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How to Build a Skincare Routine: Combination Skin

Product and routine recommendations for those with combination skin. Pexels This is the third post for the "How to Build a Skincare Routine" series AND is the last post on facial skincare. The previous posts covered dry skin and oily skin and now it's time to take care of combination skin. This article will help you to create a full regimen of skincare products for combination skin. If you want to know more about what each step of a skincare routine is for, check out our Minimalist Guide to Sk...
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How to Build a Skincare Routine: Oily Skin

The ultimate guide to the best skincare products for oily skin. Photo: Glossier This is the second post in the "How to Build a Skincare Routine" Series. If you have dry skin check out the first article on building a dry skin routine, because this one is for my oily skin girls. (If we haven't covered your skin type yet, keep an eye out because I have two more articles in this series that will be up within the next few weeks.)If you are looking for more clarification on what each product is for ...
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The Best Celebrity Perfumes That Are Still Worth Checking Out

Yes, celeb perfumes are still around. And these are the ones you need to get!Choosing a perfume is hard. Designer fragrances often don’t justify their steep price tags with unique, memorable scents, but inexpensive body sprays don’t have the staying power to make drowning yourself in endless spritzes worth it. In comes the celebrity perfume.Once a backbone of the perfume industry, these affordable scents aren't too popular anymore. (There’s a great article in Cosmo that explains how social media...
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How to Build a Skincare Routine: Dry Skin

Product suggestions and tips to help you build your very own skincare routine and take care of your dry skin. Building your own personal skincare routine can be a difficult task to do on your own. So, I am here to help you. This is the first post in our series on How to Build a Skincare Routine. Over the weeks ahead, I will be addressing different skin types and showing you exactly how to create a routine for your skin. First up is a dry skin routine.In this post I will be providing product rec...
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5 Best Korean Skincare Products Under $20

Korean skincare doesn't have to be expensive.Korean skincare products have a well-deserved cult following. The ingredients are unique and well packaged, plus many of the products simply work better than their American drugstore counterparts. Skincare is serious business in Korea, and the products reflect this. Unfortunately, the price tag also reflects this -- K beauty products can be expensive, so you have to shop smart to try them on a budget. I've talked about the best affordable Korean skinc...
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5 Beauty Splurges from Sephora That Are 100% Worth It

Because you deserve to treat yourself to something special! Nothing like a special beauty buy! Here at CF, we're all about finding a good bargain. However, we all deserve to treat ourselves every once in a while! And, what better way to do so than with a special, splurge-worthy beauty product from Sephora?!Below, I've rounded up five splurges from Sephora that I find myself reaching for time and time again; keep scrolling to find out what they are, and to read about why I think they're 100% wo...
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My Ultimate Top 5 Bath & Body Works Products

Affordable, amazing fragrances and products that work.I don't need to tell you guys about the amazingness that is Bath and Body Works. This skincare mecca stocks hundreds of products in a variety of scents, and there are countless devotees that swear by their offerings and buy up their favorite scents in bulk every year.If you want some help wading through the hundreds of products on offer, today I'm sharing my Bath and Body Works favorites. The hand sanitizers and body creams are my usual go-to...
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Fashion & Beauty Lessons We Can Learn from Model Casting Calls

Whether you're an aspiring model or just want to look like one, here are the tips you need to know. If you're at all familiar with the modeling industry, you probably know that models must regularly go to casting calls, where designers, editors, or agents pick and choose which girls they want to hire. At these castings, the models are expected to look their best but also to appear somewhat like blank canvases, making it easier for those responsible for casting to imagine the girls in a variety ...
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The Best Pore Refining Serums to Transform Your Skin

Pores? What pores?We all dream of smooth, flawless, radiant skin, but if you have large, obvious pores, they can unfortunately detract from your otherwise well maintained face. If you take good care of your skin (AKA you follow a skincare routine) but still find yourself with large pores, the solution to your problem may be as simple as adding a pore refining serum to your routine. Since pores are prone to getting clogged or irritated by dirt, leftover makeup, and dead skin cells, a serum can im...
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3 Lush Products You NEED to Try

In case you haven't heard of this brand before, Lush is a eco-friendly cosmetics company that is centered around their use of only vegan and vegetarian formulations with additional real fruit ingredients. They're widely known for their bath bombs, which are solid bars of sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, essential oils, and natural butters that fizz when they react with water and create a colorful bathtime experience. However, not only are their bath bombs authentically and aesthetically packaged...
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Trader Joe's Beauty Product Review, Part 2 (Skincare)

Photo: @traderjoesjunkie on Instagram, Logo: Wikimedia Commons I am back with the second part of the Trader Joe's Beauty Review! If you haven't read it yet, see my last post in which I go over TJ's best body and haircare products. If you don't know, Trader Joe's is an American grocery store that is famous for its reasonable prices, but it also has a sizable chunk of beauty products. When there are beauty products at a really reasonable prices, I can't help but want to try them at all. While I ...
Tags: Review, College, Beauty, Skincare, Joe, Beauty Products, Beauty & Hair, Toner Spa Natural Facial Cleansing Pads

