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Dieter Rams Lists the 10 Timeless Principles of Good Design–Backed by Music by Brian Eno

Nearly all of us have heard the dictum "Less, but better," and nearly all of us have used Braun products. But how many of us know that both of those owe their considerable popularity to the same man? After studying architecture, interior decoration, and carpentry, the German industrial designer Dieter Rams spent 40 years at Braun, most of them as the company's chief design officer. There he created such hits as the 606 universal shelving system, the SK61 record player, and the ET66 calculat...
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Watch The Journey, the New Ridley Scott Short Film Teased During the Super Bowl

Established in 1933, Turkish Airlines celebrated its 85th anniversary last year with a higher profile than ever before. Born in 1937, Ridley Scott turned 81 last year and has shown no decline whatsoever in his enthusiasm for filmmaking. This year found those two institutions brought together by another, the Super Bowl, which offered the occasion to air a thirty-second teaser for The Journey, a six-minute film commissioned by Turkish Airlines and directed by Scott. (The same game also, Op...
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Apple unveils new in-store sessions covering photography, Garage Band, health and more

Apple is launching 58 new Today at Apple sessions to beef up its in-store education offerings for people who want to explore Apple’s products. The sessions, which cover video, photography, accessibility, coding, music, health and more, are free to attend and available at all of Apple’s retail stores across the world. For the unveiling, Apple brought a group of reporters to its Apple Park campus in Cupertino last week. Throughout the day, Apple took us through sample Today at Apple sessions ac...
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YC-backed Our World in Data wants you to know what’s changing about the planet

News is exhausting. Mexican murders are sky-high. Ebola is ravaging the eastern Congo. China is erasing an entire culture of Islam from its Western hinterlands. That news — negative and intense though it is — can easily occlude the many positive, longer term stories that are fundamental drivers of the world. Africa is reaching new levels of prosperity. Violence around the world is in retreat. Famine is down, a lot. These trends are present, but getting high-quality data around them and correctly...
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YC-backed Our World in Data wants you to know that the planet is doing okay

News is exhausting. Mexican murders are sky-high. Ebola is ravaging the eastern Congo. China is erasing an entire culture of Islam from its Western hinterlands. That news — negative and intense though it is — can easily occlude the many positive, longer term stories that are fundamental drivers of the world. Africa is reaching new levels of prosperity. Violence around the world is in retreat. Famine is down, a lot. These trends are present, but getting high-quality data around them and correctly...
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pi-top’s latest edtech tool doubles down on maker culture

London-based edtech startup, pi-top, has unboxed a new flagship learn-to-code product, demoing the “go anywhere” Pi-powered computer at the Bett Show education fare in London today. Discussing the product with TechCrunch ahead of launch, co-founder and CEO Jesse Lozano talked up the skills the company hopes students in the target 12-to-17 age range will develop and learn to apply by using sensor-based connected tech, powered by its new pi-top 4, to solve real world problems. “When you get a pi-t...
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Are Smartphones Necessary Anymore?

When I was researching Digital Minimalism, I came across an interesting article written by Vlad Savov for The Verge. It was titled: “It’s time to bring back the dumb phone.” I’ve both read and written numerous articles about the negative aspects of the modern smartphone, and have interviewed many people who have returned to a simpler alternative with few regrets. But what caught my attention about Savov’s piece was the following new (to me) argument he made in favor of stepping back ...
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Beware Silicon Valley Santas in the Schools

Beware Silicon Valley Santas in the Schools U.S.A. –-( When it comes to Silicon Valley Santas bearing gifts for our children, I am a big Scrooge. Every responsible parent should be, too.In 2016, Apple CEO Tim Cook showered a rural Idaho school district with 500 iPads and Apple TVs for every classroom, along with free training as part of a 29-state $100 million personalized digital technology program. He visited the Idaho schools recently with Ivanka Trump, where she praised the “...
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My 2018 Christmas Wishlist

I've made my list and I've checked it twice. I love giving gifts, I love the Christmas season, and I love making lists. So December is here and I've already made my list of things I want to give all my friends and family. It's my favorite thing to brainstorm ideas and then gradually check off names one by one as I've found the perfect gift, complete with wrapping paper and a bow. I always want to know what other people have needed or wanted this year, but it's helpful for my friends and family ...
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Apple Lets You Download Six Free Audio Books Read by Celebrity Narrators: Start with Kate Beckinsale Reading Pride & Prejudice

A quick heads up: Apple has just released six classic books read by celebrity narrators. And they're all free. The list includes: Pride and Prejudice, narrated by Kate Beckinsale The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, narrated by Tituss Burgess The Secret Garden, narrated by Karen Gillan The Time Machine, narrated by Kelsey Grammer Frankenstein, narrated by Aaron Mahnke of the Lore podcast Winnie the Pooh, narrated by Disney Book Group From start to finish, that's 36 hours of free audio. For much more of ...
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Hautelinks: The End of Rookie, Is Beauty's Pace Sustainable?, Priyanka & Nick's Wedding, & More

