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In China, This Video Game Lets You Be a Tiger Mom or a Driven Dad

Mete out love and discipline. Set ambitious goals. Endure a teenager’s first dates. Fans say the game Chinese Parents is a surprisingly poignant exercise in role reversal.
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2000s Fashion Icons: Britney Spears

So much ~*nostalgia*~ Oops I Did It Again Video Screenshot The 2000s do not feel far away and if you're like me, they're a time that you hold near and dear to your heart. Love it or hate it, fashion in the 2000s was distinctive, filled with styles that are now instantly recognizable.In case you missed it, we're breaking down the top 2000s fashion icons you need to know about, covering each woman in depth. Today, we're kicking off our list with Britney Spears. If you were not listening to Britn...
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Looks on Campus: Amy - University of London

Amy is giving us major Fleetwood Mac vibes.I’ve always been impressed by Amy’s colorful (and occasionally wacky) outfits, so when I spotted her walking around town looking like a boho chic princess, I simply had to photograph her. Daring, flattering, and absolutely ethereal... Amy is a walking fashion inspiration. Amy 101 Name: AmyHometown: Deepcut, EnglandSchool: Royal Holloway, University of London, EnglandYear: Second YearMajor: History Let’s Talk Fashion Why did you decide to wear this par...
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Teachers Under Attack in Advertising?

I noticed these ads on the Shanghai Metro recently: 妈妈 , [Mom,] Tom老师 教我的发音 [The pronunciation Teacher Tom taught me] Amy老师说不对 ! [Teacher Amy says is not correct] 妈妈 , [Mom,] 今天外教 [today the foreign teacher] 把我的名字 [got my name] 叫错了三次 。 Please view this post in your web browser to complete the quiz. “Dada English” is one of a new wave of Chinese online English learning platforms which includes “VIP KID.” What makes these platforms special is that they all purport to of...
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20 Fashion YouTubers You Should Be Obsessing Over

If you love fashion, these are the channels you need to subscribe to.A good dose of fashion inspiration can help you dress your best for class, outings, and just about any occasion. There are so many platforms out there to find style inspiration from blogs to Instagram, Pinterest, and -- today's focus -- YouTube. When I'm stumped for what to wear, I love to watch a quick fashion-related YouTube video to get my creativity going. Lookbooks, how-to-style videos, and hauls are helpful when you are s...
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Weekly Crossover: Hanna Marin x Amy Farrah Fowler

Trendy glam meets vintage quirkiness.Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars and Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory are both popular television characters, but they are also known for their senses of style. So for this Weekly Crossover, I'm going to mix their vibes.Hanna's trendy-glam vibe mixed with Amy's modest, vintage-quirky style can seem like a really weird pairing at first (after all, people would think of Hanna as more fashionable than Amy), but I'm hoping these outfits will leave y...
Tags: TV, College, Inspiration, The Big Bang Theory, Pretty Little Liars, Amy, Spencer, Sheldon, Hanna, Hanna Marin, Amy Farrah Fowler, Weekly Crossover, Anthropologie Loafers Nordstrom, Hanna Hanna Marin

#EduGoalsMOOC resources

Image from Wikimedia Commons For the  # EduGoalsMOOC  Twitter chat today, I have compiled a short list of useful resources that relate to the use of technology in education, and specifically technology integration. The first site is run by Dr Ruben Puentedura, who is the author of the SAMR model. His website Hippasus explore this model in detail and offers a number of useful examples of how it can be applied in practice.The second useful resource is TeachThought which is run by Terry Hei...
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Mitten Strings ~ a conversation continued!