The Best Setting Sprays for a Perfect Finish

Here at CF, we've been discussing makeup essentials for college girls, along with our favorite products for each beauty category. This week, we're discussing the best setting sprays, ever.Sometimes, when the rain comes down as a mist on gloomy days, I like to pretend that it's nature's way of making sure my makeup is set and my skin radiant. Of course, this is silly, and we should use actual setting sprays to finish our faces. It's absolutely crucial to make sure that all the time and effort pu...
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5 Affordable Korean Skincare Products You Need to Try

Korean skincare is not only known for its effective and multi-beneficial qualities, but it's also known for its unique, creative, and super-cute packaging. Furthermore, unlike American brands, where quality skincare can get expensive, Korea has some of the most affordable skincare products that efficiently do the job. If you've been in the market for affordable Korean skincare products to try, then keep on scrolling and be ready to add these new goodies to your shopping cart!  Pig Nose Clear Bl...
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The Best Lip Products, Ever (Part 2)

Here at CF, we've been discussing makeup essentials for college girls, along with our favorite products for each beauty category. This week, we're discussing our favorite lipsticks, ever.Last week, I promised a second part to our lip series, and here it is! There's something about lipstick that is just undeniably iconic— it's often our first glamorous encounter with any makeup, and it leaves the ultimate impression on anyone who sees or wears it. The impact of lipstick starts right as it glides...
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My Beauty Bucket List

I think most of us are familiar with a bucket list. Likely, many of us have one. I find bucket lists a little bit hard to conceptualize. The list is usually so long and I'm in the very beginning of my life, so I find that it becomes more like a list of resolutions, rather than motivators for future events I want to do. A beauty resolutions list, though, was something I did in my sophomore year of high school and to my surprise I actually accomplished all of them. Having a list of things I would...
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The Best Lip Products, Ever (Part 1)

Here at CF, we've been discussing makeup essentials for college girls, along with our favorite products for each beauty category. This week, we're discussing our favorite lip products, ever.Lip products are the one beauty item I never get tired of purchasing. They come in all sorts of shades, finishes, and feelings that putting on a fresh lipstick never gets old. In fact, I love so many lip products that I thought it best to present this list as a two-part series, so we can fully understand t...
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The Best False Eyelashes for That Extra Oomph

Here at CF, we've been discussing makeup essentials for college girls, along with our favorite products for each beauty category. This week, we're discussing our favorite false eyelashes, ever.False eyelashes, for me, were always part of the unattainable Insta-girl's collection. They always seemed too fussy and challenging to apply and wear throughout the day or night. However, there's no denying the look is unbeatable— the first time I wore falsies out, I couldn't get over how much of a differ...
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These K-Beauty Essences Will Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

The heart of Korean skincare and the skincare product that everyone needs. I know what you're thinking: aren't serums and essences the same thing? They are, but also, not quite! Essences are a blend between a toner and a serum and are used for an extra dose of hydration to further prep your skin for serum and moisturizer. Lightweight and less concentrated than serums, essences are known to be packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins. Each essence is designed to help treat a specific sk...
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5 Amazing Face Serums That Actually Work

Anti-aging? Prevents wrinkles? Brightens? Gets rid of dark spots? Yep. It's a special elixir in a bottle just for your skin! A face serum is one of the most important steps in your daily skincare routine, so if you aren't using one yet, now's the time to start.Serums are in charge of targeting the specific areas that need attention, whether it be acne, dark spots, hydration, brightening, or anything else, and immensely help in relieving your skin concerns. Lightweight and usually a liquid, thei...
Tags: College, Beauty, Skin Care, Skincare, Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin, Don, Kiehl, Neogen, Beauty Products, Beauty & Hair, Klair s Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum, Klair, Cosrx Triple C Lightning Liquid PURE, Triple Lightning Liquid, Neogen Dermalogy H2 Dermadeca Serum Spray Yep

The Best Highlighters for Any Budget

Still not over the highlighting craze? Here are our favorite highlighters for the perfect sheen. Here at CF, we've been discussing makeup essentials for college girls, along with our favorite products for each beauty category. This week, we're discussing the best highlighters, ever.Over the last year, makeup wearers across the globe fell into a sort of obsession over a seemingly innocuous product— highlighter. In the age of internet - Instagram - makeup, many of us have fun painting for the sel...
Tags: Makeup, College, Beauty, Benefit Cosmetics, Highlighter, Becca, Hippo, Beauty & Hair, Laura Geller, Katie Jane Hughes, Glossier, Benefit High Beam

