Software Startup Portfolium Acquired by Salt Lake City’s Instructure

The software of Portfolium, a San Diego startup that hosts online portfolios for students trying to showcase their achievements to potential employers, is set to join the portfolio of Utah educational software company Instructure.Instructure (NYSE: INST) has agreed to acquire privately held Portfolium. No financial terms of the deal, which was announced Tuesday, were disclosed.Founded in 2014 by CEO Adam Markowitz, Portfolium sells academic institutions access to what it calls its ePortfolio ne...
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On Sam Harris and Stephen Fry’s Meditation Debate

Photo by Sam Harris. A few weeks ago, on his podcast, Sam Harris interviewed the actor and comedian Stephen Fry. Early in the episode, the conversation took a long detour into the topic of mindfulness meditation. Harris, of course, is a longtime proponent of this practice. He discusses it at length in his book, Waking Up, and now offers an app to help new adherents train the skill (I’ve heard it’s good). What sparked the diversion in the first place is when, early in the conversation...
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Haruki Murakami Announces an Archive That Will House His Manuscripts, Letters & Collection of 10,000+ Vinyl Records

Image by wakarimasita, via Wikimedia Commons It has become the norm for notable writers to bequeath documents related to their work, and even their personal correspondence, to an institution that promises to maintain it all, in perpetuity, in an archive open to scholars. Often the institution is located at a university to which the writer has some connection, and the case of the Haruki Murakami Library at Tokyo's Waseda University is no exception: Murakami graduated from Waseda in 1975, and a d...
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John Muir High students walk out of class in protest of ban on durags

Students at Pasadena’s John Muir High School walked out of class Wednesday morning to protest a school policy that prohibit wearing durags. The students say the ban on durags exists because administrators believe they’re associated with gangs. But for the students, the head coverings are an important part of black culture often used to preserve a hairstyle known as waves. Reggie Myles, 17, a Black Student Union cabinet member, helps lead John Muir High School students in a walkout protesting...
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Graduate Assistantships in Arts Administration

Two open positions for the 19-20 academic year, including hourly pay and tuition benefits. Jump-start your career in arts administration by earning a Master’s in 15 months at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. Two Graduate Assistant positions are devoted to our program, providing students with hands-on marketing, fundraising, and management experience while completing our program. MORE INFORMATION
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‘Friends from College’ Canceled at Netflix After Two Seasons

The big news from Netflix yesterday was the cancellation of Jessica Jones and The Punisher, bringing an end to Marvel shows on the streaming service. But it wasn’t the only Netflix original that got the axe. Netflix announced that the comedy series Friends from College starring Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Savage, Cobie Smulders, Nat Faxon, Annie Parisse, Jae Suh Park and Billy Eichner has been canceled after two seasons. Here’s the official statement from Netflix (via Variety): “Friends from Col...
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7 Tips For Finding The Best Daycare

The formative years of our child are one of the most important phases wherein the child gets to develop his or her inclinations, be it in math, science or the arts. However, no matter how much time we would like to spend with our children, this is not at all times possible. When both parents are working, it is really improbable that one parent can dedicate all of his or her time towards such child. But, even though, we, parents might be loaded up with work to be able to also provide for th...
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Has the Voynich Manuscript Finally Been Decoded?: Researchers Claim That the Mysterious Text Was Written in Phonetic Old Turkish

There are still several ancient languages modern scholars cannot decipher, like Minoan hieroglyphics (called Linear A) or Khipu, the intricate Incan system of writing in knots. These symbols contain within them the wisdom of civilizations, and there’s no telling what might be revealed should we learn to translate them. Maybe scholars will only find accounting logs and inventories, or maybe entirely new ways of perceiving reality. When it comes, however, to a singularly indecipherable tex...
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Gustave Doré’s Haunting Illustrations of Dante’s Divine Comedy

Inferno, Canto X: Many artists have attempted to illustrate Dante Alighieri's epic poem the Divine Comedy, but none have made such an indelible stamp on our collective imagination as the Frenchman Gustave Doré. Doré was 23 years old in 1855, when he first decided to create a series of engravings for a deluxe edition of Dante's classic.  He was already the highest-paid illustrator in France, with popular editions of Rabelais and Balzac under his belt, but Doré was unable to convince his publishe...
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Focus on Book Arts conference brochure available too!

Yep, it’s another blog post about the Focus on Book Arts conference! I can’t help it – I’m just so excited! I recently received a batch of FOBA brochures in the mail – they offer an overview of the conference, along with a listing of this year’s workshops. When I opened up one of the brochures, I was excited to see a close-up of one of the books that folks will be making in my workshop: Then I noticed the photo to the left of it – it was taken during my workshop in 2017! You can see me in the ...
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How the Mona Lisa Went From Being Barely Known, to Suddenly the Most Famous Painting in the World (1911)

Is the Mona Lisa really “ten times better than every other painting”? No one seriously believes this, and how would anyone measure such a thing? There may be no such critical scale, but there is a popular one. The Louvre, where the famous Leonardo da Vinci—maybe the most famous painting of all time—hangs, says that 80 percent of its visitors come just to see the Mona Lisa. Her enigmatic smile adorns merchandise the world wide. Books, essays, documentaries, songs, coffee mugs—hers may be ...
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The History of Ancient Greece in 18 Minutes: A Brisk Primer Narrated by Brian Cox

Ancient Greece never existed. Before you click away, fearing a truly brazen attempt at historical revisionism, let's put that statement in context. Ancient Greece "was no state with an established border or capital, but rather a multitude of distinct and completely independent cities." So says the video above, "Ancient Greece in 18 Minutes," which makes historical corrections — and often humorous ones — to that and a variety of other common misperceptions about perhaps the main civilizat...
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Netflix Cancels Friends From College After Two Seasons

