Dorm Decorating: Geek Chic Edition

How to decorate your room in celebration of your favorite fandom. Products: Star Wars Bedding, Harry Potter Decals Welcome (almost) back to school, everybody! College for most of the country starts on Monday, which means that now is probably right around the time that you're moving into your brand new dorm or apartment. I've gone through three apartments during my time in college, so I know just how obnoxious moving is - and how depressing it is when you step into the version of the perfectl...
Tags: Star Wars, Comics, Etsy, College, Disney, House, Harry Potter, Kohls, Hogwarts, Westeros, Disney Disney, Dorm, Geek Chic, Fandoms

Turn One Outfit Into Four: Chic Neutrals Edition

Make the most of your neutral pieces with these easy, Fall-ready looks. Everything you need to create four beautiful, neutral looks for almost any occasion.  For a full list of products shown, scroll down to Outfit #4. Welcome to CF's latest column, Turn One Outfit Into Four!  Every month, I'll show you how to create four different outfits using the clothing from one original look.  Inspired by this article, this column will help you make the most of the clothes you already own, proving that y...
Tags: Work, Shopping, College, Zara, Date, Black, Chic, Fashion Tips, Neutrals, Outfits, Neutral, Trendy, Business Casual, Cold Shoulder, Fall 2017

How TV Addles Kids’ Brains: A Short Film Directed by Godfrey Reggio (Maker of Koyaanisqatsi) & Scored by Philip Glass

On October 4, 1982, "more than 5,000 people filled the Radio City Music Hall to experience a remarkable event. That event was the world premiere of Koyaanisqatsi." So says the poster for the wide release of that film, an experimental documentary without spoken words on the natural and manmade environment that neither looked nor sounded — nor felt — like anything many of its viewers had ever experienced in a movie theater before. Unable to muster any of their standard reactions, they had ...
Tags: Google, Television, Film, College, Ray Bradbury, Seoul, Walt Disney, Philip Glass, Facebook Twitter, Los Angeles Review of Books, Marshall McLuhan, Godfrey Reggio, Koyaanisqatsi, Colin Marshall, Reggio, Godfrey Reggio Maker of Koyaanisqatsi

Hear the Beach Boys’ Angelic Vocal Harmonies in Four Isolated Tracks from Pet Sounds: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” “God Only Knows,” “Sloop John B” & “Good Vibrations”

I didn’t get the Beach Boys for a while. They had provided the soundtrack to an alien world, one I knew mostly from chewing gum commercials. They were “uncool—cornball,” writes Ben Ratliff, “unenlightened” purveyors of “beach privilege.” The “narrators of Beach Boys songs used their time as they liked: amusement parks, surfing, drag racing, dating, sitting in their rooms.” They had no cares, no real burdens, just shallow summer loves and heartaches. They came off as some of the bland...
Tags: Google, Music, California, College, Beach Boys, Brooklyn, Brian Wilson, San Jose, John Adams, Donald Trump, Phil Spector, Wilson, Ben Ratliff, Facebook Twitter, Josh Jones, Jim O'Rourke

The Water Cooler: ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Outdoors, an Addictive New Podcast, and the Return of Pokemon Go

Welcome to The Water Cooler, a weekly feature where the /Film staff is free to go off-topic and talk about everything except the movies and TV shows they normally write about. In this edition: Ben watches a cinematic classic outside, Brad picks up Pokemon Go again, Jacob falls in love with a podcast, Jack checks out Friends From College, Hoai-Tran indulges her K-pop obsession again, and Chris watches Ozark. Ben Pearson Attended an Outdoor Screening of The Wizard of Oz This past weekend,...
Tags: Japan, Movies, College, Features, Chicago, Netflix, Pokemon, Jack, Chris, Ben, Brad, Nicholas Stoller, Jacob, Niantic, Ben Pearson, Mewtwo

Style and Art Direction: The Great Gatsby

Party looks inspired by the film's epic Gilded Age interiors.Today I'm continuing our Style and Art Direction inspiration series with outfits inspired by the 2013 film The Great Gatsby.Both the book and movie versions of this work are popular sources for style inspiration, and we've already covered them here, here, here, and here. This article will focus specifically on fashion inspired by the 2013 film's art direction.This film is notable for its visually-striking costumes and production design...
Tags: Crochet, New York, College, Inspiration, NICK, The Great Gatsby, Tom, Daisy Buchanan, Gatsby, Daisy, Faux Leather, Jordan Baker, Off-the-Shoulder, Silver Heels, Party Looks, Gold Jewelry