The Best Face Exfoliators for Every Skin Type

The best exfoliators to clear away those dead skin cells and excess oil for brighter and glowing skin! Exfoliation is an extremely important part of your skincare routine, as it removes all those dead skin cells that are in the way of better skin days.When you don't exfoliate your face, the skincare products and cleansers you use won't have an immediate effect. So, always remember to exfoliate! It's recommended you do so 1 to 3 times per week, depending on your skin type.Speaking of, this week ...
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The Best Face Cleansers for Every Skin Type

The MUST have list for clear skin! When it comes to your skincare routine, face cleanser is probably the product that first comes to mind. Cleansers are one of the first steps to achieve that perfect clear skin that we all aspire to have, but there are so many to choose from and each one is made differently.That's why it's important to invest in a cleanser that works efficiently for your personal skin type. In this post, I've rounded up the 5 best facial cleansers. While technically each can be...
Tags: College, Face, Beauty, Skin Care, Skincare, Dry Skin, Cleanser, Sensitive Skin, Kiehl, Beauty Products, Beauty & Hair

5 Korean Face Masks That Are Worth the Hype

The ultimate list of the best Korean face masks to give you that instant radiant, smooth, and hydrated complexion. Korean beauty products, especially skincare items, are well-known worldwide due to their use of new and organic ingredients, as well as adorable, eye-catching packaging. There are so many varieties of K-beauty skincare products, and many target a number of areas in one single package! (See also: our list of the best Korean sheet masks.)So, is your skin in desperate need of hydratio...
Tags: Face Mask, Skin Care, Beauty & Hair, Beauty

A Step-by-Step Guide to Dealing with Skin Breakouts

Acne just appeared at the worst time? Don't panic -- read this guide on how to handle skin breakouts the right way. It always seems that when you're having the best skin of your life and everything is going well, SUDDENLY your "favorite little friends" decide to pay a visit. Yes, I'm talking about sudden acne. Skin breakouts are the worst because they're unexpected, you never know when they're going to leave, and if handled the wrong way they can leave behind scars. So how do I get rid of break...
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How to Prevent & Treat Razor Burn

Razor? Check. Shaving cream? Check. Razor burn? No thank you! There's nothing that says summer like a warm breeze, kids laughing, waves crashing, and razor burn. Wait... razor burn? Yes, sadly when it comes to summer, shaving is a common practice and along with it comes razor burn. Not only does razor burn hurt, but without proper treatment it can end up leaving unsightly bumps. UGH.Today, I'm showing you how to deal with this common summer beauty woe. If you want to prevent razor burn from hap...
Tags: College, Beauty, Shaving, Shaving Cream, Hair, Beauty & Hair, Summertime

What Skin Type Am I?

Normal, dry, oily, sensitive or combination? Here are the keys to figure out which skin type you actually are! View the original article to see embedded media. "What skin type are you?" When I was asked this question the very first time that I went to get a facial, I truthfully didn't know what to respond. Maybe oily? Or was it combination? Aren't they the same? I've always heard of the five skin types which are normal, dry, oily, sensitive, or combination, but I never really learned which facto...
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30 Tattoos to Get Before You Graduate From College

If there's one thing that represents the freedom that comes with going off to college, it's getting a tattoo. There are so many experiences we go through during those four-plus years of schooling, so it's the perfect time to start expressing yourself with ink. Whether it's finding your platonic soulmate, getting bit by the travel bug, or just wanting something to show off your passion, there are plenty of milestones to commemorate. Just want to memorialize your time in the classroom? Check out t...
Tags: College, Back To School, Beauty, Tattoos

Microblading 101: Everything a College Girl Needs to Know

The power to transform the basic brow.Eyebrow trends are growing with each season (I mean hello, accessorized arches and lighting bolt brows?!), but it’s essential to start with the basics: an actual set of eyebrows. For some, this luxury isn’t always the easiest tool to work with. Blondes especially are born with very fair, if not invisible brow hairs, and for the latest trends of big, bold, and beautiful (think, Cara Delevingne), eyebrows can make or break your ultimate glam look. Although mor...
Tags: College, Beauty, Cara Delevingne, Don, Cosmetics, Beauty & Hair, Eyebrow Makeup, Eyebrow Shape

How to Deal with a Bad Haircut

It's the 5 Stages of Grief, but for bad haircuts. Because bad haircuts = grief. I had the recent misfortune of receiving a less-than-flattering haircut. Yes, I know, please save your condolences for the end. It should be said: it wasn't entirely my hairstylist's fault. I did not communicate well what I wanted and what I didn't (more on that later), so I got what I got and it was no bueno. I'm not sure if it was the bangs, or the length, or the texture, but something was just not jiving. My hair...
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The Perfect Summer Makeup Routine for Oily Skin

Keep your makeup from budging all summer long. Whoever said, "women don't sweat, they glisten," has obviously never worn a face full of makeup in the summer heat. As much as we all love summer, we don't love when our makeup melts. You don't want the time spent putting on your makeup to go to waste, and you definitely don't want to get confused between a dewy look and that I-just-got-done-at-the-gym look. As someone with oily skin, my summer makeup routine for oily skin consists of oil-free and ...
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