Hello my friends, and Happy (almost) Friday! :) On Facebook the other day I shared a beautiful post by Katrina Kenison, author of one of my favorite "mothering" reads of all time, Mitten Strings for God: Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry. Some longtime readers might remember back in 2008 when I ran a chapter-by-chapter book study of Mitten Strings here at the blog - and oh, what fun we had with that! We discussed some wonderful topics - Simplicity, Wants and Needs, Stories, and Quiet, for ex...
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Fractal education

I love fractals. They are essentially art made from maths. The Mandelbrot set pictured here is one such fractal, and I sometimes use it in my talks to illustrate a key educational point.Fractals are varied, but the self-similar patterns such as the Mandelbrot Set replicate their patterns at every iteration, perfectly repeating themselves almost to infinity. Essentially fractals represent recursive mathematical equations, but don't ask me to explain exactly how they work - I'm not a mathematicia...
Tags: Learning, Education, Research, Schools, Devon, Einstein, eLearning, Fractals, Amy, Mandelbrot, Steve Wheeler, Plymouth England, Amy O Toole, Beau Lotto, Blackawton Primary School, Discursive Learning

Discover Your Celebrity Personality Type!

Your true self is about to be found. Celebrities: you know 'em, you love 'em, but have you ever wondered what they're really like? Sure, they all seem funny, charming, and magnetic, but just like real people, celebs are deeper than they appear. Perhaps you're more like your favorite starlet than you think, but how can you tell?Well, there's always the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (or MBTI, for short), a personality test so accurate it'll blow your mind. You can take the test for free here or fin...
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94 Year Old Woman With Perfect GPA Earns her College Degree Online

For so many of us, going back to school to earn a college degree can feel like an unattainable goal. Between full-time jobs, kids, and all of the other things that take priority in daily life, how can you make time to pursue your long-forgotten dream of finishing your college education? For one Honolulu resident, the challenges of returning to school as an adult weren’t enough to stop her from reaching for the stars. At 94 years old, Amy Craton made the decision to jump headfirst back into colle...
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94 Year Old Woman With Perfect GPA Earns her College Degree

For so many of us, going back to school to earn a college degree can feel like an unattainable goal. Between full-time jobs, kids, and all of the other things that take priority in daily life, how can you make time to pursue your long-forgotten dream of finishing your college education? For one Honolulu resident, the challenges of returning to school as an adult weren’t enough to stop her from reaching for the stars. At 94 years old, Amy Craton made the decision to jump headfirst back into colle...
Tags: Facebook, College, Nbc News, United States, Amy, Honolulu, Southern New Hampshire University, Online Degrees, Amy Craton, Southern New Hampshire University Amy

5 Fictional Families Who Would Make Great Thanksgiving Hosts

Thanksgiving company is almost as important as the food. Ah, Thanksgiving. Or Turkey Day, if you prefer. It might just be the greatest holiday ever, thanks to its mouthwatering food, gorgeous late-November OMG-look-at-the-leaves setting, and lack of any pressure to buy anyone the perfect gift! (Until next month, anyway).As we all know, Thanksgiving is the time of year where we count our blessings, and right after I declare my thankfulness for the existence of Emma Stone (give the girl an Oscar ...
Tags: Elsa, Frozen, Thanksgiving, College, Inspiration, Turkey, Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Emma Stone, Norway, Anna, Amy, Jo, Monica, Jon, Ron

Looks on Campus: Amy - Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Minimalists unite.Sometimes a jeans + white tee combo is all you need, and today's fashionista proves it. Amy is inspired by Youtubers, street fashion, and minimalism, and it's easy to see these influences in her style. Although the elements of her look are simple, her ensemble is far from basic. Amy 101 Name: AmySchool: Southern Alberta Institute of TechnologyYear: 1st YearMajor: Communications Let's Talk Fashion Who or what inspires your style? “I watch a lot of YouTube videos that tend to t...
Tags: Youtube, College, Adidas, Calgary, Amy, Campus Style, Looks on Campus, Fall 2016

Monthly Favorites and Wishlist: August 2016

This month, I'm all over the place! It'll soon be time to stow the shades. Is everyone ready to go back to school? Because I'm totally not. It's bittersweet, actually. Fall is my favorite time of the year for many reasons: my birthday, homecoming, riding boots, and pumpkin spice lattes. (Don't care if that sounds basic.) I wouldn't mind if fall just stuck around all year round! Another month passing, means another monthly favorites article. Out of all the articles I write, this has to be my fa...
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If Other Classic Literary Heroines Went to College