Here's what Team CF read this week. Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" video is out and it is absolutely everything we dreamed it'd be. The Kris Jenner cameo in particular is EPIC.Tavi Gevinson announced in a six page letter that Rookie Mag is folding. It's hard to articulate how sad this makes me and how much I relate to the things she talks about re: making a website financially sustainable without selling out. Online media is not in a good place and Tavi explains it so well. You'll be missed, R...
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Stream 48 Classic & Contemporary German Films Free Online: From Fritz Lang’s Metropolis to Margarethe von Trotta’s Hannah Arendt

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the German Expressionist classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. As soon as Robert Weine’s 1920 film came out, it was described as essential. Or as one reviewer wrote, “so-called cultured people who fail to see it are neglecting their education.” There are dozens more German films to which that sentence might apply. Films from the country’s explosive Weimar moment—which also produced Metropolis, Nosferatu, M, Faust, etc.—to those of the New...
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Hautelinks: "Guava Island" Trailer; "Thank U, Next" Video News; the Best Stocking Stuffers; & More

Plus a zillion other links we loved this week. Get excited: Here's everything coming to Netflix in December.Speaking of Netflix, here's a guide to made-for-TV Xmas movies of 2018 including the soon-to-be classics from the streaming service.And here are some "secret" codes to enter to find specific types of Christmas movies on Netflix.Donald Glover and Rihanna dropped a teaser for their new film "Guava Island." Cannot wait!!It's the end of an era: Glamour is officially ending print editions and ...
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Apple aims to get kids into coding with free classes at its stores worldwide

Apple is back with its free coding classes for students. They start in December at all Apple Stores, with lessons introducing Swift, the programming language used by app developers around the world, and others linked to robotics. The post Apple aims to get kids into coding with free classes at its stores worldwide appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Hautelinks: Best Celeb Halloween Looks, New iPhone Emojis, How to Ace Phone Interviews, & More

Refinery 29 has a much-needed list of resources for how to help the survivors of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.From Glamour: Voters Don't Come Out for Midterm Elections— But That Could Change This Year. Here's what celebrities wore for Halloween this year. Did you have a favorite costume? And here are the best celeb Halloween beauty looks, via Byrdie.We can't forget about furbabies, either: 19 of The Most Adorable Costumes Worn By Pets This Halloween.From the experts at InStyle: 5 Easy Way...
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A canceled education order is increasing hopes for new Macbook model

With Apple's October 30 event fast approaching, rumors continue to surface about new Macs and iPad models. In the latest news, a canceled education order is stoking hopes for a new MacBook model. The post A canceled education order is increasing hopes for new Macbook model appeared first on Digital Trends.
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YD Talks: With Marissa Louie. Designer, Entrepreneur, and Creator of Animoodles

It’s rare to come across someone who’s so intensely passionate about something, it spills over. You wouldn’t expect a 27 (turning 28 in January) year old man to be enraptured by plush toys, but just talking to Marissa Louie for a bit has me emotionally invested in the Animoodles, a series of stuffed toy animals with magnetically detachable limbs and heads that can be swapped to create animal hybrids.I met Marissa through Designer’s Guild, a forum created by her on Facebook for designers to int...
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10 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season

It’s officially October, which means that fall is in full swing. This also means that it is, hands down, the greatest season of the year. Sure, the other seasons are also great--winter is full of Christmas, hot chocolate, and snow, spring is the time of flowers and warm weather, and summer means no school and lots of time at the beach or pool. And although each season has its own unique qualities, there is no season quite like fall. It’s the perfect time of the year, and I'll give you 10 reasons...
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Apple adds student ID cards into Apple Wallet to access buildings, buy food and more

The education market has long been one of the cornerstones of growth for Apple’s hardware business, and today the company is leveraging its popularity in it, specifically among college-aged students, to build out a newer effort. Today, Apple started to integrate university student ID cards — used to access buildings, pay for food or books, and any other transactional campus services — into Wallet, its contactless payment system on the Apple Watch and the iPhone. The first schools to come onli...
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Apple’s ‘Everyone Can Create’ curriculum launches on Apple Books

Fist announced at Apple’s education event in Chicago, the company today launched its new “Everyone Can Create” curriculum on Apple Books. The curriculum joins Apple’s “Everyone Can Code” initiative by offering teachers a way to integrate drawing, music, filmmaking and photography into their classroom lesson plans. Specifically, “Everyone Can Create” is designed to take advantage of Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad and Apple Pencil, also introduced at the company’s event this March in Chicago. Before...
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Paul McCartney Breaks Down His Most Famous Songs and Answers Most-Asked Fan Questions in Two New Videos