Class to Night Out: Metallic Skirt

Goal: Shine bright like a diamond.Drawing inspiration from the 1970s as well as the runways, stores everywhere are stocking metallics like crazy right now. Metallic fashion items L-R: Forever 21, American Eagle, Missguided However, when styling metallics in an outfit, there is always the risk of overdoing it. Although we love the idea of channeling Zenon, we will admit that too many metallic pieces at once can give off a space cadet costume vibe. (This is the same advice we gave for styling th...
Tags: Shopping, College, Trends, Mary Jane, Zenon, Fashion Tips, Class to Night Out, American Eagle Missguided However

Hautelinks: Week of 8/17/17

This week we have a few words on Charlottesville, questions you should never ask a couple, the best $10 shoe organizers, and more. We have to start this week with Charlottesville. Yes, we're a fashion blog, but the events of this week are too important and terrifying not to discuss. Jimmy Fallon's impassioned speech on the subject resonates.This piece from Longreads explains  and America as a whole.Also, I highly recommend taking 20 mins to watch Vice's "Charlottesville: Race and Terror" speci...
Tags: Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, News, Taylor Swift, Jimmy Fallon, College, America, Atlantic, Harry Potter, Kendall Jenner, Disney Princess, Oxford University, Jon Snow, Taylor, Charlottesville, Janelle Monae

Teenage bitcoin millionaire is back with a better Botangle

 Erik Finman gained notoriety and a certain fame as a 14-year-old entrepreneur and bitcoin investor who’d managed to turn a $1,000 investment in the cryptocurrency into more than a million dollars and a chance to never see the inside of a college institution. Now, several years after its sale, Finman is buying back his original startup: Botangle. Read More
Tags: TC, Money, Education, Finance, Tech, Economy, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Decentralization, Erik Finman, Finman, Botangle

Coupons & Sales: Week of 8/18/17

This week's deals include a mystery sale at Forever 21, BOGO 50 jeans at Urban Outfitters, 15% off at Madewell and more. Aeropostale is offering an extra 30% off all items with code FRIEND30 through 8/21.American Eagle is offering 60% off in their sale section this weekend.Banana Republic has the following offer: The Friends & Family Event: 40% off regular priced items. Use code BRFAMILY at Online and in stores. Restrictions apply. Ends 8/21.Baublebar has up to 75% off selec...
Tags: Deals, Shopping, College, Online Sales, Benefit Cosmetics, Puma, Taylor, American Eagle, House Of Fraser, Free Shipping, Sephora, Coupon Codes, Baublebar, Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters, Jcpenney

The Last Surviving Witness of the Lincoln Assassination Appears on the TV Game Show “I’ve Got a Secret” (1956)

Let's rewind the videotape to 1956, to Samuel James Seymour's appearance on the CBS television show, "I've Got a Secret." At 96 years of age, Seymour was the last surviving person present at Ford's Theater the night Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth (April 14, 1865). Only five years old at the time, Mr. Seymour traveled with his father to Washington D.C. on a business trip, where they attended a performance of Our American Cousin. The youngster caught a quick glimpse ...
Tags: Google, Television, College, Washington, History, Ford, Cbs, Abraham Lincoln, Facebook Twitter, Seymour, Facebook and Twitter, John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln Assassination Appears, Samuel James Seymour, Samuel Seymour, Errol Morris Meditates

Podcast-007: A DUI-What?

In This Episode: We talk about two stories: the new “DUIE” law in Washington state, that was the subject of last week’s “Story of the Week” (right: click to see larger), and this fairly amazing story also from last week, about a minor slap on the hand for an apparently long-term sexual predator: Blame the […] The post Podcast-007: A DUI-What? appeared first on This is True.
Tags: Crime, Podcasts, Education, Washington, Adult, Bureaucracy, Kids/Teens, Lawsuits/Lawyers

Student Who Attended Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally Leaves Boston University After Backlash

"Probably anywhere I would go would be safer than Boston"
Tags: News, Education, College, Virginia, Massachusetts, Uncategorized, Charlottesville, Onetime

Trump could lose honorary law degree after Charlottesville remarks

Lehigh University considers rescinding president’s doctor of laws statusRobert Gordon University took back Trump’s honorary business degree in 2015One of the three universities to give Donald Trump an honorary doctorate is considering whether to revoke it in the wake of his controversial comments about the violence in Charlottesville last weekend.The board of trustees at Lehigh University – based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – will decide whether to rescind the president’s doctor of laws status wh...
Tags: Education, World news, US news, Pennsylvania, Higher Education, Donald Trump, Charlottesville, US universities, Trump, Robert Gordon University, Lehigh University, Bethlehem Pennsylvania, Gordon University

