 Digitized Images

From Shamoon Zamir, a literature professor at NYU Abu Dhabi, comes a "research archive of historical and contemporary photography from the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA)," designed to be  fully accessible to the public. We're told: Today, Akkasah: The Center for Photography at NYU Abu Dhabi boasts an archive of 62,000 images from the UAE and across the MENA region – of which 9,000 are already digitized and available online -- the only of its kind in the Middle East. These images offer n...
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Skincare 101 with Formulyst: Why You Should Be Using a Face Serum, Even in College

If you aren't using a serum yet, it's time to familiarize yourself. If you're like most college girls, you probably take for granted that your skin is going to look young forever. Why should college students bother thinking about anti-aging now -- isn't that something for 30 and 40 year olds?In fact, as some of you may know, the best way to have awesome skin in your 30s, 40s, and beyond is to start using preventative products now, while you're still in college. You probably know about cleansing...
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Barack Obama Shares a List of Enlightening Books Worth Reading

Photo by Pete Souza via Whatever historians have to say about his political legacy, Barack Obama will be remembered as charming, diplomatic, thoughtful, and very well-read. He honed these personal qualities not only as a politician but as a scholar, writer, and teacher, roles that require intellectual curiosity and openness to other points of view. The former president was something of a dream come true for teachers and librarians, who could point to him as a shining...
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Hautelinks: How to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Summer, Starbucks' New Magenta Drink, & More

Sit back with a cool beverage and enjoy our favorite links of the week. Here's how to keep your hair healthy this summer, via Lauren Conrad.I Got My Eyeliner Tattooed And Here's What It Looks Like Now, from Refinery29. Sounds part-scary, part time-saving miracle.If you haven't heard, Beyonce and Jay-Z released a new joint album! Here's exactly where to stream it rn.Tres cool: The Kate Spade brand is donating $1 million to mental health organizations.They're asking for free stays at luxury resor...
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Your Complete Guide to Fourth of July Outfits for 2018

Here's exactly what to wear to celebrate our nation's birthday. I know that the Fourth of July is still a couple weeks away, but it is never too early to start planning your outfits. People do a lot on this holiday. For instance, there's always an outdoor activity involved with my family: Last year we had a big picnic and all the cousins ended up in a huge game of kickball before watching the fireworks. So much fun! Depending on what your plans are for the day, you're going to need a variety of...
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Taschen Running a Big Warehouse Sale with Books Up To 75% Off (June 21-24)

FYI: Taschen--the publisher of books on art, architecture, cinema, photography and design--is now running a major sale. Until June 24th, a large number of books will be 25% to 75% off. Rummage away...   Follow Open Culture on Facebook and   Twitter and  share intelligent media with your friends. Or better yet, sign up for our daily email and get a daily dose of Open Culture in your inbox.  If you'd like to support Open Culture and our mission, please consider making a donation to ou...
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Read a Huge Annotated Online Edition of Frankenstein: A Modern Way to Celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Classic Novel

Born out of evening reading of spooky stories on a rain-soaked holiday, Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein has resonated through the years into pop culture, a warning against science and technology, of how the thirst for knowledge can literally create monsters. If you’ve been binging Westworld or loved Ex Machina you are seeing Shelley’s legacy, both filled with scientific creations that question their own reason for existence. Just like those works are products of our era, Frankenstein did...
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Carl Sagan Returns to His Old Sixth-Grade Classroom to Turn a New Generation of Kids On To Science

All throughout his career, Carl Sagan cited the events in his formative years that set him on the road to becoming, well, Carl Sagan: the introduction to "skepticism and wonder" provided by his parents; his visit to the 1939 New York World's Fair; his first trips to the public library, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Hayden Planetarium; his discovery of Astounding Science Fiction Magazine and its fantastic visions undergirded by genuine knowledge. That last happened aroun...
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Priscilla Chan to discuss Chan Zuckerberg Initiative at Disrupt SF

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is one of the biggest philanthropic organizations in the world, and the most technology-forward foundations in history. By integrating technology, CZI believes it can affect social change at a much more rapid pace than by simply infusing initiatives with cash. With that said, we’re absolutely thrilled to have Priscilla Chan join us on the Disrupt SF stage in September. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative was founded in 2015 upon the birth of Mark Zuckerberg and Pr...
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Re-Imagining Collegiate Music Education