Paul McCartney has played it safe for decades, relying on the brilliance of his songwriting and musicianship, which no one ever doubts and so he never has to prove. His songs usually fall into a formula familiar from Beatles’ days: “silly love songs,” writes Stephen Earlewine at Pitchfork, “mini-suites… polite political protests, and old-fashioned rockers.” But while the Beatles had each other, the experiments of George Martin, LSD, transcendental meditation, and a moment of perfect cult...
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When Steve Jobs Taught Andy Warhol to Make Art on the Very First Macintosh (1984)

When Andy Warhol first became famous, few knew what to make of his art. When Apple first released the Macintosh — dramatically promoted with that Ridley Scott Super Bowl commercial — few knew what to make of it either. The year was 1984, when almost nobody had seen a graphical user interface or even a mouse, let alone used them, and the Macintosh looked as strange and compelling when it entered the computing scene as Warhol did when he entered the art scene. Both seemed so casually to re...
Tags: Apple, Google, Art, Facebook, Technology, Mac, Steve Jobs, College, John Lennon, History, Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol, Warhol, Ridley Scott, Seoul, Lennon

Native Lands: An Interactive Map Reveals the Indigenous Lands on Which Modern Nations Were Built

“Now when I was a little chap I had a passion for maps. I would look for hours at South America, or Africa, or Australia, and lose myself in the all the glories of exploration. At that time there were many blank spaces on the earth, and when I saw one that looked particularly inviting on a map (but they all look that) I would put my finger on it and say, ‘When I grow up I will go there.’”                      —Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness In his post-WWII historical survey, The Story of Map...
Tags: Apple, Google, Maps, Australia, College, White House, Africa, History, Harvard, Cree, Catholic Church, South America, Atlas Obscura, Facebook Twitter, Pennsylvania Avenue, PISCATAWAY

The secret to rendering white products on white backgrounds

I usually never recommend rendering any sort of product on a white background unless it’s truly necessary. When rendering, the background plays an important role along with the foreground, helping complement/balance it, or create a heavy contrast (that’s usually the photographer or designer’s call), but a white background can generally feel slightly template-ish. The real problem, however, is rendering white on white. A white product on a white background can usually be a nightmare because the...
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UK schools and tech industry urged to foster education revolution

Education secretary wants UK and Silicon Valley firms to help put tech at heart of classroomsTech companies in the UK and abroad, including Apple and Microsoft, have been urged to help foster an education revolution by putting technology at the heart of the classroom.The education secretary, Damian Hinds, said only a minority of schools and colleges were taking advantage of opportunities to bring education to life by, for instance, enabling children to take virtual trips through the Amazon or to...
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Politics, UK, Technology, Education, Microsoft, UK News, Computing, Schools, Education policy, Virtual Reality, Silicon Valley, Damian Hinds

Looks on Campus: Sarah - West Virginia University

Sarah, plz be our BFF so we can raid your closet.Attending summer classes isn’t the only way to get ahead during summer. WVU fashionista Sarah enjoys hanging around campus on her days off as a clinical associate at our local hospital. Between her rotating sleep schedule and her activities as a leader for Young Life, I managed to catch up with her to snag an interview. From her bubbly personality to her sharp fashion sense, you’ll love everything about Sarah! Sarah 101 Name: SarahSchool: West ...
Tags: Apple, Pinterest, Instagram, Navy, College, Summer, West Virginia, Street Style, Old Navy, West Virginia University, WVU, Kate Spade, Sarah, Anthropologie, Southeast, Summer Trends

On Facebook’s Unique Weakness

An Anti-Social Response Last week, Facebook reported weaker than expected second quarter earnings and warned investors to expect diminished growth. As a result, its stock promptly fell 19%, wiping out over $120 billion in market capitalization. No publicly traded US company has ever lost more dollar value in a single day. This seems like bad news for the social media giant, perhaps the first indication that its struggles over the past couple of years are catching up to its bottom line. But not ...
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The Best Laptops for College, According to Expert Reviews

We combed all the review sites and these stylish laptops stacked up the best. You need the very best college school supplies for your return to campus, and a laptop is no exception. High-functioning, fast, powerful, sleek, all within your budget and perfect for your decided major? Not an easy choice!To help you decide, today we've rounded up six of the best laptops for college (in no particular order), listed with a full description of their features, prices, and available retailers, as well as...
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The Peacock in Menlo Park: On Open Offices and Signaling Theory

An Open Discussion A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a new study that took a careful look at interactions in an open office. It found, contrary to popular belief, that moving to an open format made people less likely to talk face-to-face with their coworkers, and more likely to instead send distracting digital messages. Not surprisingly, these changes led to lower productivity. This post sparked an interesting discussion in the comment section and my personal inbox on the question of why so man...
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5 Resources for Continued Education

Education isn’t confined to a campus or tuition. No matter what your passion may be, technology is making it easier to access learning materials. Learn, excel and grow with online tools for free from some of the best universities in the world. To get the most from your online experience, make sure your home internet service can support video streaming capabilities so you can truly bring the classroom into your home. With Panoramic Wi-Fi technology, you can download your training materials, s...
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