Netflix cancels Friends From College after two seasons After two seasons of middling reviews from critics but solid reviews from audiences, Netflix has decided to not move forward with a third season of the ensemble dramedy series Friends From College, according to Variety. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googletag.cmd.push(function() { var ...
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The History of Ancient Rome in 20 Quick Minutes: A Primer Narrated by Brian Cox

Two thousand years ago, Rome was half the world. A thousand years before that, it was “a tiny tribal settlement of the Latins by the river Tiber.” So, what happened? An awful lot. But narrator Brian Cox makes the history and longevity of Ancient Rome seem simple in 20 minutes in the Arzamas video above, which brings the same talent for narrative compression as we saw in an earlier video we featured with Cox describing the history of Russian Art. This is a far more sprawling subject, but ...
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West Virginia Teachers Score Victory in Their Latest Walkout. But the Fight Isn’t Over

Teachers rallied at the Capitol nearly a year after the first West Virginia walkout
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Invest in AI’s ethical future

Kriti Sharma Contributor Kriti Sharma is the vice president of AI and Ethics at Sage Group, based in the United Kingdom. Kriti was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2017 and the inaugural Recode 100 list of influencers in Technology, Business and Media. I spent a recent Saturday morning talking to a group of grade school kids about artificial intelligence. Many of them had never coded before, let alone heard of AI. During the session, one exercise required...
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Forbes: Forward vs. Reverse Mortgages in Retirement

Using a reverse mortgage to refinance an existing mortgage will create more financial flexibility for fixed-income retirees, according to Dr. Wade Pfau, professor of retirement income at the American College of Financial Services and a member of the Funding Longevity Task Force, in a new piece at Forbes. “The general idea is that a reverse mortgage used primarily to refinance an existing mortgage creates more flexibility for distribution needs from the investment portfolio by removing a fixed...
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Rocket-tunity: Can Private Firms Turn a Profit in Space?

Private rocket companies are competing to be the first to send paying tourists into space, perhaps even this year. Matthew Weinzierl lays out the strategic roadmap to the stars. [Author: by Scott Wallask]
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"Ms. Warren’s plan, the Universal Child Care and Early Learning Act, would create a network of government-funded care centers based partly on the existing Head Start network..."

"... with employees paid comparably to public-school teachers. Families earning less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level would be able to send their children to these centers for free. Families earning more than that would be charged on a sliding scale, up to a maximum of 7 percent of their income. The plan would be funded by Ms. Warren’s proposed wealth tax on households with more than $50 million in assets, her campaign said. 'The guarantee is about what each of our children is entit...
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Diagnostic Bubbles

This paper generates insights into the structure of asset price bubbles by modeling beliefs from fundamental psychological assumptions, and combining this with standard neoclassical mechanisms, such as learning from prices and speculation. [Author: by Pedro Bordalo, Nicola Gennaioli, Spencer Yongwook Kwon, and Andrei Shleifer]
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Renton School District construction bond falls short of required voter turnout

The district's operations levy, which was also on the February special election ballot, passed with 62 percent voter approval.
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Top Tips for Reverse Mortgage LOs Targeting Financial Planners

Reverse mortgage professionals may slowly be making inroads with financial planning contacts, but the industry agrees there’s still work to be done. Toward that end, there are several best practices originators can rely on to help forge relationships with financial planners, says one planner who is knowledgeable about the reverse mortgage product and is supportive of incorporating home equity-tapping tools into retirement plans. Leading edge, not bleeding edge Among the first bits of adv...
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Relative Performance Transparency: Effects on Sustainable Choices

This paper discusses experiments involving more than 7,000 participants to shed light on how information and its presentation regarding sustainable performance can be a tool for enhancing sustainable choices in practice. [Author: by Ryan W. Buell, Shwetha Mariadassou, and Yanchong Zheng]
Tags: College, by Ryan W. Buell, Shwetha Mariadassou, and Yanchong Zheng, Ryan W Buell Shwetha Mariadassou, Yanchong Zheng

Poorer families to get text messages in trial to support early learning

Separate trials will test impact of home visits by experts as well as access to learning appsParents are to be sent three text messages a week offering tips on how to support their child’s early learning at home as part of a government drive to improve school readiness among children from poorer families.The texts will be sent to disadvantaged families with four- and five-year-olds, encouraging activities to improve literacy and numeracy, “such as counting the number of plates on the table”, acc...
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Florida schoolboy arrested after refusing to recite pledge of allegiance

Student, 11, was arrested on 4 February for creating a disruption in the classroom, the Lakeland police department saidAn 11-year-old Florida boy was arrested this month after a dispute with a substitute teacher over his refusal to participate in the pledge of allegiance at his school, it has emerged.The student at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy in Lakeland, Florida, was arrested on 4 February for creating a disruption in the classroom, police said in a statement. Continue reading...
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New Research and Ideas, February 19, 2019

These CEO types are more productive ... Does revising make it better? ... Rewards spur more productivity. [Author: Sean Silverthorne]
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UW Medicine mistakenly exposed information on nearly 1 million patients

The files contain patients' names, medical record numbers, a description of the information shared and a description of who it was shared with, UW Medicine said in a news release.
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Amazon to fund computer science courses in over 1,000 U.S. high schools

Amazon’s recent investments in NYC educational initiatives will continue, despite the company pulling its HQ2 plans for the area. But the company isn’t stopping there. Today, Amazon announced it will bring computer science courses to over 1,000 high schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The classes, which are funded through Amazon’s Future Engineer program, will reach tens of thousands of students nationwide. The Future Engineer program’s goal is to bring computer science cou...
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