Cambridge University Press blocks readers in China from articles

Academics and contributors dismayed after hundreds of CUP articles in China Quarterly become inaccessible in countryCambridge University Press has blocked readers in China from accessing hundreds of academic articles – including some published decades ago – after a request by Chinese authorities, arguing that it did so to avoid its other publications from being barred.The publisher confirmed that hundreds of articles in China Quarterly, a respected scholarly journal, would be inaccessible within...
Tags: Education, China, Censorship, UK News, World news, Asia Pacific, Higher Education, University of Cambridge, SOAS, Cambridge University Press, countryCambridge University Press

Emerging Markets and the Future of Business History

This paper by Geoffrey Jones and colleagues argues that there are important commonalities about the business history of countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America despite differences between countries and within regions of each country. [Author: by Gareth Austin, Carlos Dávila, and Geoffrey Jones]
Tags: College, Latin America, Africa Asia, Geoffrey Jones, by Gareth Austin, Carlos Dávila, and Geoffrey Jones, Gareth Austin Carlos Dávila

Rate of suicide among teen girls reaches 40-year high

The rate of teen girls who committed suicide is double what it was in 2007, and the highest in 40 years for that age group, according to newly released data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Tags: News, Education, Local News, Education Lab

Neil deGrasse Tyson: “Because of Pink Floyd, I’ve Spent Decades Undoing the Idea That There’s a Dark Side of the Moon”

In 1973, Pink Floyd released their influential concept album, The Dark Side of the Moon, which garnered both critical and commercial success. The album sold some 45 million copies, and remained on Billboard's Top LPs & Tapes chart for 741 weeks (from 1973 to 1988). All of which was great for Pink Floyd. But not so much for science and education. As Neil deGrasse Tyson explains above. "That Pink Floyd had an album with that title meant I spent decades having to undo [that fact] as an educator." T...
Tags: Google, Music, Science, College, Pink Floyd, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Facebook Twitter, Facebook and Twitter, David Byrne Neil deGrasse Tyson, Yale Scientific Magazine, Michio Kaku Noam Chomsky School Moon Landing

Feel Good Friday: AmazonSmile, Kids and YOU!

This week’s Feel Good Friday features AmazonSmile, Operation Breakthrough, The Trevor Project, and you. The post Feel Good Friday: AmazonSmile, Kids and YOU! appeared first on Legal Reader.
Tags: Kids, Education, Charity, Donations, Donation, Retail Therapy, News & Politics, Charitable Donations, LGBTQ youth, Feel Good Friday, LGBTQ suicide, AmazonSmile Kids

Going Back to College? Here’s What’s Truly Essential for Your Dorm

Back-to-college shopping can get expensive. Besides tuition and books, there’s clothing, class supplies, and — of course — dorm essentials. The National Retail Federation’s Back to College survey reports that this year students (or their parents) will spend an average of $969.88 for dorm furnishings and college supplies. Of this spending, the top four categories […]
Tags: Education, Marketing, Frugal Living, Shopping Smart, National Retail Federation 's Back to College

‘Just Plain Wrong.’ Betsy DeVos Condemns White Supremacists After Charlottesville

"Such views are cowardly, hateful and just plain wrong"
Tags: News, Education, College, Uncategorized, Donald Trump, Charlottesville, Betsy DeVos, Onetime

Cambridge University Press accused of 'selling its soul' over Chinese censorship

Academics and activists decry publisher’s decision to comply with a Chinese request to block more than 300 articles from leading China studies journalThe world’s oldest publishing house, Cambridge University Press, has been accused of being an accomplice to the Communist party’s bid to whitewash Chinese history after it agreed to purge hundreds of politically-sensitive articles from its Chinese website at the behest of Beijing’s censors.The publisher confirmed on Friday that it had complied with...
Tags: Education, China, World news, Beijing, Asia Pacific, Higher Education, University of Cambridge, Cambridge University Press

The Paintings of Jim Carrey: “Painting Frees Me, from the Past and Future, from Regret and Worry”

In his top-grossing comedies, actor Jim Carrey displayed an antic quality that seemed to rule over his personal life as well. While other stars used interviews as opportunities to normalise themselves to the civilians in the audience, clown prince Carrey was relentless, an uncontrollable fire hose of funny faces and voices that felt not unlike demons. All that output was exhausting, and caused many to wonder if the man was capable of calming down long enough to receive any meaningful input....
Tags: Google, Art, UK, Comedy, Film, College, Creativity, David Bowie, Bill Murray, Jim Carrey, Las Vegas, Facebook Twitter, Carrey, Lynda Barry, David Bushell

Op-Ed: Courageous Leader Triggers a Moral Revolt of CEOs Against Trump

Today’s CEOs are public figures, with responsibility to uphold their company’s mission and values, says Bill George. When these values are violated, even by someone as powerful as the president of the United States, they are obliged to take a clear stand. [Author: by Bill George]
Tags: College, United States, Trump, Bill George, by Bill George

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