Among the rolling treetops and mountains of western Massachusetts, the large dome of Sweeney Concert Hall stands proudly atop monstrous Grecian columns. The building itself, Sage Hall, houses the Smith College Department of Music. Its four floors boast numerous practice rooms, grand pianos, and a state-of-the-art Digital Music Room. Newspaper articles detailing the accomplishments of alumnae are prominently displayed on various bulletin boards in the hallways. In the basement, where the college ...
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Parents urged to set boundaries around children's use of the internet

Culture secretary condemns unsupervised access to smartphones and urges more heads to ban them in schoolsThe culture secretary has said it is up to parents to set boundaries around their children’s use of the internet and has condemned unlimited and unsupervised access to smartphones.Matt Hancock, whose brief includes digital issues, agreed parenting in the digital era was difficult but he said it was not impossible and he urged parents to set boundaries around new technology in the same way the...
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China’s VIPKID, which links English speakers with online learners, raises $500M at $3B+ valuation

The online language school market is continuing to heat up, and a startup that connects native English speakers with an audience of students spanning China and 35 other countries for live language tutorials, is helping fan those flames. VIPKID, based out of Beijing, today announced that it has raised $500 million in funding — a Series D+ round that values the startup at over $3 billion. That valuation was originally mentioned in reports in April when VIPKID was still raising the money, and we ha...
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China’s VIPKID, which links English tutors with online learners, raises $500M at $3B+ valuation

The online language school market is continuing to heat up, and a startup that connects English teachers with an audience of students spanning China and 35 other countries for live language tutorials, is helping fan those flames. VIPKID, based out of Beijing, today announced that it has raised $500 million in funding — a Series D+ round that values the startup at over $3 billion. That valuation was originally mentioned in reports in April when VIPKID was still raising the money, and we have n...
Tags: TC, Asia, Education, China, Tech, Beijing, Tencent, Jack Ma, Coatue, Philippe Laffont, Coatue Management, Cindy Mi, Vipkid, Lin Haifeng, Coatue Management Tencent Sequoia Capital, Yunfeng Capital Alibaba

Musical youth: the UK school turning teenagers' lives around

SupaJam is proving a hit with music courses for young people who have fallen out of educationIt is midday, and a teenage boy has been removed from class for causing trouble. But instead of being sent to the headteacher’s office, he is jamming on a keyboard while a teacher adds in some drums.“It calms them down,” says Nick Stillwell, the co-founder of the SupaJam school in Swanley, Kent. “They realise life’s OK, and put the knife down.” Continue reading...
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Show or Tell? Improving Agent Decision Making in a Tanzanian Mobile Money Field Experiment

Mobile money is popular in developing economies but many agents do not maintain proper inventory levels. This paper, based on a study of 4,771 agents in Tanzania, shows how training and ongoing guidance improve their inventory management. Agents who get in-person training and explicit inventory recommendations tend to stock out less. [Author: by Jason Acimovic, Chris Parker, David F. Drake, and Karthik Balasubramanian]
Tags: College, Tanzania, Chris Parker, David F. Drake, by Jason Acimovic, and Karthik Balasubramanian, Jason Acimovic Chris Parker David F Drake, Karthik Balasubramanian

China’s VIPKID, which links native English speakers with online learners, raises another $500M, reportedly at $3B+ valuation

The online language school market is continuing to heat up, and a startup that connects native English speakers with an audience of students spanning China and 35 other countries for live language tutorials, is helping fan those flames. VIPKID, based out of Beijing, today announced that it has raised $500 million in funding — a Series D+ round that potentially values the startup at over $3 billion, based on reports in April when it was still raising the money. (We’ve reached out to the company t...
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New Research and Ideas, June 19, 2018

Tracing the rise of tractor technology ... An investment in the greater good ... How Sony got its groove back. [Author: Dina Gerdeman]
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"Silence white supremacy!"/"Get him out" — that was the chant at a meeting of the Madison school board ad hoc committee on police officers in schools.

Here's the video, with David Blaska attempting to speak and getting shouted down by the crowd:Blaska — a local conservative politico — blogged about his experience here:Room 103 of the Doyle administration bldg was packed with the usual suspects, a term I used in my remarks.... They sprayed the F-bomb liberally and insulted the committee members at will. They brandished the usual posters, including “Expel Cops, Not Kids.”...Committee chairman Dean Loumos (whom I was seated behind) shouted into m...
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Has Environmental Sustainability Lost its Relevance?

Companies have thought for decades about business-focused solutions to fix the deteriorating environment. But judging by continually rising waters and temperatures, we may need a rethink about what sustainability means, suggest participants at a recent conference at Harvard Business School. [Author: by Geoffrey G. Jones]
Tags: College, Harvard Business School, Geoffrey G Jones, by Geoffrey G. Jones

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