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The Ultimate Guide to the Dad Sneakers Trend

Dad sneakers are a fashion favorite this year, so you need to know how to wear them correctly.
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How to Achieve *THIS* High Fashion Trend On a Budget: Belt Bags

This week we’ll see how to get the new and improved "fanny pack" - belt bags!Last week we took the high fashion trend, glitzy boots, and saw how to get the look for ourselves within a budget. We looked at two variations from YSL and Jeremy Scott and found cheaper versions of the $10,000+ runway boots, ranging from $45-$79. This week, we will look at another new trend, belt bags, which are essentially high-end fanny packs for the modern and stylish woman.  HIGH FASHION TREND: BELT BAGS Belt bags ...
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The Best Celebrity Perfumes That Are Still Worth Checking Out

Yes, celeb perfumes are still around. And these are the ones you need to get!Choosing a perfume is hard. Designer fragrances often don’t justify their steep price tags with unique, memorable scents, but inexpensive body sprays don’t have the staying power to make drowning yourself in endless spritzes worth it. In comes the celebrity perfume.Once a backbone of the perfume industry, these affordable scents aren't too popular anymore. (There’s a great article in Cosmo that explains how social media...
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Hautelinks: The End of Rookie, Is Beauty's Pace Sustainable?, Priyanka & Nick's Wedding, & More

Here's what Team CF read this week. Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" video is out and it is absolutely everything we dreamed it'd be. The Kris Jenner cameo in particular is EPIC.Tavi Gevinson announced in a six page letter that Rookie Mag is folding. It's hard to articulate how sad this makes me and how much I relate to the things she talks about re: making a website financially sustainable without selling out. Online media is not in a good place and Tavi explains it so well. You'll be missed, R...
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The Evolution of "Casual" On Campus (Or: Why Students Love Streetwear, Athleisure, and T-Shirt Dresses)

Wondering why Nike shorts were ever a trend? Look to the past and you'll find the answer.As every fashion girl knows, the fashion circle of life is a consistent reordering of style popularity that reshuffles every few months or years. Wide flare jeans and one-pieces didn't pop out of nowhere. Old trends are constantly reappearing, often with slight twists to make them just different enough to feel fresh.The fashion circle of life applies to most areas of the fashion world, and college style is n...
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Hautelinks: Ariana Grande x Lush, Killer Questions to Ask in a Job Interview, Plus More

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Shake off your food coma with a short list of the links we loved this week. In case you didn't see it, you need to check out our epic Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving Weekend sales list! We'll be updating that all day long, so don't miss it if you're doing any shopping this week!Yessss: Cannot wait for the "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" holiday special! Anyone else obsessed with this show? (Prudence's style is goals!)Refinery29 lists the absolute best...
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Hautelinks: Comfy Heels for Holiday Parties, the Delia's x Doll's Kill Collab, & More

Plus the rest of the things we were reading this week. Fashionista did a great look back at the costumes witches have worn in pop culture through the years.Also from Fashionista, some interesting statistics on what's affecting holiday shopping numbers this year. Five ingredients for the perfect fall night spent at home, via Lauren Conrad.Ummm want everything from this Delia's collab!Fashion Nova has a knockoff of Meghan Markle's reception dress and I want it even though I have nowhere to wear i...
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Ariana Grande Style 101: How to Steal Her Sassy Style

A while back, we listed our favorite celebrity fashion icons, and over the next few months, we'll be breaking down each celebrity's style in depth and showing you how to get her style for yourself. Today, we're showing you how to get Ariana Grande's style.What comes to mind when you think of Ariana Grande? Her early role on Victorious? The ponytail? Pete Davidson? Her badass music video for “God Is a Woman”? Ariana Grande can evoke many powerful feelings, and this superstar is super-stylish a...
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A TV Binger's Guide to The 2018 Emmys

All the television that's fit to stream.School is underway, fall is nearly here, and you know what that means: It’s Emmys time! Whether you’re an awards show junkie like me or not, you probably care more about the Emmys than, say, the Oscars. That’s because historically, the Emmys are more, well, fun and relatable.The nominees at the Emmys are more likely to be things you’ve seen, whereas the Oscars, and even the Golden Globes, tend to award movies and TV shows that are #art.If you like TV (and...
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5 Girl Groups You Should Be Listening to, Based on Artists You Already Love