What would Jane Eyre, Jo March, Catherine Earnshaw, and Eowyn study in college? Find out here. You might recall that a while back, I published a piece called "If Jane Austen Heroines Went to College." I didn't know what to expect when it went live, but surprise, surprise, you guys seemed to love it! Anyway, seeing that the world of awesome, inspiring literary heroines is a vast and ever-expanding one, today I'm turning my focus to some from beyond the realm of Austen. These lovely ladies are th...
Tags: Google, Books, College, Military, William Shakespeare, Rochester, Charlotte Brontë, Shakespeare, Lord Of The Rings, Catherine, Melissa Mccarthy, Hermione Granger, Charlotte, Majors, Amy, Meg

Book-Inspired Fashion: Dorothy Must Die

Ding dong, the witch is back. via Amazon Fresh, darker versions of old fairytales and childhood classics are common nowadays. People want to read something familiar and nostalgic while still getting something more adult or thrilling than what they remember. One of the more original and fantastical re-imaginings to arrive in recent years is the young adult novel Dorothy Must Die.With its striking title and stark combination of dark fantasy and bleak reality, Danielle Paige's bestselling book is...
Tags: Movies, College, Inspiration, Kansas, Dorothy, Wizard Of Oz, TOMS, Amazon Fresh, Amy, Ding Dong, Gert, Book-Inspired Fashion, Mary Janes, Gingham

Hautelinks: Week of 6/23/16

This week we've got Selena Gomez doing carpool karaoke, the Babysitters' Club's favorite snacks, the best tee shirts ever, and more. LOL: Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour switch jobs for a day.Related: Amy's Vogue photoshoot is equally amazing.Selena Gomez did carpool karaoke and obviously it was nothing short of perfection.100% agree with Man Repeller; Kristen Stewart's style has been amazing lately.Refinery29 puts white tee shirts to the test in search of the best one.They also did a really amazi...
Tags: Google, Europe, Kim Kardashian, News, College, Amy Schumer, Disney, Vogue, Selena Gomez, Anna Wintour, Chris Pratt, Kristen Stewart, Gq, Gawker, Amy, Twitter Instagram

3 ways to cope with bullying

I don't know about you, but I was bullied at school. I remember how horrible it felt to be excluded, disliked, in fear of violence every play time. There were mornings I hated going to school, because I knew what might be waiting for me just inside the school gates. Bullying is an ongoing, endemic problem in schools, where children who are vulnerable can be made to feel they are on the outside, lonely, hated by those who are meant to be their classmates.My own daughter Amy was continually bulli...
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Who's driving?

One of the most impressive features of the ICT in Education conference at Limerick Institute of Technology was the high profile involvement of school children. Ireland's Youth Media Team were in great evidence throughout the day, resplendent in their bright red t-shirts, busy documenting the proceedings using a variety of media and technologies. They blogged about everything that happened. They captured images and wrote narratives around them. They video recorded throughout the day. They interv...
Tags: Twitter, Technology, Media, Learning, Education, Blogging, Ireland, Pedagogy, Anna, eLearning, Amy, ICT, Plymouth University, Steve Wheeler, Audioboom, Digital Storytelling

Supporting DonorsChoose and #BestSchoolDay

When I sat down this morning with Amy she started reading off people who had funded entire cities worth of projects on DonorsChoose this morning. Amy has DonorsChoose in her twitter feed and we quickly figured out what was going on. I saw Fred Wilson’s post on #BestSchoolDay and we agreed to fully fund projects in a number of cities that we have connections to. We ended up fully funding all the DonorChoose projects in Alaska, Boulder, Longmont, Brighton, Breckenridge, Richardson, and Detroit. So...
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