Girl power! Girl groups have been a music staple since the 1960s. A great blend of talented voices plus some girl power can create a killer combination. Girl groups tend to go all in with their performances, too, with cute outfits and amazing choreography. In recent years, girl groups have made a comeback with more popping up on the charts every year. Is there a girl group void in your music library? It might be because you don't know where to start listening. If the last girl group you remembe...
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Hautelinks: Why You Need SPF 100 Sunscreen, Non-Standard Date Ideas, & More

All the links you need to procrastinate for at least 15 minutes. Cute: Grab one of these adorable and free tech wallpapers perfect for summer.The Cut explains why you should actually be buying SPF 100 sunscreen. 5 Online Workouts for Every Kind of Mood, from ELLE.Refinery29 finally addresses a question I think everyone has wondered about: Can you actually shrink your pores?Influencer Lucy Williams talked to Harper's Bazaar about navigating the pressure of Instagram. Need date ideas that aren't ...
Tags: News, Instagram, Abc, College, France, Ariana Grande, Harry Potter, Costco, Harper, Pete Davidson, Bazaar, Shawn Mendes, Kevin Durant, Cardi, Roseanne, Hautelinks

Update Your Playlists with These 7 Cool Covers of Songs You Already Love

Just when you thought that song couldn't get any better!Sometimes there are songs that are so good you feel like you could listen to them on repeat indefinitely. Eventually, though, they start to get old. You may feel disappointed. You love this song so much, but you've listened to it enough times that you cringe every time you hear the opening notes. There's a solution to this issue. Check out a cover of the song! It's a way to hear a new interpretation of a song that may make you fall in love ...
Tags: Music, Lorde, College, Adele, Ariana Grande, Sia, Drake, Halsey, Frank Ocean, Vance Joy, Sara Bareilles, Khalid, College Life, Bareilles, Dodie, SZA Khalid

What Makes This Song Great?: Producer Rick Beato Breaks Down the Greatness of Classic Rock Songs in His New Video Series

Last night I had dinner at a local restaurant that happened to have a playlist on of great songs from my high school years. As one after another came on I thought, “wow, I forgot how good these songs are.” But after a while I realized I couldn’t really separate the songs themselves from my memories of listening to them back in the old days. Nostalgia, as we know, plays a significant role in how we respond to recorded music. But as to the question of what makes a song great to begin with,...
Tags: Google, Music, College, Ariana Grande, Marvin Gaye, Chris Cornell, Rage Against The Machine, Dan, Neumann, Facebook Twitter, Tom Petty, Josh Jones, John Entwistle, Durham NC Follow, Beato, Baba O'Riley

On My Playlist: Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack

New music for that tale as old as time. "On My Playlist" takes new hits and old favorites and turns them into outfits anyone can rock. Now I know we've already talked about the new live-action version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, but can we take a minute to appreciate the music?!Though the movie soundtrack was mainly taken from the animated version, composer Alan Menken and lyricist Tim Rice collaborated to write four new songs for the film. I've been listening to the soundtrack non-stop ...
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Manchester Benefit Concert Is Streaming Live Now

Just a quick fyi: The Manchester Benefit concert is happening now, and streaming live on YouTube. Coldplay, Pharrell Williams, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Niall Horan, Usher, and Ariana Grande will all perform. Click play above to stream the live video feed. Follow Open Culture on Facebook and   Twitter and  share intelligent media with your friends. Or better yet, sign up for our daily email and get a daily dose of Open Culture in your inbox.  If you'd like to su...
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Discover Your Celebrity Personality Type!

Your true self is about to be found. Celebrities: you know 'em, you love 'em, but have you ever wondered what they're really like? Sure, they all seem funny, charming, and magnetic, but just like real people, celebs are deeper than they appear. Perhaps you're more like your favorite starlet than you think, but how can you tell?Well, there's always the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (or MBTI, for short), a personality test so accurate it'll blow your mind. You can take the test for free here or fin...
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Hautelinks: Week of 7/28/16

Eeee: The first official Gilmore Girls revival trailer has dropped and the release date has been announced! Are you excited for the series' return?Vogue has a (small) sneak preview of H&M x Kenzo. So excited!Kylie Jenner is expanding her makeup empire with a new eyeshadow palette (that sold out in one minute!). It restocks tomorrow - will you be grabbing it?And if you don't want to shell out for Kyshadow, Refinery29 has some dupes of her palette.Everything that's coming to Netflix in August, vi...
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